I will wait

All day long, I waited;
Moving up and down,
Unable to do a thing,
Because the door
Could not open for me;
I knocked and knocked,
Then realized I had been blocked;
Lack got me blocked;
And then I told myself
There was nothing
I could do,
Other than hold my peace
And wait;
That is what I always do.
I was patient;
I waited;
I will always wait;
When things don’t go
As I desire them to go.
I know the value of patience.


Thanking God for the journey

At the start of this journey
Almighty God and father,
We begged you
To help us have a safe journey;
Here we are at the end
Of our journey,
It’s been safe;
And I thank you O God,
For your kindness;
Many people who set out
To travel like me
At the same time,
Have not arrived;
We have not done anything
To merit your favour;
But you have been so kind
To us.
Thank you, O God!
Thank you a million times.
May your name be glorified!

Prayer for a safe journey

God our father,
Thank you for the opportunity to travel;
Thank you for my traveling companions,
Thank you for the driver,
I pray O Lord, that you take control of this bus,
And our journey;
Be our driver;
Guide him to drive us safely;
Remove all obstacles from the road,
So that our journey may go smoothly.
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

Prayer for protection

May the Good Lord
Provide you a safety armor,
To protect you
From any arrows
That may be aimed at you!
May he shield you
From all your enemies!
May all verbal attacks
At you come to naught!
May your journey
Be a joyful one!
May your family
And neighbours,
And all dear ones
Whom you have left behind
Be divinely protected
As they move about,
And as they sleep;
May you have reason
Throughout your stay away
From your home
To sing praise to God!

Don’t run away

Don’t run away
When the task at hand
Is difficult;
Don’t run away
When challenges
Raise their ugly heads
And stare at you
Straight in the eyes;
Don’t run away
When rain starts to pour
And you and you have
No umbrella;
Don’t run away
When you are required
To make an effort
But you find it difficult;
Don’t run away
And try to cover yourself
With excuses.
Excuses don’t solve any problem;
Instead they complicate them.
Don’t run away;
You will often be tempted
To run away;
But, you mustn’t;
Please, don’t run away.

Life After death

Don’t be the greatest fool ever;
The greatest fool
Who ever lived;
And anyone who lives
Ohnly for now
And cares less about eternity;
How foolish is such a one!
To say there is no eternity
Because you don’t understand
Is foolishness of the top rank;
Who knew there was
A world like ours
Before they came to live here?
You found yourself here;
And you will find yourself leaving at a time you least expected;
Or desired;
My friend,
Be wise and accept
What millions have believed
Down the centuries:
That there is life after death;
Maybe you died in one world
Before you were born
Into this world;
What stops you
From being born
Into another world
When you die and leave
This world?
There’s life after life.
Or should I say
I believe in life after death?