Writing Prompt: Letter to a Stranger

Thought I’d share this with you all also blogged on my own site…

I looked through my word writing prompt book this evening as I felt like writing and wanted some inspiration. I found the below  writing prompt in my book and  noticed it fits in nicely with  the WordPress writing prompts I’ve missed over the last few days: expert, mistake, witness and learning. So I’m combining  all the writing prompts into one!

Writing Prompt: Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.

29th August 2016, London

Dear stranger,

Hey, hope all’s well and life is treating you well? I hope this letter reaches you well and in good health. You don’t know me but I want to reach out and write to a total stranger so pull up a chair grab a coffee or something stronger and let’s talk.I want to talk to you a bit about what I’ve learned in my 33 years of life so far, touching on some of the things I’ve witnessed and mistakes I thought I made.

 Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in anything in life, hold on no I’m an expert at painting my nails and applying my make-up I know what suits me,but that aside I’m not real expert but here’s a few things I’ve learned.

Stranger, no matter what happens in life promise me one thing, you’ll always be yourself no matter what and at all costs. I mean this, really I do. I’ve always been a believer in people being themselves whether its how they dress, talk, sexuality whatever just do you is my motto. Just over a year ago, I learned to be myself I let go of the 20 year battle I had with my curly hair. For 20 years  I chemically straightened my hair! I loved it nice and sleek.This time last year I had a chin length nice slick straight graduated bob, but when I was pregnant with my son in 2013 the curls fought back and no matter how much I tried to chemically touch up my roots my kink remained.So for 6 months of my 9 month pregnancy I did not touch it just wrapped my hair up in colourful scarfs or pinned it up it actually looked rather cute. When my son came along I carried on the battle, but  I just decided f*ck this, be you Kim and  last July I stopped chemically straightening my hair,with the aim to grow it out and chop the ends each month.

I got to December 19th I was looking toward 2016 with a new attitude as certain things were happening in my life and one day I woke up I  head to the nearest salon and said ” chop it off  get rid of the straight ends”.I walked out with hair less than 1 inch long and I don’t regret it at all. I loved it! And still do. Lucky I’ve had short hair before ( but straight) so I knew I’d be OK with such short hair,but I never knew how I’d manage my curly hair I hadn’t seen it for 20 odd years!  That said I just wanted to be me.So that’s what I’ve learned when it comes to the outside and being yourself, just do it and forget what others think or say dress how you want, whatever just be yourself externally.

When it comes to your personality, stranger do me another favour will you? Never apologise for who or what you are. I mean it. Never EVER say sorry for who you are as long as you’re not hurting anyone, committing a crime, putting yourself or others in danger just don’t-ever. I have learned , not everyone will like you, get you or bond with you and it really does not matter at all that’s just life. Don’t try and fit in, by changing you. That is a mistake. 

If you’re a women reading  (if you are either a man or women reading this sorry to just focus on one gender as this can relate to any sex really),stranger I’m not a relationship expert at all and I would not want to be but if you look back at any of your ex-boyfriends(s) or ex-husband(s) ex-girlfriend(s) or wives and all you think is ” sh*it he/she was a God damn mistake” then you’ve not learned anything from the relationship or him/her for that matter. And you’ll  probably make the same mistakes you did  again. Or end up with another version of him/her again. Hold on, don’t pull that face, it’s true. Why? Why? Do I say this? Well your eyes are still closed! If he/she was a mistake -why, what,how,where, and when were the mistakes? Can you answer? Good  then you have learned and your eyes are open.If you can’t you need to think and then open them up so you know for next time you are swept off your feet.

In general, I have learned there are no mistakes in life, it’s only a mistake if you can’t look back and see what you’ve learned, not just in love,with everything.Work,friendship you’ve dropped, whatever.

Never be bitter stranger, ummm no it takes too much energy I’m telling you just let it go  in life in general. Don’t hold on to it. It will stop you from moving forward and thinking clearly so you can move forward. Just look back see what you learned and move on. This relates to EVERYTHING in life.

Always have plan B…. C and D  if need be too. I have learned and witnessed that if you fail to plan that is a sure plan to fail. I witnessed someone close set out to achieve something and just messed it all up,because of the lack of focus and planning and to be honest, it’s better to be organised rather than walk through life with your head in the clouds- time waits for no man, remember that PLAN.

