We Thank you…


Veteran’s Day, 2017

Mere words cannot express

How grateful that we are,

Nor can we understand

All that you’ve been through

So today, I offer a heartfelt

seemingly simple set of


Blessed are we, for you.

THANK YOU for your service.

Kind Regards - K


Photography compliments of

K’s personal friends and family.

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I See You!


The perfect shot for this week’s prompt, incidentally taken earlier this week!


Kind Regards - K

Photography by BGage. 2018


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Wednesday Wisdom 


Lots of orange glow this year! Fall in NH 2017

Fall on Kingsbury Mountain, Walpole, NH 2017


Happy Hump Day!!

Kind Regards from ye ole NH – K

Photography copyrighted and compliments of BGage.


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Trademark of New England’s Fall


White birch baseline the communities of pumpkin orange shades, deep burgundy reds, evergreen groves, while mixed copper and chestnut browns are enhanced by splashes of the faded yellows and limes that quilt the New England mountainsides.

Thursday morning coffee word-play.

Kind Regards – K


Find a typo let me know!
Photography copyrighted and compliments of BGage 2017

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Always Learning – “Get To”


To experience feelings

and emotions,

Means we are alive

We are living.

Happiness, joy and excitement

Are wonderful!

Anger, fear and sadness

Not as wonderful, but

Are also part of living!

Finding a good balance

Seems to be the key.

Seething, ugly anger,

Seeing red.


This week,

I experienced all the above.

All I wanted was inner peace,

Happiness and to let go.

Journaling like a mad woman,

On a mission,

I searched for the trigger,

A solution and to find

My way back.

It took 3 1/2 long days

And two sleepless nights.

But, I was determined.

Then I watched a video on

“Get To”.

Each day we are lucky

To “Get To” enjoy our

Morning coffee.

Everyday we “Get To”

Spend time with friends.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Life is a privilege.

Ask the person going

Through chemo or radiation,

As they fight to live.

Spend time with…

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Friday the 13th Myth Or Mindset?


Each day is what we believe

It to be.

Friday the 13th

In my mind

Is a good luck day!

Find that positive.

Black cats are beautiful!

I will admit,

After I have spilled some,

I still throw salt over my



Join me in my journey

Of viewing the muted colors of

Fall 2017 in Vermont!

I’m didn’t see any

Bad Luck.

Did you?



Kind Regards from VT – K

Photography copyrighted

and compliments

Of TheBlackwallBlog 10/2017.

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Stretch beyond Your Preconceived Limits



Reach out,

Let your creativity flow.

Stretch your mindset rubber band.

You will create wide open

Spaces of opportunity.

Believe in your own Success.

All it takes is the will

To try,

And you are already


Great News!

** We have a new addition
to our photography team!
Welcome JDavis! ❤️

Kind Regards and believing-K


Photography compliments and copyrighted by BGage and JDavis!


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