Patterns of Life


Footprints of wildlifeChurch on Sunday.

Church on Sunday Wildlife footprints.

Tire chains & airflow sideshieldTractor tire chains & airflow side-shield.

Putting in a slate floor.

Putting in a slate floorFun with Snapseed

We love Cee’s challenges!!

Have you tried one?


Kind Regards – K

Photography compliments and copyrighted by BGage and K of TheBlackWallBlog.

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So Long My Sweet


Through two generations

Of dogs you’ve trained.

And seeing the kids go from

High school to college and

Off to war and back.

You held out your paw

To reassure.

Hey mom,

No worries,

I’ve got your back.

Almost 20 years

We road life’s waves,

And I knew that you

Would let me know

Whence you were tired

And needed to go.

That you did

My sweet purring babe.

As promised

I took you for

Your last earthly ride.

I held you close

And sang our songs,

Whispered Praises

In your ear.

I love you always

See you soon.

Give hugs to all

At the Rainbow’s Bridge,

My sweet Celina,

So precious and dear

Run free and

Feel  after life’s glow.

For all the times

You stood by me

I can’t be selfish

And keep you here,

That wasn’t part of

Our original deal.

One last kiss, last breath


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Sewing Love


A time honored tradition,


My grandmother taught me. A teacher for 47 years, her passions were grandchildren, sewing, knitting, baking and swimming.

Grandkids coming to her house to swim, then having cookies and milk.

Every grandchild was given beautiful knitted mittens for Christmas. Granddaughters got Raggedy Ann’s.

Grandma love! ❤️

In later years, after she and grandpa retired, she became legally blind.

I sewed her a Raggedy Ann. Not once had she sewn one for herself.

She was overjoyed.

As was tradition,

my granddaughter received…

You guessed it.

I mailed my surprise,

My daughter sent me this:

Granddaughter hugs

For a tradition

Filled With Grandma loves. ❤️

Kind Regards and #winning – G’Ma K


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Wednesday’s Wisdom 1/24/18


Kind Regards and #winning – K

Click from a Sunday afternoon cruising the back country roads of New Hampshire by K of TheBlackWallBlog. 😄


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B&W Open Topic for Cee


No professional photography.

Nothing tinted or brightened

Or enhanced.

Just some scanned memories

Of life.

Wanna know a secret?

Wanna know a secret?


“But, Mom, I couldn’t help myself!”


Love ❤️


Kind Regards – K

Photos compliments of K of TheBlackWallBlog-various clicks from life’s shoe box.

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Simple Moments


Silence surrounds me,

There is no loneliness here.

Inner peace ascends.

Kind Regards and # winning – K

Photography compliments of BGage and K of TheBlackWallBlog

Copyright 2017/2018


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Just ‘round the corner.


Just ‘round the corner

You will find yourself.

You’ve been there all along.

Waiting for you to realize

You are wonderfully loved and

Known to be so kind.

Exquisitely unique and perfect,

Just the way you are. ❤️




One of Cee’s latest challenges!






Kind Regard and not cutting corners – K 😎😄

Photography compliments and copyrighted by BGage and K of TheBlackWallBlog.

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