Waste not your vote

When you caste your vote
On voting day,
For a president,
Do so wisely;
Vote for a candidate
Who will deliver the goods;
Not a fake candidate;
Make a wise choice;
Waste not your vote
Can you guess the one
I won’t vote for?
A fake politician;
Whom I know will fail woefully;
Will be mercilessly thrashed
By his rival;
A candidate who’s not worth his salt;
Who, though he may call himself
A consummate leader;
Is not better than
A primitive village chief;
Some make themselves fools
By sheepishly following such,
I wouldn’t do anything
Of the sort;
Will he deliver what he promises to deliver?
He never will;
If he pledges not to let us down,
To make us great;
It will be a sweet melody
In your ear;
But will he make us great?
He will let us down;
Soil us;
Make us mean;
And others will look down
On us;
We become the laughing stock
Of our day;
See them make a mockery
Of us;
Should we continue
To trust him?
To hold him in high esteem?
To follow him?
And stand by him?
Wouldn’t that be damn stupid?
You do not trust someone
Who doesn’t have any reason to be trusted;
Someone who isn’t serious;
Someone who is dishonest;
Someone who’s dubious;
If I were you,
I wouldn’t be duped
A second time.
One would be a fool
To be duped
By the same person,
On the same issue,
I can assure you,
He will fail woefully.
Waste no time with him!
Mind you!
We are in the realm of politics;
But everything should not go;
Let us not sacrifice our cherished valves
On a fake altar of
Our country first.
Let false promises not derail us.
We should not lose focus!


This is shining time

Trying times, these times
We are waddling through;
A challenging era
For a long time not known;
Which, interesting to say, offers a great opportunity
To shine;
It’s time to shine;
If not like the sun,
Like a star or the moon;
Glimmer, glow and radiate;
I urge you to do just that;
And don’t wait;
You don’t have any reason
Not to glimmer on the hill;
Begin to shine now
And be a star;
Make sure you shimmer
And glitter so,
The utmist you can be;
Light the lamp in you;
And put it on a lamp stand;
So it may shine,
And give out light
To illuminate all the world;
Yes, my friend, shine!
If you don’t light your lamp,
Switch on the meter;
Because it’s time to shine;
If you squander such a chance,
You will always live to regret;
Beam your light!
Brightly so;
It’s time to dazzle
The best you can.
For this is shining time.

Don’t sink your boat

If you hear me speaking
The truth,
Don’t be hard on me;
I’m talking from my heart;
Saying what I know
And also what I believe;
I cannot do otherwise;
Know the truth
And say something else
Is a mortal sin;
And to know the truth
And stay quiet;
Would mean
Being an accomplice, of course;
Where then shall be your conscience?
Truth must be told;
However bitter it may be;
And that’s what I am doing;
Exactly what they taught us;
Though now, what they do,
Is the direct opposite of that;
Quite hard to believe,
The same people
Who swore by the truth,
Saying nothing was more
Than the truth;
Now swear by lies;
Lies-telling, is now
Their stock in trade;
That’s hard to enter my skull;
The truth is,
Only the truth
Shall set us free;
Lies will roast us;
Or chain and imprison us;
That is what I know;
Lies will sink us;
Only the truth
Will set us free;
That alone will save us.
Those who tell lies
To amass a fortune
Are not rising but sinking;
Better to be poor
Than rich through
Unscrupulous means.
I know a man with
A very fat head,
Who is fabulously rich;
But do you know
How he got his fortune?
Through foul means;
His is dirty money;
Acquired through unclean means;
Not as you would get
Through the sweat of your brow;
Such is the wealth
That in the end, sinks you.
So when you look at him
And see a highly successful man,
Call it the epitome of success,
What I see is a drowning man;
I like you to know
As it has been said
Over and over,
All that glitters is not gold.
And not all gold glitters.
You sink your own boat
When you go for dirty fortune.

