Ichirou. I loved my name because it meant “the first son”. Although I had many brothers in the house, but I was the only dog who stayed inside your room. The first time I saw a giant, smiling at me, it was the most memorable moment of my life. I heard cheers and joyous laughter from Vince who carried me from my mother, Dashie. I had 4 siblings and had the chance to grow with Mongshil for one and a half year.

I met your sister, Yash who always fed me every morning. Your room was huge for me, so I hid under the cabinet until I got used to your daily noise and teasing jokes. I loved how you make music with Vince and Yash, playing guitar and ukulele. I didn’t know how and what to react, but I wiggle my tail to show that I was happily entertained. There were times that Vince got mad when I destroy something inside the house, but I was always seeking for his forgiveness. I was so sorry for the mischievous behavior of mine.

I remembered every time you were going to work, I made sure that your way to train station was safe. So, I used to walk you and spent my 10 minutes every morning. I was very delighted whenever you call my name. My heart was joyfully beating so fast.

Then, one day, I had another brother. He’s a cat. You adopted him after I turned one year. He was always mad at me and never wanted to play. I was happy when he brought you smile whenever you arrive from work. That moment, I realized, I couldn’t have your full attention because you had Sapporo, but you tried your best to attend to me through hugs and pats. But, the day came when you, three, became busy and I was left at home, alone with the cat and turtles. I was afraid to be alone, so I scratch the wooden floor behind our main door. And you shouted at me because I made a mess inside the house. I was crying inside, but I saw you crying also so I came to you. You just hugged me, and I found out your father died.

That was very painful to see, my lovely people were in sorrow and I didn’t know what to do just to make you guys feel okay. I stayed beside you and give my best paw forward to show my love to you. There were days that you, three, were not in the house so I stayed outside the house just to wait for you. But, there someone who lived next to us who was mad at me. He shooed me away, so I strayed the long streets just to seek for friends. Every time you were out, I went to visit my friends at the next neighborhood and had a chance to eat with them, a family used to leave dog foods for the stray dogs.

There was a time that I was hit by a car and I went home injured. You were so worried, and you didn’t let me go outside for days. But you were annoyed by my howls and you let me to play outside again.

Today, you went out for work, Yash went to church and Vince got to do some errands. I was left in the house. I bid my goodbye to Sapporo (the big cat), Gulaps (the mischievous kitten), Boysen and Ros (your 2 turtles) to play and run outside with my mother, Dashie. Then a familiar face came to me and something made me feel strange. I smelled something that hit my lungs. I howled in pain and got to the nearest car, hid underneath. I saw Yash coming to me and I heard her voice, calling my name. Then, I saw Vince, helping me to walk inside the house.

I saw you sleeping although the room was like rotating. My head ached so bad and I grasped for air. Then, I realized my time was near. The two were worried about me as I fell off my knees. I gave my last howl then I felt my body wasn’t moving. The two woke you up and I saw you coming near me. You held me as you pressed my stomach. Your lovely voice filled my ears as you called my name.

“Ichirou. Ichirou.” Your voice trembled, and you were in tears. I knew that would be the last time I would be hearing your voice. You called me for the third time and I was so happy that I could still hear you. But my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I gave my final silent woof. I saw a clear and bright garden; many dogs were happily running but I could still hear your cries. I saw you and your siblings in commotion and trying to revive me back. I was very sad to see you crying as you lit a candle and gave prayers to my soul.

Thank you for taking care of me and loving me for three years. Don’t be sad, I will still protect the family every day. I am with you always and maybe the cats and turtles will see me. I am sending your prayers and feelings to God and I know He will help you to recover from mourning.

I love you and please send my warm woof to other dogs in the house.



Our dog, Ichirou, died last May 29, 2019 at 12 midnight and he’s in the process of cremation. His ashes and pawprint will be delivered within a week. I posted a Drawing for A Cause last night on my Facebook Page to help me with my funds for his burial. If you guys are interested to have a portrait sketch you can send me a message through my Twitter and Facebook account (will leave the links below). For those who want a sketch and to be sent abroad, I can ship it through any courier/shipment outlets that are near to your place. Any details will be discussed through personal messages. Asking for donations will be very hard but I thought of an idea of returning the gratitude through portrait drawings.

The drawing will be on 8.5”x 11” vellum board using graphite pencils. You can check my graphite artworks on the link below. Thank you guys and may God Almighty bless you!


I am Free!

I just want to share to you guys how our God change my acts, desires, mindset and life. It took me many years and a braver heart to post my testimony. I pray to God that if you are not okay today, trust in Him and surrender all your worries and fears. God will provide you not only the things the will fulfill your daily needs but also the answer your heart is seeking for a long time. God bless us all!

I am Basha, the eldest of the three beautiful children of Marie and Victorio. I grew up as an independent child for I used to live with my aunties and uncles. My mother had to work far from home and my father was staying with his first family. Yes, I am an illegitimate child. I was raised by my aunties and uncles, exposed to various vices and chaotic neighborhood. I remember those nights that I couldn’t sleep because my uncle and his wife were into quarrel. He even pointed his gun and I saw his eyes fiercely cursing his wife.

I had to live with that kind of life. Before my mom left me to the hands of her brothers and sisters, she taught me how to pray before having my z’s. But, I forgot to do it as I grew older.

Then, one night, it was fifteen years ago, an event happened that changed my life. That made me act and talk like a cold and numb soul.

I WAS RAPED. For an early age, I did not know that it was already a rape.

