Hello everyone !

Hello lovely people !

How are you all doing? How is the new year going? 

The new year has brought new opportunities and challenges to us. And a very exciting journey ahead. 

I hope this year each one us, makes a change, though little, but does, in ourselves or the society for the betterment of people.

I would like to have a conversation with you all, about what changes you think should or you think will occur in this year? Or what one thing you would want to do for making this world a better place?

One thing that would like to change this year in India, is how people react and think about menstruation. Yes! There are various illogical ( in my opinion ) restrictions imposed on women during those days. I would like the people here to understand that it’s normal. And it doesn’t make the woman impure during those days.

What about you? Would you like to share?

Poem: Khayal ( Thought ) 

Don’t know why this thought came,
In it, was your name,
The memories which faded away,
The words that are not being shared these days,
The wound of heart that started to heal,
Is aching a little, i can feel,
It reminds me of your Coming,
Your coming, loving and then leaving,
Well I don’t wait for your return for sure
But I can’t say that i don’t love you anymore,
When these thoughts invade my mind,
It makes the world so lonely for me,
And my broken heart then asks a question,
Is your condition the same as me?

The language in the picture, is Hindi. 

New writer on WordPress !

Hey everyone!

Please welcome my dearest friend and an amazing writer, Preeti.

This is the link to her blog.

You all have supported me so much in my journey, i hope it goes same for her.

She’s new here. It’s her first day.

Do pay a visit to her blog.

Thank you so much.

Blessed-Be !


#Poem 55: I’m perfectly imperfect

We’re all beautiful and complete in our own. We’re perfect in our own way. ❤

Untold Feelings 💕


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When a Time Comes


When a time comes,
When dark invades,
In your mind and soul,
And inner light fades.

When you find yourself,
Trapped in the webs,
Of tempt and desires,
And the wrong steps.

When you feel lost,
In the woods of thoughts,
And everything you have,
The next step costs.

Hold on for a while,
With your eyes close,
Pick up a diamond,
From the mine of coal.

A diamond of faith,
A diamond of hope,
That things will get better,
That you can cope.

Cope up with the losses,
And th grey tides,
Enlighten the spark,
Inside you which hides.

Chin up my friend,
And move ahead,
The seasons of sorrow,
Will surely shed !!!

THE END never happens till the light of hope is Alive. No matter how hard the situation may be. All you need to recover is to stand up, chin up, put a smile on face, have faith in heart and fight !! 

If you want to read more stuffs by me. You are welcomed to my blog. amulyawrites.wordpress.com

Thank you for reading.

Blessed Be ❤