“GRATITUDE” the road to greater favours!

“Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life.”

When we express our appreciation we are communicating from spirit. Therefore our prayers reach their destination and are returned with abundance.

Some people finds it very difficult to say thank you. They have chosen that attitude as their way of life. It shouldn’t be so, I tell you that a little gratitude to a little favour can bring about a greater favour. That’s what we don’t really know, especially those who are ignorant of being thankful.

I always use myself as a point of contact in other to make that message get to everyone. Do you know why? It’s because I can’t give what I don’t have. If I use myself as a point of contact, that’s exactly my experience and there is no doubt about it. I always say thanks to almost everything. In fact I might be the one that did a favour to someone else, but the fact that the person appreciated it; I myself will thank the person the more just because he/she appreciated my favour and therefore, arouse my caring in other to do more.

If you have not been leading a life of appreciation or thankfulness; it’s time for you to mind your mistakes and correct them because you don’t even know what your ungratefulness had caused you, even unknowingly. Appreciate one another and the love will continue to build abundantly. And you will find favour in the eyes of God and man(both men and women).

It’s time for amendment, and the time is NOW!!!! Start being grateful and thankful and you will see how your life will turn out to be more beautiful, beneficial and enjoyable.

Always know that Bursh cares.

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Are you ignorant of doing the right thing?

“It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” 

Sometimes you have to be forceful, to do what’s necessary. It’s not about abusing situations but about knowing when to push the boundaries, taking responsibility for a decision, to go ahead and do what you feel is right. Your integrity depends on that. If it turns out you were wrong, then apologize.

At times we tend to do something right but always wanted to get a go ahead permission. Some people do act foolishly at times when it comes to consider things like that. When you know the right thing to do; I don’t think it’s necessary to begin to ask questions. I always say; “What ever you’re doing just make sure you do the right thing no matter what people might think of you.” 

Though, some people will be expecting you to ask for permission before doing what is right, but what if the person wasn’t available for you to take the permission, what would you do? Allow things to remain how they’re? or being ignorant of the truth with the fear of not offending the one on the top? 

Go ahead and do it; the only thing you have to prepare ahead is apology. ” That’s why it’s better to apologise than waiting for permission when you know the right thing to do.”

Some people will ask; what if that decision wasn’t actually the right decision, but seems to be right only on your side; what would you do? Then ask for forgiveness, at least you have no bad intentions from the onset. 

Learn how to control and manage situations when necessary, don’t wait for someone to impose you on during the right thing all the time, especially when you definitely know it’s right thing to do. Remember this! It will earn you: integrity, respect, recognition and indeed outstanding reputation. 

Bursh cares

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Listen to one another!

The most problems we are facing in our families and life entirely is mainly; lack of listening ears.

To make a happy family, we must learn to listen to one another, Husbands listen to your wives, Wives listen to your husbands, Children listen to your parents, Parents listen to your children. 

That’s certainly how it goes to become a great and an ideal family. 
Sometimes we seem to shun some of others statements and opinions/contributions, which is very bad. Remember this! “In any Nonsense, there is sense.” Let’s always bear it in mind that we all reason in different perspectives which doesn’t guarantee us the best opinionated person. So we should always give room for people to contribute, maybe that opinion you neglected might be the best option.

A man was having meal with his family and suddenly their little kid started calling daddy daddy and was about to say something, but his father refused him to say anything instead he Scolded him of trying to speak while eating. After the meal; the father now say, son what were you trying to say the other time? He said, father I wanted to stop you from eating a very big fly I saw on your food, but you avoided me from saying it. His father felt disappointed for not allowing him to speak, there was nothing more to do about that, but what if it was a poison or a deadly fly? What would have been their fate? Who was to be blame for the disaster that might struck? The father? The Son? 

“Talk less and listen more.” With that we will have a happy home which everyone will contribute to the growth of the family. Note this! Your status as a father or as a leader won’t change just because of the fact that you abide with another person’s opinion; instead, it will make a great impact in moving forward. Remember that, Presidents usually have personal advisors which always contribute in one way or the other in other to move the country forward.

If you haven’t been listening, start today and your family and life will always full with right decisions.

Always know that Bursh cares and loves you so much.

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Be contented!

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then think about others happiness.” Clear the whole bad intentions or thoughts out of your life.

If we seek abundance, we must be abundant in spirit. We can begin to cultivate spiritual wealth by opening our hearts in gratitude. An Estonian proverb says, “Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.”

One thing has been a problem of almost the whole living souls, the thing is: not contented with what we have, still at the same time we do forget to give thanks for the little we have. Let me ask; must we possess all the goodies of this earth before we appreciate God for what He has done or has given to us?

