To my Indian friends

I love you, my Indian friends;
How can I not love you?
You are so good; so sweet;
Such lovely hearts you have;
Each time I turn around,
I find one or two or more
Of you by me, with a smile;
Beautiful women and handsome men
You are;
India, your lovely country is today,
My dream destination;
Your great country should be proud of you;
Thank you, sweet Indian friends;
Do stand always by me
Even when I am not so nice;
I love you!

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Romilia Quotes Vol. 2.7

“A lot of people rely on impressions. Don’t rely too much on impressions. Often they deceive. The warrior who talks loudest and claims to be the strongest may not be the one who wins the contest or who becomes the champion. What the eyes see may be far off the reality.”


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First impressions

During one of my lessons on success, I learned that first impressions are very important; that you must make sure you make a great first impression on the people you meet so as to win them to your side.

I do agree with this. There are some people who impress you the first time you meet them and that impression never leaves you. What this means is the impression we create on people everyday is very important. Whoever we meet, wherever we go, whatever we do, it is important that we make a great impression.

If we take blogging as an example, the first impression you get about a blog or a blogger determines whether you will come back to that blog or not. If you are highly impressed, the likelihood is that you will come back. If you are not impressed during your first visit, you may go for good.

Thus, first impressions are very important. Make sure you are making the best impression of yourself to people you meet for the first time. Make your first presentation on stage the best and why not confirm it at every opportunity?


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Tears flow in Manchester

Who would have imagined?
That tears would flow so much in Manchester?
So unexpected they came;
Through the backdoor,
Where the devil slipped in;
And before anyone was aware
He had accomplished his devilish mission,
Bringing darkness unto Manchester;
Lives were lost;
Hearts broken;
A flow of sorrow never before known
In this city of love and solidarity.
A worthless soul;
Driven by evil,
Better not to have been born,
Plucked off lives so young; so sweet.
Manchester was broken but not crushed;
Manchester moves on.

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What I hate

What I hate is someone who gives the impression that he or she is good when, in fact, he or she is very bad. Many of us, unfortunately, are like this. We go about giving the impression that we are angels when we are devils. Isn’t this the case when a young man who poses like a responsible gentleman bombs and kills innocent children?

I think it is criminal to give an impression of what one is not especially when it is the impression of being good. A lot of young people do this when they meet the girl or boy they adore. They will give the impression of being good just to win the other’s love and confidence and maybe hand in marriage. After the marriage has been contracted, the real person will emerge and become unbearable.

We have to be careful when we deal with people otherwise we go away with the wrong impression about them and thus take a decision which will hurt us in future.


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It’s scary

All four compete
To control the world;
Everywhere people live in fear;
Insecurity is so much;;
Hatred and wickedness abound.
It’s scary, isn’t it?

#fear, #hate, #insecurity, #poem, #wickedness