Love of my life

I am happy that I know you;
Since the day I set eyes on you
For the very first time,
Things have not been the same
Again for me;
My life has been different;
The reason is I love you;
My love for you has changed
Everything in my life;
I am now as happy as I ever
Could be;
I go to bed with peace
In my heart;
And very soundly,I sleep
I look forward to each new day
Because I know I will meet you;
I can never thank God enough,
For the day I met you.
You are my love;
The love of my heart;
You are the love of my life.


Are you interested in building a fortune?

Are you interested
In building a fortune?
If you are,
I congratulate you;
I am interested myself;
And it’s a good thing
To do;
A fortune is not a bad idea;
Build a fortune
If you can;
You will always have
Good use for it;
Look for ways
To build your fortune;
Do well
To build your fortune.
A fortune is not a bad thing;
A fortune is a good thing.

If it starts…

Don’t you see?
Everything that starts
Has an end;
Don’t you see?
That ends has a start;
If it starts,
Know that it will end;
And if it ends,
Know that there was a start.
No matter how hopeless
A situation may look,
Have hope;
Its end will come;
It will not be forever;
By the same token;
No matter how good things
May be,
They will come to and end.
Thus, you have no reason
To despair.