Shields Up


I put my energy

Growth of your enterprise
To see

Not content
With that

You must see
Where it’s at

And try to
Make me too

Fall in love
With you

When I played
The cop

And asked you
To stop

Found you
Mixing still

False and true
At will

From this
Emotional attack

I found I must
Step back

Then when I
Checked back in

Found you
Doing it again

Since this homey
That don’t play

I took myself
Farther away

Only sadly
Then to find

That your energies

Kept right on
Visiting my tent

On minor
Destructions bent

And sooth to say
Ever since then

When I reach out
To help again

Back those same
Energies come

Same compromised
Morals from

From this moment
Shielding be

You have heard
Your last from me.