SUPPORT: Not a prerequisite for SUCCESS



“Two hands make light work”. It is good to have support and encouragement in life. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who has supported me in all my endeavors for the past 9 years. Without question, support is an assert which can be used to pursue success. However, it is not a prerequisite for success.

I have met several people who claim to have been held back in life due to lack of support. Unfortunately, that is a LIE! You can not shrug off the responsibility for pursuing your dreams and your endeavors due to lack of support. The responsibility for fulfilling your dreams rests on you. It is irresponsible, immature and completely unacceptable to delay, deny or delete your dreams due to lack of support. Millions of people make it on their own without of a partner, family members or friends.

Be encouraged on your journey. One thing I have learned is -drive and passion are very attractive. Once you start pursuing your dreams fearlessly, you will be shocked at how fast people will be enlisting themselves into your service. I made a decision over 20 years ago: Failure is a luxury I cannot afford.

Happy Living – Berthina Coleman!

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