Be positive, the glass is always half FULL not empty,where  there’s a will there’s a way, never be work shy, start from the bottom and work your way up. Be nice to everyone you meet, remember your manners  and that karma is real! All things I have learned, witnessed and feel I am expert enough to say,as I have lived most of my life by these sayings.

So in a nutshell stranger, be you and be happy being you, don’t be bitter about anything, plan and have a vision -execute it the best you can and stand up and say I f*cking rock baby! be positive, and learn from every experience good or bad.

Well, stranger, take care I hope this letter brings you some kind of new outlook or positive feeling or motivation to achieve or do something you have been sitting on the fence about. Or given you some kind of encouragement.

Yours faithfully,



I hope you’re over 18 as I swore – my bad…. but with me  there is never a filter! Everything is from the heart.  Take care!


Crime Writing Prompt Short Story: The Stick Up

Thought I’d share with you all! Just blogged this on my own site

You’re a customer lying face down on the floor during a bank robbery. Describe the robbery from this view point.



One of my fav movies of all time female bank robbers!


“All right, nobody move everyone down on the floor.”

I’m standing in line almost next to be served at the local bank on the high street, I  turn around at the sound of male voices yelling and commotion at the door, did I just hear right? My God. Yes I did it’s Monday morning I came in  to pay an overdue bill now I’m in the middle of a stick up, three  masked men waving  guns at me …. and my baby boy! Are behind me. I watch everyone behind me in the line drop like flies, and customers start to scream and plead for their lives

 ” That includes you lady, get down you and the boy!” ”OK, cool I heard you just don’t shoot all right I have my son with me.” The words fly out my mouth before I have a chance to think what I’m doing, I’m arguing with a man with a gun! Kim, be cool.  ”Mama, ha ha!” I hear my baby boy start to laugh as he thinks it’s a game, in slow motion I watch him run toward the three  men at the door waving their guns. ”Get back here”  I grab my baby boy’s hand  and cover his eyes, he starts to cry and yell we get down on the floor slowly. I hold on to him  tight and try to calm him down he’s shouting and screaming. ”Keep the kid calm, and nobody gets hurt.”  I bite my lip and  cut my eye  at this ass hole, and in my mind start to pray they get the money and get the hell out.

Lying here on the dirty grey carpet of the bank , I turn to the left and right slowly and calmly I watch everyone around me freeze, I make eye contact with an elderly lady in her 60s and I think of my own mama. I want o reach out to her and bring her close to my baby boy, I I can see the terror in her eyes.

” Hey, lady I said get down, don’t look up and don’t move the old girl’s fine.”  Me like  a fool I look straight up at the masked man pointing a gun at me and back at the elderly lady and offer her a nervous smile. I cuddle my baby boy closer and cut my eye again at the masked man. Lord, I know I’m not the most religious person out there and I know I don’t go to church and I hope you don’t think I only turn to you when I’m in trouble, but please keep us safe. In my mind I pray… hard.

From the corner of my eye to the left I see one of the three men run up to the counter and put his gun in the young pretty cashier’s face, she throws her hands up higher and screams. I look to the right  while the other two walk around the customers lying on the floor making sure no one moves a muscle. Waving their guns around trying to breathe fear into everyone- it’s working. I hear sobbing, small cries, coming from a lady behind me. I glance around she looks about my age in a smart suit and an engagement ring on her left hand. The poor thing, she’s probably thinking she’ll never make it to the alter.

” Hey, lady you wanna get outta here alive today or what?”

I turn around quickly facing the front and put my head on the floor.

“Mama, I wanna go now” ” Ok, son, we be gone soon it’s just a short game it be over soon and-” ” But mama!”

“Shut the kid up!”

“Sorry he’s only two what do you expect!” There I go again, that smart mouth with no filter my own mama said would get me into trouble. In slow motion I watch one of the masked men walk up to me, he comes close I tighten my grip on my son and meet his eye trying to show no fear I need to show my boy it’s OK. He leans down close to my face , lifts me by the scuff of my dress and shouts at me.

“Keep the kid calm, no one gets hurt.” He drops me like a hot cake and   walks back over to the counter.

“Mama-” “Shhh baby.”

” Fill up the bag, quick, c’mon c’mon b*tch what’s taking so long and don’t even think about pressing any alarms or you’re toast you hear me?”

