Happy Birthday Babumochai…!


DAY 30

Happy Birthday to Dada

I, remembering

This is how you call him

This is how I remember him as well

I loved the idea

An idea it was then

The idea was

Now, I would have a Dada too

There would be someone

I would call Dada too

Someone who would not only get angry at my madness


Letting me be the Lado of the abode, perhaps

Just like fathers are

To their pampered daughters

With an open heart

And with understanding

The idea today, remains as sweet as it was then

Just,… it has remained the idea

An idea which now seems far from reality

He he heyyyyyy kkkir…. (Shah Rukh style)

No complaints at all

My wish remains

A joyful day

Joyful times ahead

Happy, lovely rebirth dear Babumochai!

To A Paa

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DAY 29

The raining ashes

On my trail

Dusking zeal

The heart, on fire, again and again

Is it a message being conveyed?

It’s been too long

I wait, I wait

Perhaps, holding onto your absence

Not peaceful a choice

Growth at least happens

Making me stronger than I was yesterday

Struggling with forgiveness and acceptance within each instant

The soothing evening consoles me

At first glimpse

I see a faint light in the sky


A planet perhaps

Perhaps, Venus watching over me

The clouds slowly engulf me

Driving me to the threshold of no return

Instantly, a realization rings within

The boundlessness of the clouds

That is its nature

I am meant to continue my swim through it

In conflict, I ask

Where did the light go?

Leaving me in darkness

Without my wish

The heart calls for you

Do you hear me?

The heart seeks

Only to…

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Papaya Boat


DAY 28

As I slide the spoon and slice its fleshy, juicy parts

I think of nothing but tasting it

Musical ears

A mouthful feast

Disco dancing as the papaya’s bolus gets swallowed

Into the Dungeon of the Esophagus

Suddenly, the wind swishes

Reminding me of the dance

Around me

The bougainvillea bows

I bow as well before nature’s musical spirits

As I finish eating

The papaya boat gets ready

 It is time to sail again…

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DAY 27

The rhythms are heard, calling one

To rhyme along,

Her fine, euphonious voice streams

Across the space,

Making one flows along

And spaces out,

The aura of harmony

Rains within,

Creating an ambience

Of conscious celebration…

The Nightingale, she becomes…

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A Dance In The Rain


DAY 26

A dance,

Mesmerizing to the soul,

Drenching senses,

Calling for the gracious moves;

The feet and the ground in love,

Muddy kisses,

From their crazy union;

Perky rain,

Playing hide and seek with the flurry air,

On its trail,

As the rain sneaks up,

The madness of their love affair fires their chemistry,

Making one dances like dancing peacocks,

In monsoon;

What a dance!

Featured Picture Courtesy and photo source: ATA MOHAMMAD ADNAN, express.co.uk/pictures

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31st August 2017 is happening!…

31st August 2017 is happening! It will be gone in few hours. Let’s cherish the remaining hours with every breath. What a day! Lovely!

Last Leaf


DAY 25

The last leaf, it was..

The tree had been living off this last leaf..

Reposing all its hope of survival onto it..

Little did it know that the leaf was stepping towards its mortality as days went by..

The passersby knew this and the tree would hear them speak about its very mortality..

However, the tree refused to accept such idea..

It felt, it had been living a long life and would continue living it..

The leaf with its responsibility of sustaining life, reached a point of exhaustion where it could no longer be with the tree..

The exhaustion tired life out of it..

One day, it left the tree forever..the tree was on its own..

The tree was not getting the proper nutrients anymore, and it lost its happy life and realized being disillusioned about its mortality..

Depressing, some of its branches started to rot and…

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