Culled gift

Known to a tender dear
I am a savage reaper
Author of shenanigans
Ridiculous mummy
Thuggish epistle
Prodigal leaf
Insanity’s boarder
From years to years
Centuries to centuries
These public figures
These stereotypes

Although my positive reckoned influence
Is a proof by legalization
Across many boarders
That is,
A legal citizen
Free to habitate.
I am sunny the son
Of medulla leaf stun



My ill tunes well #SIWOPC

Above the city, hung the moon,
Colourful spots on ground
Where flowers and orchard-trees were fenced
With lofty walls around

Below the city I abide
Where fight for shelter
Under these machine toys
Was the pride above my shoulder

Filled in my prayers
Was the day to be accepted
By a passerby
Under the moon
Under my pride
Under my tent
That came to past

By ken

Fortunate trio

Twenty four hours in seven days
And still counting,
The toll the oppressor had to inflict,
The hurts in our veins,
But the support we had.
The late nights distress
The funds spent to stay alive
But the hope we still had.
October 13th, we witnessed,
October 13th, we survived.
If assaults not be
By our opposite being,
We would say “condem the bra”


Pokey passenger

I’m from the East-west coast,
I’m hailing, although my shy nature be,
When the clouds sign-in rain,
My vicinity becomes forest.

Halt! When I come through,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.

Be thou
Who forms my twin,
“My earnest protector”
My true back bone.

Halt! When I come through,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.

My defence finesse puts me in a jaw dropping gesture;
My pointy windows go in
At the touch of a human finger,
And my body folds in, at pace
Faster, when I splint.

I say! Don’t be amazed at my speed,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.


The midnight experience (flash fiction)

Fear stroke my heart when I heard a silent jump into my abode at exactly 2am. I took a quick glimpse around but nothing I see. Rather, I saw a shadow moving in slow toons on the fence. Quickly, I checked to see if Simba was settled somewhere, but, I didn’t see him. Then, I knew he too noticed what I noticed. I smiled in profuse joy when Simba chased the burglar right back over the fence. Before the midnight experience, I knew I was safe because, he is the buckler that made me understand that, as the night was blind, only he could be its eyes.

Allen’s soliloquy 

Shall we not change the world like Michael inspired? 

It is no war; we want to love, 

Some offer greed, some, envy, 

But what I have to offer is charity. 

Is not my own divine? 

These I say; a plea role I play. 

Renovate our home so there won’t be an end me or ye. 

The creator put us here to make an abode, 

An abode of dignity to share, 

Not one of dignity that’s sheer. 

Should there be a diaspora between me and the mob? 

But as it is, there is no place like home and no mortal is an island. 

O! To me, it is like a die in “must”

But to live, I can. 

Therein, I utter my say:

This is a mad war, 

This is a mad world, 

This is a mad house. 

I will muse no more.