Tell me something

I like you to tell me
Something beautiful
Like a flower;
Can you guess what?
Tell me something
That will help me;
You know something
That can help me;
I don’t know what
It is,
But I know you have
Something beautiful
Like a flower,
Which can help me;
Tell me!
Make a contribution;
Coming here is a great
Contribution, I know,
But you have more;
That’s what
I am talking about.
You get my point?
Tell me something
That will help me
To help others;
Which is what I am
Here for.
Help me to help others;
I can’t do it alone;
Tell me something beautiful
Like a flower,
That can help me
Help others and you.


Are you out to inspire?

If you are out to inspire,
That is lofty to me;
If you are out to entertain,
That is also lofty to me;
If you’re out to educate,
That is lofty to me;
If you’re out to help,
That is lofty to me;
If you’re out to encourage,
I find that equally lofty;
And do you know what?
You are an amazing blogger;
And you can find a place
In Success Inspirers World;
A place for amazing bloggers;
We all meet here
Where we find other people
Like us;
If you’re not yet part
Of this world,
Hasten up!
This is the place to be.

Good News!

There is good news for you;
Don’t take it lightly;
You will have a great day;
That is the good news
I have for you;
What could be better!
Good things will happen to you;
And you will have a happy day;
This will be so under only
One condition:
That you believe it will be so;
If you believe, it will be;
If you don’t believe, it won’t;
The choice is all yours.
Isn’t that great news?
It is;
And bravo!

Hard work pays

Whether hard work pays
Or it doesn’t pay,
I will work hard;
I don’t know any other way
To win big;
I will work from morning
Till evening;
That is the best way
I know to succeed;
I will sometimes work
All day and all night;
If I try and don’t succeed,
I will not be discouraged;
I will put in more effort;
And I know I will succeed;
And succeed big.
To me, hard work really pays.

Lies to reject

Your dreams are unattainable;
Stop dreaming big;
You are a loser;
You will never win;
You can never be the best;
Everyone is better than you;
You are not smart;
Success is not for people like you;
You are doomed to be poor;
Stop trying; you cannot make it;
Never take a risk;

Can you think of other lies to reject? Share them in the comment box.

Talk and listen

It is not at all
That one must talk;
Neither is it
On every occasion
That one must make
One’s voice heard;
At certain times,
It is better to be
Than to talk;
Everyone cannot talk
At the same time;
Some will talk
And some will listen;
To know when to talk
And when only to
Is wisdom
You need to get.

One-sided love

If you have experienced
One-sided love, share your Experience with us;
What do you do
When you are a victim
Of one-sided love?
You love
And are dying of love
But the other person
Doesn’t care,
What do you do?
It hurts, doesn’t it?
But what do you do?
Imagine you are ready
To die for some body;
You are doing everything
To win that person’s heart
But the person doesn’t care;
What do you do?
That is the question;
That is where we are?