#Weekly Newsletter (vol 5)


On 14th May 2018

On 15th May 2018

On 16th May 2018

On 17th May 2018

On 18th May 2018

On 19th May 2018

BLOGGER OF THE WEEK: Sreepriya Menon

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Right By Romilia Quote

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# Challenge for a Change !!

Hey everyone!

How you all are doing?

Our very talented friend Janice has proposed a challange, to help atleast a person this week .

Do something out of the ordinary and be a blessing in someone’s disguise. 🌸

Help someone, and experience a joy in your heart like never before.

At the end of the week, we’ll share our experience. 🌸🌸

You’ll be fine ( by Preeti Gusain )

Inspiration is everywhere, all we need is a heart that can feel it.
Beautifully Inspiring poem by a beautifully Loving girl 🌸

Alone time

Don’t you worry
If you are not the strongest today
And don’t focus on people
Because they have lot to say

You can’t make everyone happy
This is the truth of life
Even if they say ‘Yes’ today
Tomorrow they’ll be the one to deny

So don’t give up your hopes
And get ready to stun
Yesterday if you were fragile
Today you are the strongest one.

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