Quote (do it)

“Don’t say you cannot do it just because no one has ever done it. Why not be the first to do it?” (Romilia Quotes)


I don’t mind mistakes

Talking about mistakes,
I don’t mind mistakes;
I don’t let mistakes
Be an impediment;
I don’t think too much
About mistakes;
Not that I don’t care;
I do care about mistakes;
But I don’t carry them
On my head;
I don’t fear making mistakes;
I don’t worry about mistakes;
I don’t fume about mistakes;
What I do is
I do what has to be done;
I do it the best I can;
And if in doing it,
I makes mistakes,
I let it be;
I correct them and
I move on;
Who does not make mistakes?
We all do;
And if you don’t make mistakes,
You don’t grow.
You don’t worry about mistakes;
Instead, thank God for them
And use them to grow.
Often, and this is for
Those who know,
Mistakes are
A tremendous blessing
In disguise.
Salute mistakes;
Embrace mistakes;
And grow through your mistakes.

Big lessons indeed

You night gave read the thought I shared on the story of David and Goliath. It’s a big lesson, indeed. It says it is looking for and beating a giant that will give you fame not crushing a fly. This is exact.

The story of David and Goliath is a rich story with many lessons.

It also teaches other lessons:

  1. Size is not what matters in life. A small person can defeat a fat one;
  2. A young person can do better than an older one.
  3. What looks impossible may actually be possible;
  4. You don’t win a fight, a competition or a war before you ahead of it but after.
  5. Don’t boast, you may he disgraced;
  6. When God is fighting on your side, victory is guaranteed; nobody can defeat you;
  7. With God many things that look impossible are possible;
  8. You never can know what you can do until you try;
  9. Don’t fear to risk.
  10. Have the courage to dare.
  11. The race is not for the sweet
  12. Pride goes before a fall.
  13. Your challenge maybe your opportunity.
  14. These are definitely not all the lessons that this story teaches.

Can you think of another lesson or other lessons?

Which lesson means most to you?

I value you

I value you;
Isee how caring you are;
I am more than impressed;
I thank God from my heart,
For his kind gift of you
To me;
When my spirits are down,
You are there to raise them;
When I feel discouraged,
You are there to encourage me;
When my legs are weary
And I can walk no more,
You are there to hold my hand;
When the river is full
And hard for me to swim across,
You are there to give me a hand;
When you see me drowning,
You are there to rescue me;
Always, you are there for me.
Indeed, you are so caring.
You are precious to me.
I value you.