A recent brain+body break & a book review: Be inspired

Hello everyone,

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With Honour and Humilty I accept my poetry award

Oh wow, I did miss blogging but I needed a break. I am convinced we all do every now and then, and each person takes care of themselves the best they can you know. It’s all about striving to be the best version of one’s self – well for that’s that and I need my breaks lol

I got back to some awesome news, my poem ‘Please let me Be’ was selected as 1st Runner Up in the#SIWOPC and I mean this is huge. I wrote this poem with so much soul and am so honoured and humbled.

I hope everyone here has been ok in their world, it is very important to show yourself some self love because you ought to be your own best inspirer.

Have you ever felt like no one wanted you?

I chose to wrap up this month and my mental health advocacy theme with a poem I wrote when a cousin who had been rejected by the family and taken in by me, suddenly became their star because she turned out right after all and was now getting married and settled in her studies and all. People can make poor choices and live in challenging situations, but it is possible that they turn out just right if only we could show them more love and less ‘judgment’, rejection, marginalization and stigmatization.

There was a girl I knew

A difficult Childhood she had

A shaggy life she led

All were getting fed up

Her mama said out you go

And I said in you come

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p.s: Be inspired and motivated everyone, to not only want to turn out right, but to equally do your little mite to help another person turn out right. It could just be with a smile and a stare rid or rejection…

I am so happy I challenged myself to 3 posts a week with SIWO during this month, and I did it hurray…time for a little break…

So far, have you ever met any bad boys?

The following poem is curiously one of my best poems lol. I have met quite a good number of ‘bad boys’  – I mean according to ‘conventional’ standards. But for me an unconventional lady, it’s been one thrilling experience after the other. Maybe it isn’t really the boys who are bad but the way we look at and treat them which is bad? Maybe, they have done something bad, and that is what see and are quick to qualify them as bad? And now you yourself, are you a bad person?

The Bad Boys

Have you ever known any?

When you see them you just know right?

Can any good ever come out of them?

When all you ever hear, read or write about them is bad?

Could they really be born of a woman too?

I have known quiet a few Can’t tell how bad they were Can’t …

Continue reading please, hope we are inspired and motivated at the start of a new week, to work on our perspectives and ‘judgments’

While at it, for those who want to step it to MJ’s epic…

Have you ever broke any taboo?

When I got there

I was scared to go near

I knew it was out of bounds

Heard it belonged to a shaggy fellow


He knew none will dare

offer to clear

all the clutter with any duster

it was an implied taboo to go any near

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p.s: Sometimes in life we are held back from reaching out, loving, helping, sharing, progressing, and much more, all because of some taboo or murmurs accompanied by all the stigma. This poem I wrote shortly after breaking a taboo so close to home. I felt so good and we both felt so good. I am inspired and motivated to challenge all these ‘taboos’ in life – hence I am an ‘unconventional woman’. Hope someone is inspired and motivated in here too to break some damn taboos lol


So, how do you walk your thin rope in this life?


Oh – Hail me silently

Lest your murmurs, distract from my goal

That of walking with balance

The fine thin rope of my life

I jigsaw emotionally and mentally

Before stepping on my fine thin rope

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p.s: Assuming that many of us walk on fine thin ropes sometimes, where we have to balance our steps carefully; anyway I do and on several fronts. Hence I wrote this poem to inspire and motivate myself to keep it up. Hope someone gets inspired and motivated too

Do you embrace your humanity like myself?

Hello all, another week is here. I stay in my mental wellness advocacy realm and want to kick of my sharing this week with a poem I wrote titled: Because I am Human

Because I am human, I have feelings

Because I an human, I have thoughts

Because I am human, I seek to love

Because I am human, I seek to know

Because I am human, I want to be treated as one

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P.S: I think if we all embrace our humanity, it wouldn’t be ok to treat anyone as a less human even if they are going through a mental health crisis or challenge for example – that’s my perception, don’t know what others think