One year..

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Exactly an year back Ranjita Di made this blog page for me, thank you Di for bringing me here.

Write my dear let your thoughts get wings and feel, is what she told me.

Initially I wrote everyday letting my thoughts have words that play,

Time flew, versatile and talented people I met through this.

My work was appreciated I was kept on motivated,

With time, things change, so did my life that took a turn.

Writing went backseat, thoughts became less, Lots in mind but no word I could find.

But as said nothing is constant change is prominent,Back on track I am little by little coping with my words,

Putting soul to my thoughts and giving words to my imagination.

Will not let this journey stop now, thank you all for being around.

Words and expression is all I have, to spread some smile and​ reach…

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Time flies

I am highly inspired by Sir Ngobesing Romanus. He is a true motivator, I had commented​ on his post ” the life moves” and he wanted me to make it into a poem. So I have tried it and this is for him..hope you all like reading it..

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Time flies as if it has wings,

And we keep thinking we got to do something.

We keep sitting and we don’t work towards it,

then we blame time for all the loss.

So think my dear, time does give everyone a chance,

we need to act and grab the power that we have.

But one thing for sure I will say,

time does fly anyways..

Mera ehsaas

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Kuch to wo ehsaas hai,

Mohabbat meri Kuch khaas hai.

Soya nahi chup hai wo,

Kyonki ab nahi uske wajood may wo baat hai.

Sath rahega mere ta-umra wo,

Kyonki seecha hai pyaar se maine use jo.

Bus khaas hai, bahut khaas hai,

Mohabbat ka wo ehsaas mera bus mere sath hai.

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Rumor or Gossip!!!

Beauty lies within yourself

Gossip and Rumors are often interchanged with same meaning but there’s a little difference in the meaning of both.Rumour is a piece of information or a story spread about a person or a thing without confirming about it’s validity or truthness. Whereas Gossip involves a juicy information about someone or something in detail. The information talked about is often quiet personal and shocking.

People while gossiping about others with great interest often forgets that the false story talked about a person may cause humiliation and the person might have to face a lot adverse consequences.

Here’s a story I would like to share and leave it to my lovely readers to share the moral of the story.

Once an old man rumored about a young man in his neighbourhood that he is a thief. As a result the young man got arrested. Days later he was proven innocent. After…

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Nataraja – The Eternal Rhythm!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Nataraja, Lord Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer represents the source of all movement within the cosmos, represented by the arch of flames rhythmic movement of the entire cosmos. The symbolism of Siva Nataraja is religion, art and science merged as one.

Nataraja’s dance is not just a symbol. It is taking place within each of us, at the atomic level, this very moment. The Agamas proclaim, “The birth of the world, its maintenance, its destruction, the soul’s obscuration and liberation are the five acts of His dance.”

Saiva Philosophy

Nataraja is Shiva in the form of the Lord of the Dance. He represents the combined might of the dynamic universal energy and the awakened Soul. He is the source of all life, activity and vibration. His dance is the dance of creation. The circle of fire that surrounds Him is His primal energy that flows out of Him and again…

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Smile that can never be missed..😍😍😍

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Long time awaited moment of bonding,
the smile and laughter which makes my heart go rocking.

Far was I away from this feeling,

Now would never let it go for a moment.

Love of our kids is so divine,

Makes you feel forget all the pain and plight.

Since god cannot be around to hug you and love,

Kids are a form to spread that love.

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My prayer..

You mean a lot, you are worth it,

Each word I said I mean it.

Here we are to love and care, 

And as it said “in reality” unity is strength.

Why feel lonely and sad when we have friends to hold our hand.

Life for sure is not constant,

Change is one thing that is constant.

A place where no one will judge you,

No one will fine you, but will read and care for you.

Let’s take this chance to spread love and care.

Let’s change hatred to love and prayers.

My hands joined in prayer for you. 

Asking to bless and grace his love upon you always.