Vacation Colors in NC


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Wishing You The Best Day!

I’m Singing – “Every morning I wake up… I say a little prayer for you.” That moment you awake, Swirling ’bout your mind A random upbeat song, Somehow sparkles From some memory You dreamt, While you were deep in asleep, You head to start the coffee Barefoot, Doing a hallway boogie While, Your soul […]

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Lucky to Have You and the Planets too!


Good morning!

Happy Saturday!!


Hard to  believe this is my 466th post.

Our  followers have reached 688!!

We feel darn lucky to have such wonderfully, inspirational

fellow bloggers, writers, photographers and friends in our blog  world.

Just think that most of us randomly stumbled onto each other in this life path

And decided to walk together for awhile.

img_0099When my day feels dark,

Full of strife.

A post,

Your like,

Your smile,

A comment

Is often just the nudge

That helps me to remember,

All the brightness in my life.


Yesterday, was relax and play in our pj’s.

As usual I was up early,  I took a short walk and snapped a

picture of what I thought was a star.

It wasn’t!

It was better-

It was the planet



Right now there is a schedule of what planets are showing

for the  next few days, at certain times.


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What Defines You.


Her childhood was terrible.

At the age of 18

she made the decision

that she would rise above

Anything negative that her parents

could have said or done.

Her thoughts and actions were

her own responsibility.

Her parents could  not change their past.


she had the power to change her own future.

And  did.


So live your life the best you can

Pay it forward,  love unconditionally.

Remember, people are people.

The only person you have control over

is yourself.

Today is the perfect day to

start molding and finding

the path that  helps you to become

the greatest, most beautiful

version of yourself.



Just because you have had tragedy in your  life

It does not  have define who  you are.

Almost  everyone has had to deal

with something that rocks their world.

Your  choice?

Allow  it to make you bitter,

play the blame game


Go through…

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We Thank you…


Veteran’s Day, 2017

Mere words cannot express

How grateful that we are,

Nor can we understand

All that you’ve been through

So today, I offer a heartfelt

seemingly simple set of


Blessed are we, for you.

THANK YOU for your service.

Kind Regards - K


Photography compliments of

K’s personal friends and family.

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I See You!


The perfect shot for this week’s prompt, incidentally taken earlier this week!


Kind Regards - K

Photography by BGage. 2018


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Wednesday Wisdom 


Lots of orange glow this year! Fall in NH 2017

Fall on Kingsbury Mountain, Walpole, NH 2017


Happy Hump Day!!

Kind Regards from ye ole NH – K

Photography copyrighted and compliments of BGage.


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