I’m Still Here…Sort of

And then there was one

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It’s been a while since I have had any time to write for my blog. Not because of lack of material – more of a time issue. Work and school are literally kicking my ass – I have scars to prove it but I’ll spare you any photos 🙂

I am doing my best to manage my time but being back in school, when you are older, is  hard – really, really hard! Between juggling projects at work and projects at school – I may just have to join the circus to show off my new juggling skills. Funny thing is I am a project manager but this is taking it to a whole new level.


As for my love life. Things are happening that have me scratching my head, rolling my eyes, making me laugh and saying wtf? Two people are inching back – it…

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Quotes and Heartache

And then there was one

I read these quotes today and they really hit home.
It’s been a tough few days for me. I haven’t had the time or the inclination to write. As usual classes are keeping me busy, exhausting me actually, as is work. But it’s those moments at night when I think about him and miss him so much. I look at my phone and miss hearing from him. I know I shouldn’t miss him. I also know people close to me don’t understand it. No one is more confused than I am. But I’m the one going through it. We all need to stop projecting our own thoughts on someone who is grieving a loss. I’ve done it, we all have done it. How about I’m sorry you’re going through this and it will get better. That goes a long way.
I’ve cried more than I should, but it’s been hard…

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Stats and relationships?

And then there was one

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The first chapter of my survey research book had a statement in it that I wrote down on a sticky note and put on my fridge. Who would think that a book that encompasses statistics, survey research and mathematical formulas (ugh) can possibly have any insight about relationships? This one phrase did it for me –

Superficial relationships yield superficial results

When I read it I had to stop and think about it. Such a true simple statement. If someone’s intentions are not genuine, whether romantic love or friendship, it will not last or yield the results you want. You both lose.

I had a guy in my life who told me what I wanted to hear instead of just being truthful. And it ended badly because our expectations were not in the same place. Now that we are just friends we have grown closer, as…

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Busy, busy, busy

And then there was one

It has been a while since I’ve written a post. My life has been incredibly busy with work and school. I’ve taken a step back as far as relationships too. I don’t have anything new happening on that front. I miss a certain person in my life, I honestly don’t know what happened and I may never know. We’ve had no closure, but I had to step away and just let it be. And I shouldn’t have to do that so I am acting as if it is over – it most likely is and I deserve better behavior than that.

I love my classes but the work load is immense. I love my job but the work load for that is immense as well. I’m launching a huge initiative for my job and working on another big project and my time is spent in meetings and writing/researching. My time…

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Protect Your Heart

And then there was one

Most times the second and third chances we give those who have hurt us eventually leads to more pain. Be careful who you let back into your life.


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Surf’s Up

And then there was one

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The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection on what I want and need. I had a little time to write last weekend about how I am feeling at the moment. I wrote this after spending the day at the beach last weekend, alone. I’ve been pressed for the time the past few weeks due to school to keep up with my blog.

It was a perfect late summer day here at the Jersey shore. I love this time of year. The humidity is down, the crowds are smaller and there is a peacefulness that comes with being so close to the water. Surprisingly for what started out as a cloudy day there were quite a few people on the beach. I brought reading with me from my class but ended up being easily distracted by the sights and sounds around me. I…

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And then there was one

Sometimes the pain is so great, you can’t feel anything else.

Sometimes you keep yourself as busy as possible, but you still can’t stop thinking about him.

Sometimes you wonder not if it will ever get better, but if it will stay better when it does.

Sometimes you need to just walk away when every fiber of your being is telling you not to do so.

Sometimes you run out of excuses trying to defend bad behavior.

Sometimes you are surrounded by a sea of people but you’ve never felt more alone.

When you write about relationships and you document your own failures time after time you start to feel as if things will never get better. As I said the other day I am taking time away from my blog and reassessing my life and why my relationships keep failing. Sometimes it is out of my control but at…

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