A prayer for the world

Almighty God,
We thank you for the gift of all the continents of the world;
Thank you for the different people
And different races;
We pray for all people
Of the world,
Especially the people
Of America;
This great country
That is facing trying times
Like many other countries;
Injustice, and racial discrimination are having their toll on them;
We have seen violent demonstrations
Which have placed the country in very bad shape;
And people have lost their lives;
Insecurity is rife;
We pray you O Lord,
To help this country;
We commit her poor leadership into your hands;
Grant them the wisdom
To be just,
To get rid of racial discrimination;
To inspire her leader to rule with love and fairness;
The corona virus pandemic
Has not spared this country;
Thousands have been infected;
And the statistics keep rising;
Many have already died;
Many more are expected to die;
You alone have the solution to this problem;
We pray O Lord that you save the people of America from this deadly disease.
We pray for our brothers and sisters in this country;
They are facing tough times
Because of the incompetent leader the country has;
They have an important election coming up;
They will be going to the polls;
They will be voting
To choose someone
To lead them for the next four years;
We know the two candidates
Contesting for this position;
Father, you know everything;
You know the one that is better
Than the other;
You know the danger
That one poses;
You know the trouble
That this country is passing through;
For four years, she has had the poorest leadership in her history;
We pray you to give them a leader who will save the country from going deeper into trouble.
Because what happens here affects other countries;
As we pray for them,
We also pray for all other countries;
We oray for all people
Who are suffering from bad leadership;
Remove bad leaders from power;
And put good ones who will rule according to your will;
Save the world
From covid 19;
We also pray for ourselves;
Our problems are many;
We pray you to help us overcome them;
They are many and more than us;
But with you, nothing is difficult;
Only say the word and we will have what is good for us;
Wipe our tears;
Make us stop crying;
Remove greedy people from power
Wherever you find them;
Make truth and justice prevail;
Put an end to hunger,
All the trouble caused by poverty and greed;
Wipe out evil and let good reign;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord,

I have always known

I have always known,
That what God wills for you
Is yours;
What God never wills for you
Will never be yours

I have always known,
That every day cannot be great;
Some days are great,
Some days are not;
That is important to know.

I have always known;
That the day you expect
To be a great day,
May not be a great day;
The day you don’t expect
To be a great day
May be the one
That turns out to be great.

That is life;
I have always known;
It’s hard to understand;
At times you think you have understood,
Just to turn around
To find you have not.
That God alone understands it.

I have always known,
We are just swimming
At the surface of the stream.
What lies deep below,
Is much unknown to us;
Everyday, new things
The Almighty God reveals
To us.

I have always known;
What we know
Is what God wants us to know;
It’s not by our power.
It’s by His power.
And His power alone.
What comes to you
In this world,
Is by God’s power.

I have always known,
That what God wills for you
Is yours.
What he doesn’t, is not;
That, I have always known.

Are Americans hypnotized?

