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The moment I hold you,
Dark clouds hovering over me turns golden bright…


A Short Story About Domestic Abuse: “The Window To Her Life “

In the dark, She used to gather her strength to heal the wounds of her heart. It was getting late and she had so many things to do. She got up, switched on the lights and the sight of wounds on her body broke down her spirit, once again………
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DAILY MOTIVATION: How To Handle Stress Of Continually ‘Proving & Improving’ Yourself In Today’s Competitive World??????

It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to try expanding your limits. In today’s competitive world, it can be depressive and exhausting. Try this simple Task I have mentioned in my blog. Let me know did it work for you?

Letter To My Late Father-In-Law: Happy Father’s Day, I Miss You !!!

Dear Papa,  Sorry, it took me so long to write this letter. You will always live inside us and very close to our hearts. We all love you and miss you so much. I cherish all our memories together of the past but I really miss making new memories in the future we will never have.