Blogger of the week – ShalooWalia

Reading and sketching is her passion in action,

Spirituality and yoga her path to divine Loka.

A teacher for Art of living,

Stress-free violence free society is her vision.


Reading stars playing with tarot,

She will reveal your future just in a matter.

Reading of books she took as a challenge,

Reviews she share for all she gathered.

Time and again when you feel low,

Visit her views on how to grow.


Awesome is Shaloo’s blog to visit and relax,

Guidance and views you find to react.

Enjoy the reading and contact her if you want,

May be for you she can contact the stars 😉😉


Blogger of the week- a life less ordinary with saurabhavna

DilKiAawazSuno blog


Image courtesy : Bhavna’s Blog

With love and companionship life is bliss,

A friend you find in your partner then life is worth a live.

Fabulous is her post, motivational are her quotes.

Colorful pictures, vibrant thoughts make you read till the end.

Full of love, passion and zeal, I find her​ blog full of life.

Bhavna means emotions and as the name suggest the blog “alifelessordinarywithsaurabhavna” is full of varied color of emotions.  Few post are inspiring and few colorful, some trendy and some are teachings. Take sometime and read through the blogs of our blogger Bhavana Saurabh

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मेरे वर्चुअल साथी – My Virtual Team

DilKiAawazSuno blog

Its been more than 2 months now that I have not written anything. Lot of changes keeping me always on my toes, hence my weekly post has also taken a back seat.. starting next month I will start writing my weekly Blogger of the week again.

But for now I have a dedication for my beautiful virtual Amzonian Team..


एक दुनिया मेरी हकीकत से परे , खूबसूरत मेहनती लोगों संग बसे |

देखा नहीं ना मिले कभी , पर आज हम साथ साथ काम है करते |

कोई बड़ा है ना कोई छोटा यहाँ, हम साथ है हर दिन कुछ नया सीखते |

समय है देखो आज कैसा बदला , अपने अपने घर के कमरे मे रहकर भी

दूर होकर भी साथ साथ काम है करते |

एक समय था मिलना गाना होता, आमने सामने रहकर बाते होती,

सुलझाते उलझनों को सवाल जवाब खूब किया करते |

आज देखो बदला…

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Blogger of the week- Between the Lines

Image result for between the lines images
courtesy: Google images

Cloud that shows love. emotions and springs,

Colorful butterflies with rainbow in its wings.

Sensitive by words, touch you deep in your heart,

All ears to people who wana talk,

share their fear and imagination all they have.

A dreamer, a psychologist, a believer, a warrior,

a survivor and now a writer, Claudia is bundle of love and care.

Believes in love, have complete faith in it,

Like me she thinks the world will change

Wants to reach hearts with every words she feels..

A psychologist by profession and since she has come across so many people with various emotions, she is able to share her thoughts and feelings and care in the form of beautiful words. Within her poetry are lot of feelings which we can imagine and understand like it is said read between the linesbetween the lines..

Blogger of the week – Didis Art Design

Courtesy: Taken from Didis art Design

Vibrant and colorful is the site,

words of motivation where you find.

Creativity, simplicity, buoyancy of mind

Art, images, words as poetry brings this site to life.


Love everyone, love yourself,

you will find god, if you believe in yourself.

Humanity, love, soul search is all it talks about,

Didi’s art and design is truly a blog to ponder a while.


I came across DIDI when I was away from my kids and going through a low phase. Didi’s blogs and words as comments has pushed me during those time.. truly an inspiration and ocean of creativity.  Firm believer in Love and Humanity I am sure you all will enjoy the blog with same care and love. Enjoy reading.. Thank you DIDI.. 

Blogger of the week -sanjaymbhaskar

Corrtesy: Blog Title of SANJAY M BHASKAR

As I sit and retrospect about my last few weeks,

I don’t find answers to the queries that keeps itching.

Why how and why me it keeps coming,

so i left myself untamed, curled in my thoughts.

Hence no writeup which was suppose to be my part.


Today I gathered myself to write and found this blog superb and bright

Touched my heart his thoughts so profound,

Thank you Sanjay that I found you now.

Words brilliant, thoughts in synergy

sometimes I felt my thoughts were put in words by him.

Read for sure, you will like SanjayMBhaskar and his mighty thoughts…

Blogger of the weak-Thoughts of Sho

Courtesy : Taken from Shobha’s blog

Shoba is a word meant to be Glory,

True to her name she personifies positivity.

Live your life, love your life, be positive

is what truly her blogs vibes.


Today as I write I was feeling low,

Making myself gather to write and complete the flow.

Came across her post which made me little smile,

I would surely like you all to read her with pride.


Beautiful quotes, beautiful words

Love life is what she inspires.


I really dont think that I have to give any further introduction about her, a beautiful lady with a very positive vibe, Shobha’s blog is really an inspiration.

Blogger of the week- puzzles of the soul.

Learn the method to search the soul,

Divinity, purity little effort is what it ask for.

Not sure what to say and where your heart want to go,

Making your little ​mind bonkers.

Puzzle of souls is answer to all,

Prayers, guides, spirits and almighty talks,

All you find in one place just read the blog.


Nanette is a self made person, a strong lady with full trust in god. Trust ur instinct, believe you can do anything, is what she follows and tach the same

I am so happy that I got to know het and was in a position to introduce her to everyone..

चालीस की हो चली.. In my 40’s now

DilKiAawazSuno blog

Image result for images of 40th birthday

बचप्पन से जवानी, जवानी से ढलती उम्र
आज ज़िन्दगी के दौर मे एक और नया मोड़ |
बचप्पन ने अटखेलिया सिखाई, जवानी ने सिखाया जीना |
आज जिस पड़ाव पर हूँ उम्र के, सीखा मैंने सब्र और प्रेम का नया तराना |

चालीस साल गुज़र गये पता भी ना चला,
आज भी दिल जीता है कभी कभी बचप्पन को वो ही लम्हा |
माँ की नकचढ़ी, सरफिरी बदमाश बेटी थी मैं,
आज सामने मेरे बेटी मेरी करती नखरे हज़ार |

देख कर बढ़ता उसको हरदिन एक अनकहा खौफ उठता मन मै,
रहा होगा यही डर मेरे भी माँ के मन मे |
चालीस की हो चली हूँ फिर भी दिल सोलह: का लगे,
एक बार खुल कर जियूं, ये कहता मेरा मन हर लम्हे |

From childhood to youth, and youth to diminishing age,

Now lies ahead is an all new phase.

learned to be naughty as a child, youthfulness…

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Blogger of the week – Brijkauldiary

Views are strong, thoughts are bold,

Writing in style with nature in his mind.

Words expressive with mind boggling terms,

Expression of thoughts he uses to full game.

Politics or nature, democracy or love,

Facts and figures, emotions at its best.

Brij Kaul’s diary is a plethora of art,

Take some time to relish that work.

This writer has taken liberty to express his emotions to the fullest, be it politics or to describe nature at its best. Brij Kaul ji has taken all the effort to represent his views logically and emotionally in his blog brijkauldiary, do enjoy his work..