The Last Lap

The flesh is weak — but the spirit remains willing.

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Weekly Wisdom 19 April

Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you.

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“You Have A Saying: ‘Pay It Forward.’ And We Are Saying Now, ‘Share It Forward’, Share The Light”

A truly heartening message of ascension

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Alphabet-Google & the Military 5G Network

What they know about you, how they collect it, what they’re able to do with it, and things we can start to do about it.

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It’s time to uphold our vision. Take that leap of faith.

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You’re Allowed To Switch Directions

“It’s better to take a risk than to remain unhappy.

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Don’t Stop

Found your passion? Tried the easy way to it with little success? You may thank your lucky stars for that. Now, try clearing a real path to its door.

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