”All right, OK OK just please don’t hurt me.” I watch the cashier’s face turn bright pink and she breaks out in a visible sweat as she slowly opens her draw, and starts to fill up the masked man’s black bag with money.

” Hurry up!” ” We aint got all day!” 

I turn to my right and follow the voice demanding the cashier hurry up, it’s one of the two watchmen he’s nervous, I can tell  by the way he is hopping from foot to foot bouncing around looking left and right, like a startled rabbit caught in a head light.

“B*tch I said move, get that money and fill up the bag hurry!”

” Hey, hey I said don’t move!”


 I wrap my baby boy up tighter in my arms and watch one of the two watchmen move closer to the counter from my left, as he shoots at the screen at the man behind, the man ducks. It’s bullet  proof and the stray bullet hit the glass and fires back at him- dumb ass does he not realise that this is not the movies, glass in a real bank is toughened ready for jerks like him. I watch the bullet backfire and hit him in the left shoulder.

”C’mon we gatta go, Sean’s been hit let’s go let’s go!” ” I turn back to my left raising my head slightly, and watch the nervous second watchmen bounce around and wave his gun in the air gesturing to his accomplice at the counter to hurry up.

”Wait, one more bag- b*tch move, get the money!”

The pretty cashier starts to cry and sob.

“The masked man at the counter turns his attention to the male cashier his accomplice fired at. “And you, get out here and on the floor did you press the button? Did you call the poe-poe on us?”  


Another shot this time from the masked man at the counter, aiming for the male cashier accused of raising the alarm, he misses thank God. The cashier ducked again and ran out the back. 

“I’m bleeding man we got to go! This is DNA everywhere we’ll get caught for sure!”

“Ah s*it, let’s go man, he’s right.”

I turn back around to my left and watch as both watchmen start to worry and panic, waving their guns and looking over their shoulders in a worried state. In the background I hear sirens coming.

“What, What no way man ahh no way.” The masked man at the counter grabs the two black bags of money and heads towards the door, I watch him pass me, he trips and falls he never saw my son’s toy car lying on the floor.

“Ha ha mama- car look.”  I cover my baby boy’s mouth and look up at the masked man scrambling to his feet, his two accomplices are already half way to the door and the sirens are near. Too late the poe- poe are here!  I’m too scared to turn around toward the exit but I do I risk it, and I see  two London Metropolitan police cars and a van pull up outside the bank. More than 10 police officers jump out. 

” Hands up, don’t move put your guns on the floor” I hear one of the male officers shout in a deep booming voice. I pray there’s not a shoot between the poe-poe and the villains, I want them caught but I don’t agree with police bearing arms and shooting- no matter the race of the villains or what they’ve done.

“What we ganna do now! Man?”  Masked man one looks around at the other two.

“I’m bleeding like crazy, we got to get out of here!” Masked man two I watch clutch his left arm trying to stem the bleeding. It is not working, blood is all over the dirty grey carpet where he was stood keeping watch.

“Head out the back.” The third masked man and clear ring leader instructed.

All three masked men U-turn and run pass me and all the bank customers still lying face down on the floor. I raise my head and watch them  jump over the counter- black bags in hand of course. One of them even has the cheek to stop and grab some more money. The officers run in waving their way around the bodies on the floor and head out the back. Guns to the ready and I pray some more.

“Hands up, there’s no where to run boys, this is it game over! ” The deep male voice boomed again.

I hear the sound of guns  drop on the floor and hand cuffs firmly being placed on. I raise my head slightly and watch the three masked men being led out by the police and into the awaiting police van.

“all right, everyone up please, is anyone injured do we need an ambulance?” 

So much for a quiet start to the week for me.


I’m doing some research, I’d love reader’s & author’s views in a quick poll please…..

Good morning (just about morning here in London),

I’m doing a bit of research, which is a good fit for yesterday’s WordPress writing prompt word complicated. I’d love to hear from readers of all genres , any  published authors whether traditionally published or self published. If you’re an aspiring author why not give me your view too. In fact just about anyone can participate in this short poll. Have a look at this post click here and vote  with your view.

Thanks in advance!

Have a great week


Feeling a lil’ creative? Have you tried this week’s writing challenge?

