A Witty Travel.. 🙂


DAY 70

He stood

Sunglasses on

The Revisited Shah Rukh of the Gham & Khushi

Immersed in: Where can I sit?..; 

She confidently steps her heels, knowing: This is where I’ll sit..;

The bluish, Hibiscus, lady bus controller

Being the show stopper brings it on

Our passes are checked and tickets, paid;

The show stopper’s interaction 

Steals the show;

She found a place for the big but little boy to her;

The boy stands still;

The little, big boy and another lady pause

Holding the handle for stability

While the wheels hit the asphalt;

The aisle through the seats rows 

Becomes the new ramp

Of plethora catwalks

As each looks for their preferred bus seat;

I sit close to the ‘ramp’

Being the observer audience member

As the bus drives us all to our common destination;

Our glances sweep across cement, the Moka-Port Louis range and sugar fields; 

We meditate…

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Take It Easy



DAY 69

We are so engrossed

Always on the rush


To complete this and that

Let’s pause

Let’s take it easy

Let’s dance as we do the dishes

Let’s cherish the small steps made by the one who survived the stroke

Let’s smile with one another because the cat ate the bread and butter again

Let’s reminisce the sweet memories when we first walked together

Let’s breathe before our breaths stop for good

Let’s reconcile and heal the wounds

Let’s support peace 

Let’s take it easy, cherish our essence and each other’s presence

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Happy Diwali, dear reader! 🙂


DAY 68

I sit by myself. Nothing doing. Except reflecting and my motor neurons in action to enable the typing of the waves of wonder. I appreciate doing nothing and I’m not lazy. Laziness becomes a choice. Being lazy is blissful when the rollercoaster knows no bounds… within or around.

My heartbeats sync with the beats from the car’s speakers as it drives by. The night orchestra begins with the chorus of puppies woofing in high swara. 

Nani’s steps resonate with a comforting sense within my overwhelmed Self. I remember I prayed again today for my loved ones’ good health and for those ill, although I may not know them personally. 

I feel a sense of ‘accomplishment’. The first time.. I changed the diaper of my loved one. And no, this is not any fulfilling act align to the ‘mystique feminine’. It is enlightening to my individuality. This ‘accomplishment’ equals…

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Going beyond the mirage… 🙂


DAY 67

it rests on the horizon, softly touches it

it seems halting, to the limitations of our gaze

it goes beyond our mere thoughts

what you think it is, and what is, differs

you will not know if you think.. that is

unless you search for what this is

what is this hallucination I’m chained to

is it a realization, or a constant torture?

i cannot see it

all I can do.. is, freeing

freeing the mirage of my mind

my dance with the mirage

is like the fluttering of wings through dusts

i saw his form, touched his substance, felt his breaths

i was enlightened in his absence, sweetened with his sparkle presence

that I did not notice there was no him, I danced with the mirage

….. mirage of my mind

i could not escape the illusion

once within it

it’s ceased to exist

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My First Blog Post – Hi World!

Remembering Day 1, (May.19.2017) – iSharvi 

This is a story of a girl…” is perhaps a very common and popular beginning of most stories we heard from our parents in childhood. “There was a girl and a boy …to… and all is well that ends well” which is the familiar, popular ending too. As a child, the tragedies of our world do not seem to have any effect on our innocent minds with the exception of extreme cases where we are as well affected. We laughed wholeheartedly. Sometimes, the silence of tragedy would tickle us to giggle despite being conditioned to see tragedy to be of a certain seriousness by society. We fall and we cry, and then the next moment, we are in our own world, in our own plays, being the captains of the ships we sail in the streams and oceans of our dreams. Who we are and who do we become? It is not about making any points and neither decode life as it evolves. This blog is simply the sharing of my journey and insights about life as I feel, understand and live it; learn and know from it. This is the story of a girl. Indeed! The difference being, not that of a fictional character, but one who is breathing her truth. 


The Last Hug

Poetry… contemplating… 🙂


DAY 64

todayis the dayof the last hug,with a senseof peace and bliss,will another day comein uniting the heartsof true friendship,it must be givenanother chance,to open upthe hearts,voicing the truth,forgiving the oldwounds,for life is wonderfulwhen living withcompassion and forgiveness,comelet's get along again,although our paths differ,our destination is the same,come let's forgiveand love againstarting anewwith consideration,for what mattersis the bondof true friendship andthe respectful bond of love,
with understandingtowardsone another

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Let’s take care … transcend the suffering … 🙂


DAY 63

I can, Go beyond, The emotions of suffering, I just need to accept, 

Giving my attention, To them, Rewiring my Self,

Changing my attitude, To I can, I can help myself,

I am strong to feel my vulnerability, Transcending to peacefulness and joy…

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i too



DAY 62

When I heard the voices, I heard mine along with theirs;

They are there, I here;

Voicing out feels and is, tough;

I always wonder about the human psyche;

It takes time; ten years, fourteen years, sixty years; ‘what happened’ – a constant voice asking…;

Denial; self-doubts; confusion; anger; realization; how dare they do such a thing?; revengeful; shame; conflict; depression; tiredness; calm; healing; letting go; compassion; voicing out; awakening; fire; justice; ‘the personal becomes the political’ indeed; battle scars; bravery; courage; moving the journey with the learnings; learning; affirming..

I too am one of you. Do you hear me?

I now hear myself.

I too am you. 

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