Feel the burn

Insist on being the best you can be,

Giving your body the help it needs,

Exercise the body, you made a resolution,

Jump, Jump, add the Jack ten times 

That’s Jumping Jack to you

Bend and stretch the spine,

Walk the hands towards your feet,

Roll up to stand straight ten times,

Bend your knees, lunge forward ten times,

Let the blood flow through your muscles,

Always breathe out on the way up

Use up that oxygen, let it burn.


Simplify your life

Simplify your life

Be truthful always

Kindness goes a long way

Inspire to aspire others

When helping others its success

Is you forget your troubles.

Close to my chest 

I tend to keep things close to by chest

I weigh the pros and cons and decide 

I have now learnt to ask for help

Then I found it’s not that difficult

There’s nothing to be frightened.

Try it

Bewildered you may be

So why not scratch your head

Like we all do or 

You just go with the flow

And hope to understand 

It all in the end.

On the Scales of Enrolment and Employability 

I recently spoke at a panel for Spotlight  on  Pharmaceutical Science and Chemistry at Kingston University.  The invitation extended to midwifery students too.  I told them about my career journey and hoped they would glean useful information and life skills from it.

Employability was paramount in the minds of these undergraduate and postgraduate students.  They had long passed the stage of this patticular enrolment and ready to enter the job market.  Of course, some would embark to enrol in subjects or higher degress in order to further their careers.

Here are some tips when preparing to apply for jobs and considering interviews.

First do your research about the Job/Company/University.

Attend job fairs.

Apply not only to advertised jobs, do call/ email/ write to companies you are interested in.
Ask around and talk to people you know in that area of work.
Be available for site visits to companies.
Be a volunteer.
Develop a network and continue to inspire and aspire each other.
Know your facts about the job.
Good Timekeeping.
Dress appropriately.
Have passion for job/career.
Consider family commitments. 
Be clear on what you want and what you can do.
Consider your physical and mental health.
Be in touch with someone like a mentor, whom you value for their sound advice.
Be focused and methodical.
Assess the work and life balance for each job.
Check on similar jobs for job description and salary variations.
Speak confidently and stay relaxed.

Smile and be calm.

We also either take tentative steps or bold moves enrol for a new subject.  Our craving to learn new things are varied in its purpose.  These are some that I have known or recently come across.  Do write and let us you know of any different ones you have.

It’s either for a specific job, a career, a career we have a passion for, a career that pays well, a career generations in the family have followed, a hobby, or in order to fill  in a spare time, to support someone, to be near someone in the class(hmm), to pursue on an agreed future career path as a couple, or a general interest in the subject.

Man and machine 

Conveyor belts are so useful 

Moving something here and there 

In the factories, in the forests

In the airports, in the assembly lines

It takes the heavy lifting off

It takes the back pain from men

It takes productivity to a different level. 

Mountains of North Africa 

The cavities in the rocks

Of the mountains of North Africa 

Looked large  from the aeroplane 

The soil was so red and rich

To look at nature’s  handiwork 

To view it through my viewfinder 

Gave me an immense pleasure 

What a bonus for my travels

Freely given, freely I received.