American Presidential election,
Where gone is the respect
That America enjoyed in the world?
What happened to the leader of plant earth?
Fallen from ivory tower to a hut?
Are Americans hypnotized?
Are there Americans
Who will vote for Donald Trump
Come November?
Trump for a second term in the White House!
That would be magic, wouldn’t it?
If there are people to vote for old Donald,
As I hear some say they will,
Are they sane or hypnotized?
I beg to know,
It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?
Are there people in America
Who love the ways of Donald Trump?
Who genuinely love the ways of Donald Trump?
After all that he does?
I mean who sincerely love the man’s leadership?
If there are,
Are they okay?
I beg to know;
If you are a supporter of Trump,
I plead with you not to be angry with me
But to take time and explain to me what you like about him;
If there are people in America
Who are fighting for Trump,
To be reelected president,
I really wish to know
If they know what that means:
Another four years in office;
How many people will he destroy again?
How much harm will he do?
How much damage to the reputation of his country?
Tell me if this man’s supporters are fine;
I can’t just imagine they are;
That someone with a sound mind
Would freely caste his vote
For someone so unstable;
So inconsistent;
So unreliable;
So unpredictable;
So incompetent,
Like Donald Trump for the oval office;
A man who, any time, can compose
The nuclear code
And before the world knows
What is going on,
He has wiped out all of humanity!
I can’t imagine
That people would vote
For someone so unscrupulous!
Who values money so much,
And prefers it to people;
It bids my imagination
That he has a single soul supporting this man’s haphazard leadership;
I am tempted to think
That something is wrong.
Are the great American people confused or charmed?
Who says Americans
Are not hypnotized?
How can a sane man
Who values democratic principles
Support a man who wants to destroy democracy?
A man who does not respect human rights;
A man who looks down on women;
A man who hates people
Who do not have the same skin color like him;
When we said it before 2016,
Some did not listen;
And said we were globalists;
Some said the man was God sent;
That he would make America great again;
Has he made America great again?
Who is proud of America today?
He has made America small;
Smaller than it has ever been;
He has rubbed America in mud;
Brought shame to a great nation;
We need somebody
To save America from perdition;
America is on the decline.
The writing is on the wall:
Like one man,
All Americans must say no
To the man who wants to destroy their great country;
To err is human;
To forgive, divine.
But to allow a serpent
To sting you twice
Is an error
Only a fool can commit;
You made a colossal mistake
In 2016;
This is not a time
To repeat that monumental mistake;
The world can forgive you
For that first time;
But don’t expect it a second time;
You will be the laughing stock
Of the world.
Poor great America
On decline!
How can brilliant America,
Great America,
Mighty America
Be duped
By one foolish man?
Ronald Regean’s America;
Barack Obama’s Anerica;
John F. Kennedy’s America;
Bill Clinton’s America;
What would Abraham Lincoln say
If he came back to life today;
If all the great leaders
That America has known,
came back to life today,
To see what they sweated to build,
So rubbed in mud!
Poor great America on decline!
Some Americans have been hypnotized.

The decline of America

America will not trump the world,
The world is trumping America;
People whisper here and there,
The decline of America;
America, are you aware?
America, the world’s watching;
The world is watching you;
Yes, many are waiting;
To see what you do;
And where you go;
Which direction you will take;
It is no joking matter,
Instead, it is a serious one;
The world is watching to see
If you are going left
Or you are going right;
If you’re a consistent people;
Or a contradictory people;
Are you true to yourselves
Or taken to double standards?
Shall America be great again?
What is your watch word?
Excellence or anything goes?
Look at your flag!
With all it colours;
Does it make you proud;
What’s gone wrong with you?
You are not the people I knew;
You were the best;
And stood for the best,
In every field;
Your leaders led the world;
And were your pride;
Admired by all the world;
That no more;
What an embarrassment today they are!
The world is watching you, America;
All the world is keenly watching you;
Shall you prefer madness
To sanity come November?
I see the polls,
And can’t believe
That in this country
Of highly learned men and women,
Of great intellectuals,
Great men and women of wisdom,
You still find people
Who like blind men,
Fall into the dragnet of insanity;
Are you being tempted, America?
Like Jesus Christ was
In the wilderness?
Land of men of honour,
And women of substance,
The world is watching you;
Don’t let anyone start
To say on the decline
Is the world’s leading power;
Yes, are we witnessing something;
It looks like
The decline of America.

The treasure of tomorrow

What is the treasure of tomorrow?
The young are tomorrow’s jewel;
Our progeny, our gold;
They are our hope,
And our pride;
With energy and enthusiasm
They bustle;
A blessing is our offspring;
If you want them to grow,
That is laudable, indeed;
Then you go ahead and help;
Do something to keep them up;
Do what you should do;
Give them a chance;
You owe them a duty to do so;
To facilitate;
Above all,
Do not stand on their way;
You cannot do that;
If you do, it will be sinful;
You will be
A barrier to their growth.
Which is contradictory by itself;
But, you know,
The young are meant to grow;
Once you’re born,
You haven’t a choice
But to grow;
Yes, they must grow;
Give the young a chance to grow;
The young want their chance
To grow;
Make our treasure
Of tomorrow realize
The fullness of their being.