I hope you’ve seen it or know about them? You really should try them- MiracleGirl challenges. It’s week #9, I found out about them at week #2.   For week #9’s writing prompt challenge, I continued the short story I wrote  way back for  the challenge she set for week #4. The word prompt Miracle gave us for week #4  was ”everyone has a dark-side, he doesn’t show his.”If  you’d like to read the start of the story for that week’s challenge click here. Below is my  continued story for week #9 using this week’s word prompts.

Write a short story using the prompt sentence : ” Truth or dare” he asked

The sight of blood on my left breast put me in a state of total shock .I  remember I looked at this freak of a guy who I loved so much, and wondered exactly what he meant  by ”the freaks come out at night.” For a full thirty seconds we stared at each other, looking deeply into each other’s souls asking questions with our eyes. The air  was still and misty with our hot breath, as it met the cold night air.  He broke the silence first, ”it’s Halloween, lighten up!” he was all smiles as if nothing happened.

”Are you crazy? Do you know what you just did?, You bit me Stephen.” My voice came out like a high pitched squeak. ” C’mon Jade, I know you like it rough I was just playing.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Rough? Stephen there’s rough and there’s rooouuuugh and that is not my thing.” I turned my back and started to walk away, I was cold my Halloween costume did nothing to shield me from the cold night air,  I wrapped my cape around me and head back inside. I glanced over my shoulder at Stephen, he stood with his back turned to me looking up at the moon. Crazy ass mother ****** is all I could think, but I loved that man he was my crazy ass.


As I entered the party,I was glad for the warmth and normality of loud music and people having a good time. I’d been seeing Stephen for almost a year, I liked him … a lot, but something was a little off with him. He had a dark side, I knew it, I could feel it and tonight he definitely showed it.

If you’d like to read the full story, just a few more paragraphs  visit my blog here 

And if you know of any other writing challenges that are posted regularly please leave a comment for me below or on my blog, I’m addicted to these challenges 🙂 


Thanks for reading!


MiracleGirl Writing Challenge: Romance Short Story


Write a short story using the 3 words : Keeper, couple, time.

 Playing for Keeps: My Short Story in response to this writing prompt.

There was a time when our love was so vibrant, so alive it was all I’d think about during the day. I couldn’t concentrate  at work, I’d constantly check my phone for messages. On my lunch break I’d walk over to  the park and find a bench, I’d sit by the water and daydream or  scrawl through all the messages we’d exchanged, with a smile on my face.  We were in love. What happened? What changed? 

Back then I thought you were a keeper, someone I’d spend my whole life with. I never imagined things could go so sour -like rotten fruit sitting out in  in the heat for too long. We’re  now spoiled, rotten to the core and fit for the bin. We were in love. What happened ? What changed?

Is it all my fault? Am I too much? Can I have done anything differently? I sit on the same bench I used to have happy thoughts  about us as a couple, and  I   go over this question in mind. It’s on constant replay time and time again. I sit here and it feels like a cloud is over me, I have no happy thoughts of us as a couple, I have no messages to scrawl through and we’re no longer a couple…. well at least it doesn’t feel like it anymore. There’s nothing more I can do, it’s not all my fault, but I AM TOO MUCH for you. I’m not the right ”type” for you, I think.

 We were  in a ” relationship” in the same house together but we  were distant, we didn’t  talk  much, we didn’t  laugh much and we certainly didn’t love much.  So we took time apart, now we’re apart and I feel alive again- I wonder is it time to call it time up on our relationship, so I can start again? I feel in constant limbo over  this, some days I do feel like  I have  some kind of love left for you, some days I just want to slap you.

 One thing is for sure, you disappoint me, you make promises you didn’t keep and I’m not a priority. I’m saying goodbye to all this. I  always tried to keep my end of the bargain. Why did you not try to keep yours? You ask me ” how do I feel?”, the first time  you see me  properly in months, spin me some bullshit  that we’ll always be connected- wishful thinking? We’re not a couple, don’t do that let’s not confuse things, c’mon you know what this is- you know what time it is and you know what the deal is. You’re either in or out. 100% or nothing at all. I can’t and won’t wait for you so that makes me out, time is not on my side my friend. Life goes on this I have been learning, and so I will too go on and find someone new, because of you and all that you do- I’m not convinced you’re a keeper, if you had loved much deeper, may be then I’d look at you and consider you a keeper. 

