Two Hearts

A tale of two hearts… 🙂


DAY 47

Dear Cutie Pie,


We met yesterday for the first time. I was hesitating to come and see you nearby. I finally came and greeted your Mother and you. You were in your dream world. You remind me of him. He likes to call you his little son even if he is your Uncle. Months ago, he shared with me that you are a boy and I also got to know your good name. It is a bliss we got to meet each other. The encounter suddenly happened. I’m glad we shared the space although I regretted I did not come hold you in my arms for few precious seconds. The hesitation imprisoned my pace and conscious will. While you were in your sound asleep, I glanced at you now and then…you were in her arms. It was a lovely moment which my gaze captured.  The sight of you…

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Love Liberates


DAY 46

“…….Love liberates, it doesn’t bind, love says I love you. I love you if you are in China, I love you if you crosstown, I love you if you are in Harlem. I love you, I would like to be near you, I would like to have your arms around me, I would like to hear your voice in my ear but that’s not possible now, so I love you. Go.” Dr. Maya Angelou (Loving and Letting Go)

Source: Belief | Oprah Winfrey Network (YouTube)

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We Will Remember When…


DAY 45

The birth of our life long journey

The life of our togetherness

The blissfulness of our madness, with and for each other, which made us explore beyond the frontiers of ourselves, and enlightened our union

And I

I will remember you, when I willingly fell for you, in love, with joy

When you’ll be 96 and I, 90, we will remember when…….

I miss you very much as well

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This City


DAY 44

What a sight!!

Of this raining City;

The water droplets soothe the lifeless glass

Resurrecting its life by reflection

Allowing my self reflection to catch my gaze

From the surface of the H2O droplets

Reminding one of our different Selves within our Self;

The dusk now dawns

Buttercup roses greets the dusk’s graceful, slow steps;

The wings settle on the wires

Wired at nature’s mess around

Curiously searching for the seeds of life;

THEY stand by each other

Immerse within each other’s presence, marrying their togetherness

The sweet chatter flows

Spreading sweetness around and they unknown to it…perhaps

Their backs, turned

Eyes towards them

Reminding onlookers of..perhaps their own sweet times

The crowd no longer matters to them

The graceful pat on his shoulder

Her arm around his

It’s meant to be a long journey…the silent message goes

The journey of their togetherness;

This City does not contain…

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Remembering You…


DAY 43

I must not fight the nature of its flow..

I must let you continue your flow just like these clouds..

Moving in their paths..unseen to my eyes..

All I see is their movement as random and spontaneous as they are..

Their nature.. ;

Their flow is as mysterious as you are..

Your nature.. ;

I wonder..

I ponder..

The release of someone who is not here.. ;

I must release you with love..


You still remain here..

Unconditionally.. ;

I, who never move on in love..

Must remain unattached to you..

In comprehension and compassion..

With unconditional love..

A truth I embody in profundity..

Letting the profoundness of our experience..

Enlighten me.. ;

Only unwords can express the divinity of the experience.. ;

Falling in love with life is my commitment for life..

The sweetness, triggered by our togetherness..

Still remains today..

I commit full-on to its…

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The Soliloquy



A Conversation With The Self

Complex individuals, in a complex situation of no situation, and yet it all feels simple and complex at the same time.

I do not know what to think about. Stopping my thoughts. It pauses but do not stop. When it stops, it stops with a series of suspension point. When it stops with a full mark, I feel weird and I am just in the here and now. I know and yet do not. It drowns the senses and yet there feels a light out there watching. Walking towards this light to only realize it is a self-reflection.

The conflict between emotions and logic and reality can be a source of great despair at times. In a storm, the calm lies at its eye. Through the chaosness, there exists times of calmness. However, the calmness is short-lived, the storm surfaces yet again. It feels…

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DAY 42

I walk everyday with an open wound;

Neither are you here to share this with,

Nor you chose to remain,

Slowly distancing, with your every right perceptions;

Did you come to hear me out once?;

This hurts;

I took responsibility;

I cannot force you to love back;

Today you do not see US in present and in future,

You concluded everything before everything;

How could you do that? But you did;

Today, I have no one to prove to, nothing to do for acceptance,

Nothing for gaining or losing;

Love ,

Come what may, we should have been together;

It did not happen;

Today, I still walk with this open wound,

Taking time to heal;

Perhaps, I should not identify myself with this wound;

It seems there forever;

All I’ve wished,

Your truth, comprehension, support, warmth of your presence,

The love I once felt;


I wish…

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