MUSILI: Musika, Sining, Literatura (with English Version)

Filipino Version:

i. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas pagtutuunan ko ng pansin

Ang tumugtog ng gitara

Sabay sa awit na aking kinakanta.

ii. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas nilalaan ko ang oras

Sa pagyapak sa matatarik

Na bundok at talampas.

iii. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas gusto kong gumuhit

At ilaan ang oras sa

Pagdetalye ng aking obra.

iv. Wag mo akong mahalin

Dahil mas gusto kong

Magbasa ng mga nobela

At sumulat ng mga tula.

Huli: Wag mo akong mamahalin,

Dahil di kita titigilan na awitan

Di ako mapapagod na akyatin ang

Bundok kung nasaan ka man

Di ako magsasawang kabisaduhin

Lahat ng detalye sayong mukha

At ilapat sa kaprasong papel

I-guhit, i-pinta

Di ako mauubusan ng mga tula

Hango sa mga nobelang

Aking nabasa,

Nobelang ikaw mismo ang may akda.

Kaya wag mo akong mamahalin.

Dahil ikaw ang bunga ng musika, sining

At ng aking literatura.

English Version

i. Don’t love me

For I’ll focus myself

To play my guitar

As the lyrics come out harmonically.

ii. Don’t love me

For I spend my time

Climbing the highest at steepest

Mountain and cliffs.

iii. Don’t love me

For I prefer to make drawings

Giving my whole time

To details of my creations.

iv. Don’t love me

For I allot my time

To read various novels

And to write poems.

Finale: Don’t love me

For I won’t stop singing songs for you

Won’t get tired

Reaching your summit

Won’t stop remembering every details on your face

And put it on a canvas

I’ll sketch, I’ll paint

There will be no scarce of poems

From the novels

I’ve read

From the novel of yours

So, don’t love me

For you will be the subject of my music, art

And literature.

Hope you like my writings! Please visit my page for more <3 Lovelots!


Cats have it all – admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it. –Rod McKuen

Someone asked me how did I make it from those bad experiences in the past. I told him, “It’s because I am a cat.” I adopted Sapporo, my 2-year old cat as my birthday gift last 2017. He was the most hot-tempered among the 5 kittens waiting to be adopted in Valenzuela. At first, I hated cats because I was afraid of their claws. But, Sapporo was the only one who reached me out during my darkest days and nights.

“Cat people are hard to love!” Hmm. So, you have to know these things before deciding to be with a cat person, or else, you have to lay on the floor because his/her cat has already occupied your space on the bed. Haha.

  1. Self-sufficient

A cat person doesn’t need external validation because he/she can provide his/her basic needs through his/her own ways.


A 2-year old male cat, half siamese and half puspin (Pusang Pinoy or Filipino Cat)

Hobbies: Stares at a blank space, sleeps endlessly

Likes: A box, You are My Sunshine Song

Dislikes: Baby Shark Song, Carrying him


How do you love someone who is fading away bit by bit?

I am sorry for the things I have done for the past months.  I have caused you sleepless nights and I wish I can lend you my shoulder for you to cry on and ease the longingness you have suffered.



Hello guys! This letter is just an Author’s POV. We know that untold words don’t get responses so to have a closure for the 1st letter, I wrote this. <3

“Paglisan”(The Leaving) is an animated musical dramedy of a middle aged couple trying to survive, together, despite fading memories and fleeting. The marriage of Crisanto and Dolores is falling apart. It is even more tested when Crisanto is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. All the while, Dolores is struggling with depression.

An Open Letter to the Guy Who Missed Me Four Times

Farewell, my man. Go and chase your dreams. I am not mad at you. Maybe this is God’s way to tell us that there is something better awaits us. I have to free myself from the sleepless nights and muted cries. Good bye.

Hi guys! It has been a year since I’ve posted here. Many has changed, even the customization of the page. I’m glad to be back. Hope you’ll like my recent and future entries! Lovelots.

Random Sketch of My Subject

Parallel Universe by Banban

There was a saying: Love is like wind, you can never touch it but you can feel it. Likewise, I never saw the day that I could fall in love with a broken soul. I was broken, too. I needed some time to settle things and help myself recover from the past relationship. I wasn’t looking for another pain rather I was seeking for a remedy.

We had the same situation, mending hearts, in need of somebody’s company and searching for peace of mind and soul. The difference was, I was too fast in recovery, maybe because it was my choice to move on. I thought he helped me to move forward but I was wrong. It was my will to leave those pains and let myself had its healing phase. And the cure for that brokenness was also Love. (click here to continue)

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A Break from the World

Traveling these days is too mainstream. Millennials allot their time to visit those what they call ‘instagrammable spots’. These are the places that are worth featuring in different social platforms. They also often share these trips with their friends along with the Hashtag Soul Searching.


I remembered when I had my 1st mountain climbing. To be honest, I was not prepared before the jump-off. I wasn’t even full-geared. However, I made sure that I was comfortable with what I wore for my 1st hike. I learned so many things before, during and after the trek. I realized whatever hardships I would meet along the way, there would be a time for success. I was deeply down at those times when I engaged myself with traveling. (See my travels here.) Until then, I have felt the urges and drives of going to different places and enjoy my rest days from work.

They always say, lone souls wander and appreciate their solitude. Most of the time, I travel alone. Sometimes, I join groups of joiners and at the end of the day, we get along with each other as if we have already met before. Solo travel makes me nervous and excited at the same time. But life is too short to stay in you comfort zone!

Because of traveling, I learn how to give myself a reward that has an overwhelming satisfaction. It also helps me relax my overall system, physically and mentally. It is like an ephemeral break from the city life. So, for me, I travel not only to capture instagrammable photos, but also to explore, cherish those places and bring wonderful memories to remember as I go home.

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