“MiracleChallenge Week – 7” dated 26th July – 1st August, 2016


Writing Prompt: Private Investigator Short Story



Taken from my fabulous ”#642 Things to Write About” prompt book thought I’d write something a little different this morning.

Writing Prompt: You’re a private investigator, you’ve been following a cheating husband for a month. Write a report to your client-an emotionally unstable wife (in crisis) telling her what you did and what you’ve learned.

Slumped over my desk, I screw up my face at all the evidence I’ve gathered against Mr X. For a month I’ve been instructed by Mrs X to investigate her suspicions over her husband’s infidelity. The poor women, Mrs X has been married to Mr X for just 4 years and already their marriage is in crisis.I pull up my profile on the married couple:

Mrs X 35, a stay at home mum to two boys aged  five and two. A degree in psychology, she gave up her career in criminal psychology to start family life with Mr X. 

Mr X is 36, a wealthy banker working in the heart of London’s financial district. He is a top investment banker for one of the UK’s biggest banks.

Late nights and early mornings have led Mrs X to suspect her beloved husband is cheating on her. She made contact with me on the  1st February 2016, a nervous voice on the other end of the phone explained how distraught she had been since Christmas 2015. He failed to make any real effort over the festive season, she also found a receipt for Victoria Secret’s lingerie  he bought on Christmas Eve-  lingerie that she never received.

Humm, I’ve got to get this report in today, I have so much evidence against this ass-hole but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm Mrs X, she’s already very unstable emotionally. There have been times I spoken to her on the phone, before mid day and she’s slurred her words. She’s not going to like what I write, but better the truth be told, set the poor women free from this crisis.

I turn my attention to the thick file of evidence, photos, credit card transactions, emails that the bastard exchanged with a number of women. For the last month, his attention has been on  two women Sam and Jane. They both have one thing in common, tall, slim and blonde. It’s clear Mr X has a type – certainly not his wife’s short , curvy brunette physic.

I pick out  three day’s worth of evidence as a taster for Mrs X and draft a short report, if she wants more evidence I’ll supply the rest:

Dear Mrs X

Thank you for making contact with me on the 1st February 2016, following our phone call I set to work as instructed.Below I enclose for you a summary report of my findings over three  days. Please read and refer to the attached  evidence. I understand that this is a difficult time for you and the information gathered may cause further emotional distress, however I can confirm your suspicions over infidelity on the days you had question marks over his whereabouts.

5th February 2016:  Mr X arrived at his office in Liverpool Street central London at 6:00 a.m he did not leave his car, he sat and waited. Approximately 10 minutes later a black Ford Fiesta pulled up behind him, a tall slim blonde I’ll refer to as Ms A got out of the car and greeted Mr X. A kiss on the lips. The pair got into Mr X’s car and departed. I followed behind at a distance in my own car. They pulled up outside a quiet cafe   in Shoreditch  a short drive from the financial district in central London.The pair entered the cafe. I waited 5 minutes and followed them in. I can confirm between 6:30 a.m and 7:.30 a.m the pair had breakfast at the cafe, held hands and openly flirted their body language was not ” business like” if she is a co-worker.  Please see  photographic evidence sample A.At 7:35 a.m the pair depart the cafe, I followed them to a  closed in car park. Ms A parks in a corner facing parking space. I park a few spaces away, it appeared to me at the time the couple were intermate at this spot. Please see photographic evidence sample B.

8th February 2016: Following the information you gave to me via phone, that your husband was due to attend a work function until late the evening of the 8th February 2016 I can confirm after hacking into his personal email account, during the day of 7th February 2016 he exchanged a number of emails with Ms B. The two organised to have dinner at a Thai restaurant on King’s Road  south west London on the evening of the 8th February. Please see evidence sample C the emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms B. I made reservations at the same restaurant at the same time the couple  were due to dine, as I dined that evening, on my body camera I gathered further photographic evidence of the couple. Ms B is not the same women from my last sighting of Mr X with another women. Please see evidence sample D photographic evidence of Mr X dining with Ms B the evening of the 8th February 2016 at 19:00 hours  – 21:00 hours. The pair then went on the have drinks downstairs in the restaurant bar until 24:00 hours .

