It was atmospheric pressure I knew of, most people do from studying science at school or listening to the weather report find out what the weather is going to be in order to plan their day, week or holidays.
About atmospheric railway and atmospheric perspective I knew nothing. One can gain general knowledge from their love of reading. Specialized knowledge is learning a particular subject well, so well that you can enter a competition like Mastermind. I am glad I have added atmospheric railway and atmospheric perspective to my bank of general knowledge.


Omelettes anyone?

I got to taste mushrooms in England and liked them.  As a family we didn’t eat them, although I knew other  people did.  You have to know the safe ones to buy.  We all know some mushrooms can be poisonous. As a newbie to this delicacy  unless you  bought from a well-known store or stall or the Department Store, you would be taking chances. 

 I once had a job making many omelettes, and  the most popular ones had mushroom in it.  So it was more like create your own with other ingredients, such as onions, sweet peppers, cheese, ham, tomato, peas and many more.

Drolling  babies 

Rolly Polly

Oh what fun!

Laughter again

Little wonders

Watch out!

Be careful!

Watch out!

Look out!

For your eyes only

Dubious men

Dubious women

Can be rich or poor

Origins don’t matter

Make sure 

Your wits are sharp

And your identity safe.

A Wedding Day to Remember 

The newlyweds were being appreciated by all their family and friends and guests.  They had donated all the money, that is the money their presents would have brought in, to the local children’s hospital.

It was such a magnanimous gesture  by Dave and Lauren, that the guests had secretly arranged for their favourite jazz band to surprise them.  As they walked towards the reception, they turned towards each other and simultaneously mouthed the sounds of the riff being played.  Dave and Lauren thought the DJ was playing the music to welcome them in.

They couldn’t believe their eyes when the saw a live band playing. Everyone enjoyed themselves and fondly remembered for ages, the day when it was beautifully demonstrated, how one good turn deserves another.


Black beauty 

Black number 

Black pen

Black board

Black writing 

Black investment

Black  community

Strut the word

Strut you love of poetry 

Strut your love of prose 

Strut your recipes

Strut your comments

Strut it on WordPress 

Just reach out 

And make someone’s day

So strut the words together.