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A dreamer who is learning to keep her idealism grounded and who never stops dreaming!


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DAY 73 like the lemon veil the sourness of my existence fills upto my throat suffocating my gentle nature their relentless bickering smothers my kindness i reach the point of intolerance within their impact, they know not my rudeness knows its bounds only to protect the bounds of sanity before the…

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Sum mer

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DAY 72 Summer sums up all Here, where two seasons prevail Stimulation of sweat glands manifest Within the activity of inactivity Today is the day of the solstice Nigh the stormy festival The gift of Christmas – Cilida  Christmas and tropical cyclones are complementary here The cloud-covered eye, as guest of…

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DAY 71 And then a number just remained on the screen. With empty words. His last words were preserved. To remind and to detach. However, to let go, is to fully liberate. My last acts of compassion. To him. Beginning anew. He left, leaving behind unanswered questions, binding me to the…

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DAY 70 He stood Sunglasses on The Revisited Shah Rukh of the Gham & Khushi Immersed in: Where can I sit?..;  She confidently steps her heels, knowing: This is where I’ll sit..; The bluish, Hibiscus, lady bus controller Being the show stopper brings it on Our passes are checked and tickets,…

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Take It Easy

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DAY 69 We are so engrossed Always on the rush Deadlines To complete this and that Let’s pause Let’s take it easy Let’s dance as we do the dishes Let’s cherish the small steps made by the one who survived the stroke Let’s smile with one another because the cat ate…

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DAY 68 I sit by myself. Nothing doing. Except reflecting and my motor neurons in action to enable the typing of the waves of wonder. I appreciate doing nothing and I’m not lazy. Laziness becomes a choice. Being lazy is blissful when the rollercoaster knows no bounds… within or around. My…

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DAY 67 it rests on the horizon, softly touches it it seems halting, to the limitations of our gaze it goes beyond our mere thoughts what you think it is, and what is, differs you will not know if you think.. that is unless you search for what this is what…

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