SIWO Global News 18th April 2018

Welcome to the news today. A gathering of Heads of the Commonwealth Countries is in London With the Queen being Head of the Commonwealth, she has hosted the Prime Ministers and Presidents both at Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.
The Prime Minister of UK was at one of the conferences and used the opportune moment to apologise for the inhumane treatment of the Carribean immigrants known as the Windrush Generation. These people who were invited to help build Britain after the World War 11. They have lived here from childhood and worked here all their lives and will not be deported. However, it appears many people have had their lives turned upside down due to policy and action by both parties and the destruction of their landing cards.

Today her grandson Prince Harry, the new Commonwealth Ambassador for Youth and his fiancee are addressing the Young People’s Forum. The youth under 30 years make up 30% of the population of the 2.4 billion in the Commonwealth, they definitely should have a say in how their world evolves.

The throw away culture, through which plastic has become a problem in gigantic proportions is seeking equally sized answers. Costa Coffee ‘s Managing Director has declared the company will expand the collection of used coffee cups for recycling. Dominic Paul aims to recycle half a million cups by 2020. There are 2.5 billion cup used in Britain.

In US a Southwest Airline’s left engine blew up mid-air, a window got smashed and a woman was nearly sucked out of it. For the quick action of passegers who held on to her, they managed to get her back in but unfortunately she died.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush has died. She was remembered for promoting education, reading and writing amongst the poor and disadvantaged.

Starbucks are now going to close thousands of their coffee shops to give their staff Race training to treat all customers without prejudice. Two black men were arrested in the store for waiting for a friend.

More Positive News
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the Commonwealth Conference has pledged to give £1 billion a year for the fight against malaria. Britain promises £1/2 billion every year till 2021. Malaria appears to be on the increase due to the fact that the malaria changes, the parasite changes and funds from the international community has dwindled. Research for vaccines, Genetic engineering and new types of mosquito nets are some of the way forward to help stop a child dying every two minutes.

A special train called the Train of Hope goes around South Africa giving free healthcare, usually eye treatment to its people. Students join the train where it stops and they are able to both train and work. They get off for a new set of students to have the same opportunity at the next stop.

Cinemas are open in Saudi Arabia after being closed for 35 years.
The Black Panther film is being shown. It is part of the Crown Prince Mohammed Bim Salman’ progressive reforms. Women will also be able to drive.

Content from Sky, BBC, CNN

Reported by Susanna Dziworshie


Spring is here

Grace in Housekeeping

Fret not, worry not,
It may never happen
Smile, spring is here
Daffodils’re holding on
Despite knocks by snow
Now Apple and Cherry
Blossoms flowers peak out
To see the sun and breeze
For people are waiting
To admire and touch
What nature is offering.

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SIWO Global News at 3pm on 17th April 2018

In the headlines this afternoon is news of Syria’s continued bombing of areas opposed to it. Today it is Yamouk, an enclave of various military factions
Staying in Syria, the reported Chemical weapons attack on its own inhabitants can now be investigated in Douma by the Organisation of Prohibition of use of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

In UK an extraordinary matter has arisen concerning the Windrush children immigrants who accompanied their parents here in the 1950s and 60s. They did mot fomalise their residency and cannot therefore prove they have been in education and work for the last 50 years. This is despite having contributed to the tax and social system.
Another story is the knife and gun violence among the youth in UK and a high number are from the Black community especially in London. 50 people have died this year in London from knife attack.
The government, local councillors and community groups are at last coming together to find common solutions instead of each one working alone at it.

On a positive note, scientists Professor John McGeehan from UK of the University of Portsmouth and Gregg Beckham of the US Energy Renewable Laboratory are working on an enzyme called PETase that digests the plastic known as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the most used plastic in the whole world.

Issues of safety for girls and women has raised its head again. Recent rapes of two girls aged eight and
eleven has set off demonstrations in India. Politics, police, patriarchy and parental authorities may be shirking responsibilities and appear to be letting down its
young citizens.

In the US, politics of The White House relationships are making news with accusations and counter accusations with both the President’s personal and political contacts.
Kendrick Lamar has been given the Pulitzer prize for Music. He is the first rapper to receive it, he is poetic, political and protests through his songs and vocal in the a Black Lives Matter. The New York Times with The New Yorker and The Washington Post journalists are winners for reports leading to the #METOO MOVEMENT and Russian fake news inquiries.
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckberg faces new questions on unlawfully accessing biometric data of users.

South African grandparents in a town where gangs was a problem and gun fire was hitting school children acted, by set up Walking Buses programme. They simply volunteered to walk children to school and it’s proved successful.

More Positive News
Rebel Education is happening around the world, especially Africa and Asia. “In Thailand, using two ways to teach develops both sides of the brain”, said the headmaster. One way is Inspiring Science approach where students are encouraged to find solutions to local problems. For example, how local farmers can cope with flooding of the paddy fields which has led to a decrease in their rice production. Students visited the farmer, in a team they discussed and chose an option. researched it, built prototype of a raft with empty plastic bottles before using bamboo . They planted the rice, maize and onions with success.
Traditional methods is the other, teaching with books and memorising of subjects by students.
Lastly , Enquiry-based Approach is being taught to Thai children in kindergartens. “The world needs scientists,” said the director of the local laboratory.

Content obtained from BBC.Sky, Al Jazeera, CNN and NHK.
SIWO News Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Old man Frank

An old man called Frank
Say in his old car
There was no need to crank
The engine with no handle bar
The beat up old Buick with Frank
Sat in the garage keeping far
Far away from the roads and drank.

Singing is joyful

Singing is joyful
Joyful songs assimilate
Assimilate those enjoying
Enjoying the beats
Beats of music
Music moulds tunes
Tunes twins lyrics
Lyrics enhances song.

Our oxygen

Why deplete us of oxygen?
When you put the axe to the trees
When the cutlass cuts the shrubs
When the loggers fell the ancients
Trees are not grown by snapping
It takes the saplings time to reach
To reach their girth that puts
Them as our wholesale supplier
Supplier of our oxygen.

Happiness is all you need

A glimmer of hope
This is always there
For the taking by one
And all that believe
That giving up
Is definitely not an option
Because it’s about love
And you can’t give up on love
Happiness is all you need.
Why miss it?
Lift up your eyes, chin and hands
Catch that glimmer of hope.