SIWO Global News 14th June 2018 #59

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Grenfell Tower draped in Green Colours on 1st Anniversary

A  Multi-faith Remembrance  Service with prayers, School Assemblies and Choir singing ‘Something Inside So Strong’, a Community Sharing meals to break Ramadan fast, Songs,  a roll call of the names of those lost, a local Tube driver salutes Grenfell community by stopping the Tube and waving a green scarf, a release of White Doves and a nationwide 72-second silence, 10 Downing Street draped in Green lighting too as well as the monthly Silent March by the survivors, family and friends to Kensington Town Hall were some of the ways the 1st Anniversary was marked.

Discussions and interviews took place.  Everyone wished accommodation would be found for those still in temporary housing. Counselling and support must continue for all affected.

Rolls Royce to cut 4,600 jobs

The well-known British manufacturing firm which makes air defence systems is to cut 4,600 jobs in a restructuring move.  Management and support jobs will be targeted in a hope to save £300m to £400m. The town of Derby where the base is, has felt this blow to it’s residents employment.

Govt to relax Visa rules for Doctors and Nurses from outside the EU

UK Immigration Department is to relax its Visa rules for doctors and nurses from outside the EU in order to alliw them to  come to work here.  The severe shortage being experienced has not been sorted because there are no qualified personnel in the UK to fill the gaps.


The FIFA WORLD CUP officially opened in Moscow and the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia ended in 5- NIL to the host nation.  Russians celebrated their team’s prowess on the football field.

Inspirational  Story

Dad comes to the rescue by dancing ballet with daughter

Bella’ s dad was sitting in the audience to watch his two-year old dancing ballet on stage.  When the five girls in pink tutus and one boy in dance tights came on, there was a round of applause.  Bella became scared and refused to dance. All the encouragement from her dad could not get her to dance.  She began to cry in hysteria.

Bella’ s dad then joined them on stage. He was holding their baby in one hand and started to dance.  The dance teacher was in the wings showing the steps, which he followed. Everyone clapped and Bella began to dance. She did all the routine correctly and all the children received a standing ovation.




SIWO Global News 13th June 2018 #58

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Yemeni war and hungry millions

Pro-government forces got help from Saudi-led coalition of Gulf armies to secure the city of Hudaydah.  The Houthi rebels have been in a 4-year war with the government in which have been 10, 000 killed and 55,000 injured.

The port of Hudaydah is the lifeline for millions who is said to be at the risk of famine.  However, famine, cholera and other hardships has affected and will continue to affect 22 million Yemenis.  Diplomats are trying to negotiate for an early non- violent solution to be found.

Data breach  at Dixon Carphone Warehouse

Dixon’s Carphone Warehouse part of  has been fined £400,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for data breach in 2015.  The data of 3 million customers and a 1,000 staff were accessed.  Hackers are frequently able to cause such criminal activities despite companies informing the public of their improved security measures.

Inspirational Story

Raccoon climbs skyscraper

The raccoon kept climbing up, there was even an offer if $1,000 or  £750 for anyone who could safely rescue it.  Finally, it reached the top of the building and many well wishers breathed a sigh of relief.  Cat food and humane traps had been laid up on the roof by the city’s safety inspectors.  It was hoped the raccoon would be hungry enough to go for the good in the trap.

It did get into the cage and was caught to be released.  Photographs of the raccoon was on social media.  It was released on private land.


Content from BBC news. The Guardian

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

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SIWO Global News 12th June 2018 #57

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Trump and Kim Jong Un wrap it up

The two leaders wrapped up the historic meeting in Singapore by signing a 4 point document. Some people thought it was a great first step to improve an impossible situation.  Others were of the view that not enough was made clear in the requirements made of Kim Jong Un.  “Unconventional” is the word being used, “we wait and see” is something we are also hearing frequently about.

Network Rail to sell arches

There are nearly 5000 railway arches that are used as business premises.  Network Rail is to sell more than a three quarters of them.  Business owners are very worried they cannot survive as their rents will increase dramatically.  Assurance from Network rail is that instead of passengers paying higher fares to fund improvements to the rail network, they use money raised from the sales of rented properties.

Inspirational Story

Raccoon climbs skyscraper

A raccoon was spotted climbing the UBS skyscraper in the  St Paul’s city, Minnesota.  The 25-storey building was the next place the raccoon jumped to from a nearby two-storey office block.  Since Monday the hearts of the inhabitants of St Paul’s and indeed the world have been with this daredevil raccoon.  All fans looking from either the street level or via social media tweets or videos are wishing safety for this animal.

