Food for thought

The world goes on and on, so we have been taking it for granted, that our resources are limitless.  Now we know that it is finite and we ought to be sensible about how, when, why and what we use.  There’s also the narrative of how much we use and whether we should consider  using alternatives.

One thing I know is that, insects as a source of protein is not for me.

Ouch! Food for thought.


You did

Who elevated you to that position?

You did.

Who promised you to have the time?

You did.

Who thanked you for self-compassion?

You did.






“Practically half the school of teenage girls were enamoured with my beau” said I.  “Whose your beau then” a senior asked.  “Oh just the most handsome boy you could ever meet,” I was proud to tell the group who had gathered around me.

“Do tell, where did you two meet and isn’t he too old for you a Freshman.?” one cheeky girl asked.  Well, he is a family friend and five years is not a big age gap, but why are you all interested,” I wanted to know.  “He is from the boy’s school in the next town and he has dated many girls so don’t be disappointed, join the queue” the senior decided to enlighten me.



Have you heard?

There’s a new rhyme

Every decade has one

But not like I used to know,

You can only access it

Via the computer voice

And animation control,

So where’s the human touch?

Let’s not loose it.

Lover’s magnetic ride

The magnetic field of love,

Scattered around our way

Pulling lovers to and fro

Until there’s a fit.

Then arm in arm

They walk away.


Synchronize   Synthesizers

Optimize         Opportunities

Exercize          Excellences