There are people who actually try to intimidate those who are still managing what they have, someone has a lot of possessions and still continue to push hard to collect from those who doesn’t even see what to eat. Let’s not be like the man who carried elephant on his head and then uses his toes to struggle for common cricket. Let’s be contented with what we have so that our joy will be rich, it’s as simple as that.

We need to add contentment and thankfulness in our lives so that our struggles will be rewarded. “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and at last lose his soul to eternal flame”. 

Be a blessing to people around you not a problem to them. What do people say about you? Though some people will say they don’t care, you should care, because this life is full of surprises, “a beggar today can be a giver of tomorrow”, be nice to everyone and you will strengthen your life.

Bursh cares and loves you so much, happy days ahead.

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Believe in your ABILITY!

The barrier between success is not something which exists in the real world: it is composed purely and simply of doubts about ability.”

If you believe you can do something, then you almost certainly can, provided you are open to learning. Simple as that. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another, with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Many people have seen themselves as inferior, but Remember; the way you see yourself is actually the way you want to be. You have the whole ability to be whomever you want to be no matter where you are. What matters most is where you want to be in the nearest future.

Few years ago, one of my friends came to me with grief on his face. I was wondering who might have died which caused such unhappy look. I asked him: what was the problem? and he began to say negative things about himself. He ended up calling himself a failure even though that he was still young. He thought that the stage he was then wasn’t where he supposed to be. I asked him to sit down, and then started speaking to him as a friend. I used myself as a point of contact to explain to him that even I myself haven’t achieved my goals, though I believed in my ability.

After series of discussions, he changed his mind and began to believe in himself. He also believed in his ability which made him conquer those negative thoughts he usually follow. And now he’s working harder to become a great man in the coming future.

It’s time for you too to change the way you think and think positively about yourself. Make yourself available to learn always, the knowledge you already have isn’t enough for your achievements, gather information, work hard to change your current way of thinking and approach to certain challenges. How much you fell doesn’t matter, what matters is how much you worked hard to stand up and dust your butt. and then continue striving towards achieving your goals. Am sure with that; you will conquer your own fear of failure and become great on the long run. 

Think great, think positively, and think wisely. Bursh cares and Love you all.

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Endure for it won’t last forever!

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” 

It all starts from within, from what we decide to focus on… the pain or the hope, the fear or the love, the chaos or the harmony. As the proverb says, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”

What we need to do is to focus on the positive sides, no matter how hard everything might be, we can’t fold hands and weep and then expect things to start turning out well just like that. We face one challenges or the other, but we must never give up; giving up is the fate of lazy and weak ones. 

No matter the suffering we are passing through right now, the full stop is already at hand. Endurance is also a key to success and greatness. Let’s endure for the suffering last but little while our reward last for eternity. Be a fighter, always remain at the offensive side because when you only defends; there is a chance that you might become too weak to defend and end up conceding.

If we determine to be great, that means we have to strive on : with pace and continues fighting; we will conquer the world and will emerge victorious in the end.

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4 ways to live a healthy life!


Yeah sure, you might ask; how common smile can make someone live a healthy life? It’s as easy as anything. Smile is a great medication to every soul. Living without smile is like living in hell because your life will completely be complicated. Compare when you live without smile and when you live with smile for one month each, you will see that without smile will drain all the liquid in your body systems, while living with smile will make a great impact in your happiness and growth. Smile every day no matter the circumstances you might be passing through. Don’t forget that Smile will rejuvenate your body, spirit, mind and soul.


Yes of course, so many people have isolated themselves from happiness because they refused to forgive. Though you might not forget the so called offence easily, but you can definitely forgive. You don’t know what might be drawing you down all these years. Unforgiven can deprive you your joy and happiness due to the fact that when you set your eyes on that particular offender, or if you come across similar offence; your day and moments will be ruined and it will continue counting every day and so on. Learn how to forgive and your life will be strengthened.


Yeah, so many people have vowed to never rest for the rest of their lives just because they want to achieve what someone else haven’t achieved. Let me make it clear to you; you’re definitely digging your own six feet, because you can’t achieve anything without having a time to rest. You decided to make yourself a workaholic without realising that after race, miles will be counted. It will only render you powerless and useless especially when you fall sick because your body will be so tired and weak to resist any kind of disease and illness. Take a nap and ease your stress, I bet you, your life will never remain the same.

                            Early sleep

Oh yes, many people have made up their minds to sleep late every night. You arrived home late in the evening or probably night, you keep yourself awake until 12 to 1am and by 4am you will still wake up to prepare for work, let me ask you; do you want to kill yourself? Though some people will ask; what is my business? It’s my business because I will love it if you live long and also with good health, that’s what matters most. When you come home from work, simply shower, eat your dinner, relax little on the couch and then go straight to sleep. You will see when you wake in the morning, you will feel strong and healthy. Stop late night sleep! Remember; it’s for your own good.

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