Untainted Love


True Love

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IV ~ COMMITMENT J | The New Holocaust


Ana Daksina writes as yours foolie: Love is Not a Bargain

Fringe Benefits (Reprise)

Ralph Waldo Emerson was most upset
Because his friend Henry David Thoreau
Would not consent to from his cabin get
And to some major seat of learning go

Ralph’s admiration for philosophy
Thoreau about civil resistance wrote
Felt it would benefit humanity
If but authority its tenets note

He could not comprehend the benefit
To self and others brought the other by
Bury himself amid the woods with it
The sole publicity he cared to try

Thoreau, however, stayed right where he knew
His Muses spoke, and he in peace could hear
The messages they whispered him unto
And visions to his inner eyes appear

Well, good it be for us that so he did
He left us young, tuberculosis by
Had he relocated as he was bid
Likely still sooner would have come to die

It happened that an isolated script
Of his words on nonviolent protest
Found itself in the literary crypt
Of a small college in the British west

Accepted applicants from India
One later notable was Gandhi named
Introduced there to academia
By this obscure manuscript was inflamed

With inspiration for his future fame
With the oppressed and the impoverished
That single tiny, isolated flame
Had set a fire as big as could be wished

Nor ends yet its influence in the life
Of every one of this world’s citizens
On Gandhi’s calm example midst dread strife
The Rev’rend King’s life ministry depends

And more: the newer generations of
Who clearly see the benefits of love


Look Around Less


Look around less, imagine more.


There is nothing you cannot be or do or have—but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.


The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.


Esther Hicks

Beyond the Crystalline Gateway

Now know we there some small endurance be
Requested by the elementals whom
Responsible are this ascension see
Fully delivered from its carbon womb

Now hold the vision of the common good
Reviewing inwardly in full detail
How beautifully this our planet would
Operate — easily — did love prevail

Allowing not the chaotic interim
Between that which we know and what we see
Convince us we are aught but seraphim
To which our bodies now evolving be

Can we but concentrate a little more
Our eyes begin to see our Eden form before

Worth more than Gold!


Before going after success, it’s important to decide what it means to ourselves personally.

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6 ways to love yourself again.


“Start with these six simple exercises daily if you want to experience greater self-love.”

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