14th February 2016: Following your information you gave me that Mr X would be away on a work business trip the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Please see evidence sample E and F emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms A ( the lady from the first sighting of Mr X’s infidelity). As you can see the couple organised a romantic weekend away in Paris, the trip was instigated by Mr X and fully funded by him. To confirm this please see evidence sample G – his credit card statement confirming a booking for two tickets to travel via  Eurostar  direct from London King’s Cross to La Gare Paris. Evidence sample H further showing a booking for a hotel in Paris under Mr X’s name for a double room for the duration of the weekend. 

I decide that’s enough evidence, I have more of course. Mr X was very active over the month of February I ping over the email, and evidence samples. I give it until Easter I bet my bottom dollar Mrs X files for a divorce and rapes him financially for every penny he has- good for her. I am meant to be objective in this line of work,but he clearly is a man with no heart. Half an hour later my phone rings, I know it’s her. I snatch up the receiver

” Kim’s private investigations, Kim speaking can how can I help you?”

” Kim, it’s… it’s me Mrs X I just got your report.”

I bite my lip, and brace myself for her emotional melt down. Mrs X’s voice is small and horse like she has already cried a million tears over the bombshell.

” How could he Kim?! How Could he!”

I take a deep breath, I’ve seen this a million times, heard it a million times a  distraught wife  in crisis calling me for some kind of explanation, after they receive my report. Like it’s not clear enough already that their husband is a cheating bastard.

” Mrs X, I am sorry for what the evidence shows I really am.”


Mrs X screams down the phone, I look up at the ceiling, this is going to be a long day…..


About to Sign Publishing Contract #2!



Good morning all!

 Can I take a moment to do some un-shameful promotion? Thanks, I promise my next blog be something nice and creative or even prompting someone else’s blog again…Guess what? It’s happening it really is! It’s 1.30 a.m London time I can’t call anyone to scream down the phone (yet), my mama is in bed. So I blogged instead. You can read all about it just click here.




Do you know about #MiracleChallenge Writing Prompts??- Short Story (Crime Fiction)

 Good evening people!

I could not work out how to re-blog this  from my site as a guest author (bare with me I’m new), so I’ve just pasted it in….. Have you ever tried one of MiracleGirls fantastic writing prompt challenges? Do you know about it but never got involved? They are addictive you must try- I love Tuesday mornings now! 🙂  Here is my response to this week’s challenge. Do check out her blog if you have not seen it the link is below.

Ok, so this week, I’ve seen MiracleGirl’s (awesome) word prompt writing challenges, and decided to continue on from the short crime fiction story I wrote for week #5’s challenge, that was  her ” Negative Thoughts” writing challenge. If you’ve not read the first half of the challenge’s short story already you can by clicking here. This is the continued short story in response to week #7’s writing challenge. Write  a short story using the writing prompt: “make yourself comfortable I’ll be back in a minute“.

Short Story: Negative Thoughts Continued.

My mind for one second quietens down, it’s like I manage to tune out  the voices in my head. I stop rocking. I look around and take in my surroundings, as if seeing them for the first time in the whole ten years I’ve been detained in this mental institution. The metal frame bed creaks underneath my fragile thin bones, as I move forward and really look around. A dirty brown sink with a leaking tap in the corner, a bedside table- no bedside lamp of course. Oh no “health and safety” they don’t trust me not to smash it to pieces or even worse smash it against one of the many nurses, who check on me every 15 minutes as part of the suicide watch I’m constantly on. A pile of books over in the corner, most of them I’ve read twice over. And that’s it, my home- bare to the bone. A large metal door with a cut-out  toughened plastic glass window takes up the top half of the door, this separates me from the outside world. They look in, I look out.  We play a game- we see who has the balls to stare the longest. Normally it’s me, I love freaking them out-especially the new ones. I stare right through them with a half smile on my face. They can’t stand to look at me for a full 30 seconds, these nurses on suicide watch are weak. They all think I’m a nut job so naturally I give them what they want, for my own entertainment of course when the mood takes me. To them, as long as I’m breathing, not bleeding, or chocking that’s all they care about.

The absence of the  voices in my head allow me to think back clearly to the day. The day my life changed…. I murdered every living member of my immediate family. I go back ten years in my mind to the day I was arrested, and charged with murder as a minor at just 16 years old.

“Sit down, make yourself comfortable.” 

 The Detective said to me as he loosened my handcuffs in interview room 2, at the police station.

