Hello! I have not been…

Hello! I have not been blogging for a bit over a month…my desktop computer had to make a visit to the “shop” and was not fixable…my laptop (just over a year old) would not hold a charge! Frustrating! I took these computer problems as signs that I needed to slow down and work on more physical therapy. I am still not totally back to my original self after my stroke in August…but I am getting there!

The following is a current post from my blog (kindergartenknowledge.com)…it is the story of a former student from one of my third grade classes. She moved from Vietnam about three weeks before school started that year. This perceptive child gave me the hope and understanding that I needed after we lost our son.

How I Found Peace Through A Note From a Third Grader.


Good Morning! I recently published…

Good Morning! I recently published the following post on my blog….the title is “Worry. When does it overcome you?”. It was written in response to my worry following a seemingly mild stroke that I had in early August. I thought that it might be appropriate to share on Success Inspirers World because of the recent health situation that Ngobesing Romanus has faced. Pat at——————-kindergartenknowledge.com

Worry. When does it overcome you?

Houston, Texas is over 260…

Houston, Texas is over 260 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth, but the sudden uprooting of so many people from their homes makes the distance seem so much closer. I see the pictures and I think…we have driven on that freeway into downtown so very many times. I see a knocked over street sign from Westheimer Road and I wonder if my favorite bookstore is flooded. I see pictures of the flooded Buffalo Bayou and I realize that a friend’s parents lived in the same area. And yet…the resilience of the people is amazing. Please read my thoughts on the hurricane that recently struck Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast areas…kindergartenknowledge.com

Rhyme or Reason Not Apparent on the Texas Gulf Coast. Resilience…Apparent.

Hello! The following post is…

Hello! The following post is about our shortened vacation…without any warning… I had a stroke in the middle of our travels in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Thank you to our God for the mild diagnosis…compared to what it could have been! We are back in Texas and the stroke…just one week ago…has turned our world a bit “topsy-turvy”! Where would we be without our faith?!!! Thank you for reading my post!

Our Vacation Interruption. A Stroke. Surely Not Me.

A heartfelt “Thank You” to…

A heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the friends from around the world who have come my way through kindergartenknowledge.com!! Below is a link to one of my recent posts. I apologize for simply putting a link, but I cannot get my post onto Success Inspirers World in the proper manner. I think that it must be something with my computer or most likely…me!!! I would appreciate any advice you could give me!

A cup of tea. A group of friends. Surely happiness is brewing!