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Your reward will be equivalent

You are asking for Many things today; How many things Have you given To others today? You want someone To smile to you Today, To how many people Have you Smiled today? You are expecting Many acts of kindness From others today, How many acts of kindness Have you given out to Others today? Take…

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Greatness from humility

It is humility that gives greatness;Greatness comes from humility;The humble best recognize the awesomnessOf the Almighty Creator;And give him the glory he is due,Reaping, therefrom, abundant rewards;The haughty believe in their power aloneTo achieve the success they desire;The humble knowThere is a God so mighty they are insignificantIn relation to him;ย The humble do not boast…

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Do you believe in despair?

Do you believe in despair?I don't believe in despair;It means giving up completely;Admitting that there is no way out:I am not for that;I can never be for that:There is always a way out;And you can always turn tearsInto laughter.Or a dark day into a bright day;Hence, when sorrow comes,Look for how to get the best…

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Quote (dishonest people)

I “If the world is beset by problems, one reason is there are so many dishonest people. In fact, many of the world’s people cannot be trusted. They tell lies without blinking. There are a lot of good people though; but the evil ones seem to exert more influence than the good ones. That is…

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