Honing your writing skills

How much time do you give yourself, To fashion and hone your language skills? Do you spend enough time to master The delicate craft of writing? An important matter to think about If you want to articulate with dexterity; To be a great writer is a worthwhile exercise; But not a bed of roses, nor a day’s job; See how beautifully the great writers do it; Like they were savoring a delicious meal, Take a look at the crisp lines of La Belle Vie; See how charmingly the writer writes; It is eloquent and flowery; And once you start to read, You have no desire to come to a stop; You become so engrossed; You want it to bury yourself in it forever; You wish it had not come to an end; It flows like a spring on a hillside, Sweet like the product of bees called honey; When you finally turn the last page, You hate that it has come to an end; So well the writer has fine tuned her skill, A thing to everyone I strongly recommend; Language has such amazing power; The more you master it, The more power you wield; Reason you must take time and master Your writing skills; So that you may write like the masters And hold the world in your palms. I got inspiration for this post from the blog La Belle Vie by Sarah. This brilliant blogger has impressed me with her writing style. Reading Immigration Brouhaha and Budget trip to the French Riviera (Nice), l was moved to write on writing.


A story to read. I can feel how you must have felt.

La Belle Vie...

…Hmmm guys, today’s post is not one with a happy ending either, neither do I have nice photos to share because the trip never happened since I got bounced at the border of a country I least expected HaHaHa! You can’t even guess…. OK GUESS! It’s Croatia!!!

I really don’t intend to underestimate Croatia, I mean I tried visiting the country, but imagine Croatia of all places bounced me at the border control.

It was a long 3-day weekend, so we thought why not discover Zagreb?!  it was supposed to be a fun trip with some friends from work. I was all hyped and certainly, it was gonna be awesome. The usual hype of a road trip, everything seemed to be going fine until we arrived at the border. It was time for passport check and all, as a frequent traveler I had no iota of doubt since I “thought”…

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This is wonderful. Love it. Bravo!

Payal Dutta


“What took you long?”

“Finding you.”

In the bright darkness, we met each other finally. It seemed to me like we aged neverFitting perfectly in each other, the twists and turns were smoothest this time.

“How did you find me?”

“So desired Richard’s will.”

“So you’ve been staying with Charles all these days?”

“He recently broke his leg.”

There was an awkward silence in the room for a few minutes. Then our conversation continued.

“I stayed with Richard most of the time. He treated me like his only possession. Unwilling to depart from me ever.”

“What then?”

“Cancer, they said.”


“Charles knew about me. He knew how possessive Richard was about me. He waited for him to die.”

“So he broke all ties and let him die?”

“He did. Charles broke Richard’s trust many a times before. Richard left Charles with nothing but me. From…

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This is what SIWO received today. WAO! THANK YOU ALL!

Hello friends! With you, we made it big. Monday was our biggest day in almost a year.

And all because of sweet people that you are. Bravo! Thank you!

Your blog, Success Inspirers’ World, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 183 hourly views – 43 hourly views on averageA spike in your stats

Men’s Day not yet finished

The celebration of
The International Men’s Day
Is not yet finished;
By the way, have you already
Spoiled me with a gift?
If you have,
Take a hug;
If you haven’t’ I am waiting;
Still waiting;
Take your time,
And remember what I said
About offering the kind
Of gift the receiver
Will appreciate.
Do you know the gift I will
Help to bring more traffic
A reblog;
A comment;
These are my best gifts.

Thanks in advance for generosity.🙏🙏🙏

I will seek the Lord

I will seek the Lord,
As you advise,
I will seek him with all
My heart;
I will stay in his company;
I will enjoy his love
And care;
Isn’t that what you just
Asked me to do?
I will do as you say:
I will obey;
‘Cause what you say is right;
I will wait for him
To invite me
To his banqueting table;
I got all your words;
And I am doing exactly
As you say.
Thanks for being the light,
And showing the way
That we may safely travel;
To eternal joy!

This has been written with inspiration from Feasting at the Kings table as his child by Hazel Straub published on Pure Glory blog. You may also like Surrender and Trust God.

Feasting At The King’s Table As His Child

Beautiful and True.

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Once you enjoy God’s love, you will never be the same. Come into his presence with thankfulness in your heart. Seek him with all your heart and cry out to him. He will meet you and invite you to his banqueting table to feast and enjoy his presence. The former shame, barrenness and reproach will leave, because you are a child of the king, feasting at the table with him. He gives you a new identity and his love and acceptance is the only thing that matters. Enjoy!

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I feel boosted

Your words of encouragement

Have greatly boosted me;

I feel like going out

To start to fly;

Do you know how inspiring

Your words are?

Keep saying those uplifting words

To pull people out of

Their comfort zones,

To dash out

And conquer the world. (Inspired by the post Personal Excellence published on Popsicle Society by Romania’s Ribana.

Personal excellence

This encourages me greatly.

Popsicle Society

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Confucius

I know, I know….it’s Monday again, which means back to work again. Monday can have a really bad effect on us, that Monday blues…

But one thing that Monday cannot do is to stop us, to stop our desire to succeed. And this desire is much bigger than the Monday blues…So don’t feel saddened, think about the things that you enjoy doing at work and go out there and get the work done, you can do it. Be positive and start the week with an attitude of gratitude. Your Monday will be a better day.

Just go with the flow, Monday blues, Personal excellencePhoto credit: Pexels

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