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I am a writer of fiction. My favorite genre is thriller, but I have been known to break into satire.

Storytime with Lucius McCray

Click the link to my YouTube channel and watch an edited version of my livestream from last night. Lucius McCray talks about an Amazon copyright challenge he received on his book, and he tells you a short story from his collection of stories he wrote back in 2017. Enjoy. Storytime with Lucius Advertisements

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Alicia’s Angel

The sun strained to break through the sheer, dingy yellow closed curtains in Aliciaโ€™s bedroom. How she hated their drab color and lack of privacy. Her mother had insisted on that style so Alicia would avoid shutting out the daylight when the curtains were closed to guard against the sunโ€™s heat. The thought of her…

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One Angry Mother

Cyrus’ labored breath and light headiness told him he needed to stop running. The sounds of brush breaking behind him had silenced, but he knew she was back there. He had been a fool to try and approach her children, but he was only trying to take their picture. The youngsters played in the forest,…

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