The Giant of Africa

The giant of Africa;
That’s what I want
To talk about;
This great country
Wherein everything
Is found;
That giant is called
Real Africa in miniature;
A force to reckon with;
Hail you Nigeria;
Forward ever!


I live in hope

I live in hope
For the best;
I live in hope,
That what is mine
Will come to me;
I live in hope,
That God will provide
All my needs;
I live in hope
That the best
Will come to me
When it’s time.
I live in hope
I know hope
Will not fail me.

Tears in my eyes

A lot of tears in me;
Am I a real man?
When I am too moved,
Tears fill my eyes;
I just read a story
That touched my heart,
And tears filled
My eyes;
Emotional, indeed, I am:
What do I do about
These tears?
Tears, tears;
Even when I see something
So beautifully done,
You see the tears flowing;
Am I a man or a woman?
Do real men cry?
Who can do something about
My t aears?
I want to be a real man.

If you don’t act…

If you don’t act,
You will never succeed,
Success comes through
What we do;
You have to act;
And if you act
And don’t fail,
You will succeed;
No action, no success;
Act and act and act;
That gives you a chance
To succeed;
You get the point?
Only action brings results;
No action,
No results.
Act and act now;
Not tomorrow;
Start acting now.

Tribute to WordPress

Success Inspirers’ World;
If not of WordPress,
You would not have been;
You are here because WordPress
Is there;
This formidable
Blogging platform;
That takes bloggers
From zero to heros;
Thank you WordPress,
For being there for us;
May you continue
To grow
From strength to strength
As you build many more
To succeed like you;
Thank you for offering
Success Inspirers’ World
The opportunity to be
What she is today;
You are a great blogging
You are simply the best.

Where I see you in the years ahead

Do you know
Where I see you standing
In the years ahead?
Try to guess;
I see you somewhere far:
I see you standing at the top;
Right at the top;
Is that okay for you?
That is what I dream
For you:
To get right to the top;
Why not?
Others are doing it;
Why not you?
They are not more talented
Than you;
Are they more brilliant
Than you?
If they can do things
You can’t do,
You can do things
They can’t do.
The equation is balanced.
So my friend,
Start now to move
To where you ought to be
Which is the top.

Take my word

Don’t fear;
Don’t doubt;
You can.
Take my word.