Take the road to Paradise

Take the road to Paradise;
If it is Paradise you seek,
Miss not your way;
If we want to go to heaven,
Take the road that leads there;
What is it most in life
You cherish?
Heavenly riches or
Earthly possessions?
Where sits your heart,
What is your priority;
Are you focused
On earthly wealth
Or on heavenly treasures?
That’s where sits your life;
On that foundation
On which you build
The edifice of your life,
Shall your life stand;
I shall build mine
On a bedrock.
The foundation
Of the Word of God;
I shall seek first,
The kingdom of God;
And can you guess what?
Eternity will be my reward;
“All these other things
Shall be added unto you”;
Thus, teaches the Bible.
When you seek God,
The King of the universe,
Surely you find;
And when you find God,
Abundantly, he rewards you.
No one seeks God
And does not find,
And no one who finds him
Ever goes empty handed.
The best choice to make,
Is to take the road
To Paradise.
It will be rough
With bumps and potholes;
But leads to the best
Anyone can ever desire:
God’s heavenly kingdom.

Why do you hate Trump?

Why hate Trump for nothing?
I don’t hate Trump at all;
I don’t dislike him the least;
Don’t think I do;
Yes, I often raise my voice,
To talk about what he does;
But it’s never against him;
It’s against what he does;
Or what he has done;
What he continues to do;
I do talk against injustice,
Not against a race;
I do talk about evil;
Not against a social class;
I do talk abuse of power;
Not about a person;
I fo talk against policies
That are destructive;
Where I find injustice,
I cannot be silent;
If I am silent,
I am an accomplice;
Conscience demands
That I raise my voice high;
Where I find abuse of human rights,
I raise my voice high;
Where I find the voiceless,
I raise my voice high,
As the voice of the voiceless;
I can’t close my lips
When things go wrong;
I do crusade for justice;
That none cheats another;
Why should a human cheat another human like him?
Why should a human
Trample on another human?
Why should s human
Exploit another human?
Should one do it
And go free?
The world has everything;
It has enough for everyone;
So live and let live;
Equal opportunities,
Needed for all;
Enough resources
Available for everyone;
Why treat some citizens
As second class citizens?
Is their skin colour their doing?
That is incorrect;
And unacceptable;
And you will pay the price;
If you shake a bee hive;
Bees will sting you;
Be ready for them;
Don’t think I hate Trump;
I don’t hate Trump;
I hate wrong ways;
Don’t think I hate Trimp,
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you want to know
What I hate?
What I hate is lies;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you want to know
What I hate?
What I hate is
Poor leadership;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader has no program for leadership;
And leads like a village chief;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader
Dismisses collaborators at random;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate to find people who are in leadership today,
behind the bars tomorrow;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader
Is a danger to humanity;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody is dishonest;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody destroys
All those who oppose him;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody hates others;
I do not hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody says
Nasty things about others;
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody has vaulting ambition;
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate the idea of a dangerous leader being reelected;
I do not hate rump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate the possibility of the nuclear code in the hands
Of someone unpredictable;
I fear to think of it.
Do you see my worries?
I like Trump;
But I hate when someone poses a danger;
I hate when someone
Has no place for honesty in his world;
I do not hate Trump;
I have no problem with him;
What I hate is crookedness.
Amassing illegal wealth;
Dictatorship in disguise.
We don’t have a right
To hate anyone;
But we have a right
To hate their wrongs.
If you ask why I hate Trump,
I tell you, I don’t;
And never will;
But I hate what is wrong
No matter who does it.