It’s believed to be going without food and with little to grip on, it has still been going up higher and higher.  Sometimes it takes a rest on a window ledge of the building.  As seen on our digital devices, it uses it as a good time to give itself a grooming session.  This has been captured on camera by the office staff.

To be continued.


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SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

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SIWO Global News 1th June 2018 #56

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Trump and Kim Summit

In Singapore  President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un are set to meet at 2 a.m. London time to start their historic discussions.  Both leaders and their teams are already in place on the holiday resort.

Guatemalan still looking for their families near Mount Fuego

With 110 people so far known to have perished in this volcanic eruption, relatives are looking for family members.  Those whose home was on the slopes or around the mountains have not been allowed to go back to search.  They complain that the authorities have not gone to look for survivors since the catastrophic event.  Some relatives made a dash through the security cordone and with help started digging near their homes.  They had to stop as the ash covering everything got too hot.

600 Migrants stuck on boats as Italy and Malta refuse to accept them

Among the migrants rescued from their unsafe boat are over 100 children and many pregnant women.  There is lack of  sufficient food and water for them.  The migrants from Ivory Coast, Guinea and Nigeria make up the full numbers.  Italy says it’s ports are closed to NOG manned boats that have rescued migrants.  It seems those rescued by Italian Coastguards may be allowed in as one BBC reporter explained.  Italy wants other countries in the EU to take the migrants as they have been saddled with this problem.  Spain’s Pedro Sanchez has granted the migrants a place there.

Inspirational Story

The Power of One Prayer

Kay Heitsch shares this miracle story.  At a church youth camp, Kay drove her fellow youth counsellor/leader from thecampsite in Cedar to the hotel.  Not confident of her driving skills and directions they still made it.  However there was the matter parking.  The car park seem to be full and their hotel was the furthest one away.  Her friend said the likelihood of getting a parking space in front of the hotel would be slim.

Kay decided to pray for not one but two parking spaces as she couldn’t park very well.  Her friend, Ruth   thought it a funny request to make to Our Lord God.  When they got near to the hotel, guess what, two parking spaces were just where God had put them. It may be a small or big matter, just remember prayer is the key.


Content from BBC news. Sunny Skyz

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

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SIWO Global News 10th June 2018 #55

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Words from G7 portrays disunity

As Trump walked away from the G7 summit in Canada, sparks of disunity flew about.  The public do not expect their leaders to lead by accusatory and counter-accusatory comments.  However, let us not forget they are human beings only clothed with the title we the voters have given them.

Photographs of the leaders emerged with a portrayal of an obvious power struggle.  Angela Merkel and nearly everyone was on their feet with theur eyes set on Mr Trump, who was sitting down.  Mr Trump later stopped over in France where a war of words between him and Mr Trudeau ensued.  The problem was the tariffs set by Mr Trump were deemed unacceptable to all the other leaders.  Who could or would? retaliate.  But what is the point of destabilising the world markets and economy.

Celebrating 100 years of British women getting the right to vote

Girls and women marched in cities in British Isles to celebrate getting the

vote.  Questions are being asked to assess if more should have been achieved by now.

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup is starting this Thursday.  Safety of the players and the football fans is being taken very seriously.  Friendly games have been played in various countries prior to the start of the Russian games.

Eleven cities in Russian are hosting the games and security  guards are checking everyone and everything thoroughly.  Particular emphasis is put on face recognition to detect terrorist.

Inspirational Story

‘The only woman in the room’ was Beate Sirota Gordon’s autobiography.

I found this small glimpse into the life of Beate interesting. Her remarkable work for Japan and the world post -war despite indirectly suffering it’s prejudices. It is especially poignant   now as we are celebrating 100 years of women voting, anniversaries and demands for equal pay by women/seamstresses of Ford Dagenham, for gender equality on boards of public and private sector organisations, at the workplace and the #METOO movement.  Women want to Lean in (Sheryl Sandberg) but want to do it without being taken advantage of.

Beate was born in Vienna, Austria of Jewish parents, at the age of six she went with them to Tokyo.  Her father was the eminent pianist Leo Sirora.  His new post was at the Imperial Academy of Music at the Setagaya Ward in Tokyo,  where he inspired many young musicians to prominence. When World War II started Leo and Augustine in 1939 sent Beate to America to study at Oakland, California.  In the meantime her parents were ostracized and unable to work moved to Karuizana in the mountains of Nagako Prefecture.

At her reunion, in 1945, with them only her gaunt-looking and undernourished father could come to Tokyo.  Her mother had swollen up from lack of nutrition.  Beate had also returned as a civilian official in Gen. Douglas MacArthur’ s staff.  Her parents moved back to America in 1946 with no hatred towards the individual Japanese but disappointed at their treatment by Japan.  She played a major role in the input necessary for Article 24.

