Light and darkness

Light and darkness;
Are they twin brothers or sisters?
So close they are together;
If you see one, close is the other;
Some people live in abundance;
While others bring light,
Others bring darkness;
While some people give light,
Some people bring darkness;
While some people are light;
Some people are darkness;
After so many years on earth,
What have you brought?
Darkness or light?
My inner voice says light.
What do you like to be?
Darkness or light.



You look so brainy;
But take pictures that are grainy;
On days that are not rainy.
Nobody can buy even for a penny;
Strange you think it’s funny.


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Celebrating people

Noble souls celebrate people;
Great minds celebrate people;
Loving hearts celebrate people;
Shallow minds run down people;
Tiny minds run down people;
Jealous minds run down people.
Where do you belong?
Do you celebrate or run down people?
How do you feel about your answer?
What responsible decision
Do you take in this situation?

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Willy-nilly it came

Willy-nilly, the strike came;
More or less like a game;
But now it appears unstoppable;
To halt it, no body seems capable;
We all groan under its weight;
The nation torn apart by hate;
If we do things willy-nilly,
The road will be hilly.


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Hello, I am Brooke from I have been blogging here for quite a while but I love the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, I am a psychologist and Life Coach and also specialize in The Law of Attraction. I try to post a varied selection of articles for you to enjoy, which I hope you do, come and visit me.

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.26…

Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.26

Our blogger of the day

She has a blog which talks about the glory of God. Let her introduce herself: “We are seekers as well as distributors of the “Pure Glory” of God. The more we seek Him the more we find Him. When we try to purely worship the Father, offering Him what He desires; not just what we want to give, He manifests His pure glory in all the earth.”

I love her company. Each post I read on her site inspires me. I invite you to visit this great blogger of the day.


“Ability is meant to be used to do things not to boast about and do nothing with it. If it is not used it will vanish into thin air and nobody will ever believe that you had ability” Romilia Quotes;

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