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I started this blog in 2015.  I began my journey of learning and growing much before that.  There were many experiences - good and bad.  These experiences taught me so much about life and living.  Even now I am in the process of exploring and learning many new things and making myself better with each passing day.  All this was not easy  for me as I didn't fit the usual race and was far behind my peers. Like me, I am sure many have similar experiences.  I want to reach out to those people and tell them that everything will eventually fall in place, they just need to hang in there with full faith on themselves.
This blog will have a variety of topics because I want to write about everything that I learn and experience.

Being kind to animals

Dear friends, How are you doing? I am doing good as usual, working on getting better with each passing day. Few days back, I posted something about kindness here. It was inspired by the poem written by Alison. Likewise, many things happen around us that inspire us to do something similar. For example, we see…

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Helping a stranger

Hi friends, When I started my blog, I used to write about the small acts of goodness done by people around me. These acts inspired me to do good as well. They also motivated me to pat my back when I did something good for others as well. Today I decided to share one such…

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How do you stay happy always?

Hi friends, How are you all doing? We are into the last days of January which means by now everybody has fallen into a new routine for 2019 with new goals and new dreams. Recently, I had a phone conversation with a friend who has a very successful (in the usual sense) career and life. …

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A poem on kindness

Hi friends, How are you all doing? I am doing good.  I am enjoying the beginning of this new year with some renewed goals on reading and learning. I enjoy reading, because, whatever I read brings a change in me.  I grow a bit more as a person. Words, I feel have some special magic…

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Habits for a good society.

Hi friends, How are you all doing? I just finished my annual holidays with family and friends and now I am getting back into my routines. Sometime back, I was having some discussion with my husband about certain habits that come naturally to us. After that discussion, I decided to talk to you all about…

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Happy New Year!

Hi friends, A very happy New Year to you, my dear friends! How are you all doing? I know you all must be looking forward to starting this New Year with hopes, dreams and plans. There will be many resolutions made for the new year. I also thought about making some New Year resolutions like…

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