Roger Pulvers wrote that,

This article guarantees the equal rights of husband and wife and that “all laws shall be enacted from the standpoint of individual dignity and the essential equality of the sexes.” 

Article 9 guarantees Japan’s “nonbelligerency” to us today.

And speaking of her role in bringing the cultures of the East and the West together: “Cultural exchange should not be too difficult a task, since all people have so much in common. … We all laugh at humor, we all cry when we are sad, we all want our children to succeed. In other words, we have many similarities to build on, and that was what we had to do.”

  In 10 days Lt. Col L. Kades, Beate’s mentor and a team of 20, some of whom were enemies a few weeks before this, worked hard together to bring about the Constitution for a new and democratic Japan.

Roger Pulvers reviewed a book- Last Train to Yokohama: The Life and Legacy of Beate Sarota Gordon, by Nassrine Azimi, Michel Wasserman and Beate Sarota Gordon.


Content from BBC news.


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SIWO Global News 9th June 2018 #54

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Social Housing Needs

The need for more social housing is in the hundreds of thousands.  There are a million people on the social housing list.  The housing charity, Shelter has said there is a shortfall of 800,000.  People have been on the waiting list for up to eighteen years.   One man named Freddie was interviewed on television and he felt he was forgotten about even though he visits the housing offices every week to make sure his is still on the list.  His difficulties have been his children not being able to visit him.  Friends put him up on the sofas or He sleeps in the park.  He has to buy  foodstuff daily because there is no space for storage.  It is not an economical way of living.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Housing told the television reported funds will be allocated.  An investment of £9 billion for affordable homes, £2 billion to help councils and housing associations build new housing stock.

Queen’s Official Birthday

Trooping of the Colour is another occas6for pomp and pageantry.  The 92-year old Queen Elizabeth II rode aline in a horse drawn carriage from Buckingham Palace.  Her husband Prince Philip has retired from public life.  All the rest of the Royal Family were in attendance.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took their place on the balcony, standing in the background because it is her Majesty’s day.  The RAG fly past was enjoyed by all including the youngsters.

Inspirational Story

A short advice on LOVE

“If you want to be loved then you have to kill your expectations because  expectations are that one thing which  prevents us from holding on to relationships. Expect from your own self that what you can do and what you can give to your family, friends and to society. Without giving, you will get nothing. Make a habit of giving and sharing.”


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SIWO Global News 8th June 2018 #53

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G7 meeting in Canada

G7 Leaders meeting began today and ends tomorrow.  This is the 44th G7 meeting, it’s held in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada.  It is also the 8th time Canada has held the event.  The tarrif and reciprocal tariffs issue began by President Trump to which China,  Canada and the EU countries are trying to negotiate is very high on the agenda.

No one wants a trade war and the serious rift between Trump and the other leaders does not seem to abate.

Costly Hen Parties

As the wedding season is upon us, lots of henn parties have been celebrated.  One invited guest felt the punch of the £2500 bill.  She received an email to one of her best friend’s do.  ‘Sophie’s final fling’ was the title and it made her excited to be going to enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails, dancing on tables and may be seeing a male stripper.  These were usually on the programme.  Then she saw the location was to be Ibiza and the flight, accommodation for four nights and all would come to £1500.  With a year to go they all started to put aside  £100 monthly instalments.  Emails kept coming with new itineraries, each costing up to £50.  Two things seem prominent, the fact that she couldn’t say no to her friend and the importance social media and Instagram played in the decision-making, consequently the total cost.

Even with a salary of £37,000 by the time all her bills and instalment was paid, there was little disposable income. The contribution the hen parties make to the UK economy is £1 Billion.

Mussels and plastic

Scientists have found bits of microscopic plastic in mussels obtained from British waters.  Bits from underwear are the source of the plastic.  Although one scientist said even putting one hundred of these together does not come to the size of a cornflake.  Another wondered if people wanted to eat mussels with underwear in it.

Inspirational Story

It’s good to talk and make someone’s day

When this lady went to the Planet Fitness gym she didn’t know she would make someone’s day.  Working on the treadmill, she began talking to a young man who started to workout next to her.  He had lots of tattoos and she asked him if it was painful to have all these done.

He said it depends on the part of the body where it is done.  She told him that her preference would be one the side of her foot and the words “Walk in faith”.  He said to her that would be really painful.  Their conversation touched on other subjects and then she asked him how long he had been coming to the gym.  He replied, “It’s been three years and you are the first person to talk to me, people are intimidated by my tatoos.”  She thought this was a case of judging a book by the cover.


Content from BBC news.  Sunny Skyz


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