”I’m Detective Jones and this is Detective Brown. Today is 27th July 2015, this interview is  being recorded via tape.”

”For the purpose of the tape, please confirm your full name and date of birth?”

“Sophie, Sophie  Lambert born 14.02.99.” I responded.

”And for the purposes of the tape, sir please confirm your name?”

”David Stephens, Sophie’s solicitor- here to protect her rights and interests today while she is interviewed under caution as she’s a minor.” 

‘ Sophie, you’re under the arrest for the murder of your father, mother and younger brothers you do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be used against you as evidence in a court of law. Do you understand?”

I stare at him, smile  sweetly and nod.

”Sophie, what happened tonight? Start from the beginning please.”

“It wasn’t me.”            

”Sophie,  let’s not play games we arrested you with matches and petrol in your hands, it’s all over your clothes you smell like a petrol station. What happened if it was not  you?”

“She told me to,she done it.”


“The voice.”

”What voice?”

”Can’t you hear her? She’s laughing at you Detective Jones.”

I started to laugh along with my voice in my head  at this point, I remember I  pointed at Detective Jones and looked over his shoulder behind him and laughed.

”Sophie, this is not a game… who is SHE and what is her name god damn it. 4 people are dead murdered in a viscous house fire. You were the one at the crime scene with petrol and matches.”

Detective Jones slammed his fist down on the plastic table to punctuate his annoyance with me.

 ”I hear her all the time, only I hear her- she makes me do things .It’s not me she uses my body but it’s not me. She said it was for the best.”

”Sophie, are you saying that you hear actual voices out loud telling you things? Can you clarify this please?”

” Yes.”

I  remember, I stared directly into Detective Jones’ eyes deadly serious with my response. He had heart I gave him that, he never looked away. He wasn’t scared to look into the eyes of a murderer and push them into a confession, all in a day’s work to him I could tell. That pissed me off, he did not believe me, all he wanted was a confession not to help me or see why I really done it. No one believed me not even my parents. I heard these voices all the time for well over a year. No one ever thought to check if I was OK? How I was feeling, why I was crying, harming myself, track marks the length of my full inner arm showed the evidence of how disturbed I was at the time I committed murder. 

I snatched up the cup of water in front of me, and threw it all over Detective Jones and his smug face-ass-hole. Detective Jones jumped up out of his seat, while Detective Brown flew around to my side of the table to  handcuff me. I didn’t protest, I let him have his kick out of  handcuffing a minor 16 year old girl. I looked Jones in the eye, raised an eyebrow and pouted. This guy’s a prick I thought to myself, I decided I no longer liked him he was just like the rest, he didn’t want to help me get better and stop the voices, he wanted me in jail.

”She said you don’t believe me and you’re laughing at me?” I pouted at Detective Jones again and added with a sinister look and low whisper ”She also said… Detective you  were having inappropriate thoughts about me just now. Is that true? I am a minor you know.”

Detective  Jones shook his head and sighed.

” You’re a nut job  kid”

” You need help young lady, I’m ordering a psychiatric report- interview terminated at 21 hundred hours.”

With that Detective Jones, stopped the recording and started to dry his suit down with tissue paper. He leaned in close to me, put his face in mine and looked me dead in the eye, he was so close I smelt the coffee on his breath

” Take a seat, make yourself comfortable (Sophie), I’ll be back in the minute. Young lady you’ll be here for a while.

”F*ck you!”

I spat  at him as he and his side kick Detective Brown walked out of the interview room, leaving me and my solicitor alone. Jones called over his shoulder .

” You’re 16 years old young lady, you better watch that smart mouth of yours!”

I pouted again, and then I heard her  she said ” don’t worry we’ll make sure he gets what’s coming to him.”


Cover Reveal:Calling Romance & Suspense Readers

Good morning  from a sunny 34 degree London!

I hope you’re  well, Mr Romanus has kindly granted me the opportunity, to be a guest author on this wonderful blog we all read.  I really look forward to it. I’d like to take a moment  to grab the attention of all book lovers…. especially romance and suspense readers.

I’m Kim from London, a romance,suspense and crime fiction writer, this September my 1st novel will be published available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and across book stores in the USA.  It’s set in London, France and the UK coast, I’d love to share with you the first 2 chapters (unedited) for FREE, you can download  a copy and read reader’s reviews  here  and reveal the name and cover of my  book which is below. 

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