The greatest man who ever lived

Once, there lived a great man;
Who came into the world,
Not for himself but for others.
He lived not for himself
But for others;
He died a difficult death not for himself
But for others;
Do you know who this man was?
He is the greatest man who ever lived;
The best man to walk the face of the earth;
The most talked about man;
Adored and written about,
More than anyone else;
Is he not a wonderful man?
Tell me if you know the man;
And say just what you know of him.



If you want to succeed in this world, beware of temptation!

Many of us fall into temptation rather easily, don’t we? We do; and this creates many problems for us. You have to learn not to fall into temptation otherwise you destroy yourself very easily.

Temptation is the work of the devil. It is the devil’s trap. Through temptation the Devil wants to defeat God and destroy the world. Each time you allow yourself to fall into temptation, you join the devil to destroy good in the world, destroy the world, and destroy yourself.

The Devil is very intelligent; and uses that intelligence only for evil. What he does is to cover his evil plan with a coat that looks very attractive. It is like you dig a pit for your enemy to fall into it but you cover it with beautiful cloth and place an attractive chair on it. When your enemy sees it, he will be attracted to it thinking it is something very good. When he goes to sit on it, he will find himself down in the pit, perhaps never to come out again.

You have to watch out for anything that looks very attractive. In as much as it may be God’s hand work, it may also be the devil’s trap for you. The devil may be lurking around the corner watching to see you fall into it and then he will carry you away into his kingdom as a new catch.

Wherever God is the devil is lurking around wanting to snatch somebody away. He wants to snatch you by tempting you; showing you something that looks very attractive. He wants to entice you.

Temptation is an enemy to success. If you want to succeed, beware of temptation. Many have been destroyed because they failed to stand tall against temptation.

God promises us help in the face of all temptation. Each time you feel tempted, it’s the devil chasing you; run to God for protection.

On whose side are you?

On whose side are you? Are you on God’s side or on Devil’s side?

God wants you to do good. Devil wants you to do evil. Each time you do good, you are on God’s side. God wins one victory over Devil. Each time you do evil, you cross over to Devil’s side. Devil wins one victory over God.

God wants you to use money for good. He actually uses money for good. Each time you use money for good, God wins one battle against Devil.

Devil wants you to use money for evil. He actually uses money to cause evil. Each time you use money for evil, Devil wins one battle over God.

You have to ask yourself the question: “Am I using money to make God win or to make Devil win? Am I on God’s side or on Devil’s side?”

You are either for God in this world or for Devil. There is no in-between position. If you do more good than evil, you are on God’s side. If you do more evil than good, you are on Devil’s side.

On whose side are you?

Step by step to the moon

When we say little drops of water
Make a mighty ocean,
Some people say it is a children’s rhyme;
When we say brick by brick
A mansion is built,
Some people say it is only a wise thought;
When we say step by step
A journey of one thousand kilometers is done,
Some people say it is mere talking;
But is it mere talking?
Not at all.
What is said is true;
Coin by coin people become millionaires.
Action by action great lives are built.
Step by step we can fly to the moon.

For better or for worse

When we take on the one we love in matrimony, we take the oath of fidelity and promise to stay with them ‘for better or for worse’.Then as we live together we find it hard. Some people actually find they made a mistake by getting into the marriage.

What should they do in this case?

Secondly if you find that staying in that relationship will inevitably lead to your death, what should you do? Should we keep the marriage at all cost including the risk of our life because we signed for better or for worse?

Who does not like money?

Who does not know money?
Who does not value money?
And who does not like money?
Is there anyone that you know?
And is there nothing wrong with them?
Tell me if you know!
Every normal person knows money;
Every normal person values money;
Every normal person likes money;
Every normal person is almost mad about money;
Yet, it is not easy to get by;
It is a commodity rather slippery;
Just like fish in water;
And not only good,
But bad as well.
It doesn’t only heal;
It also wounds.
It tempts;
And it destroys.
Love money;
Go for money;
But beware of money!


Have you had a smile on your face today?
If not, why not?
What stops you from smiling?
If you have, how many times?
And how did you smile?
Timidly or broadly?
With confidence or shyly?
You ought to smile,
And smile broadly too;
Smile from jaw to jaw;
Smile with all your heart;
It doesn’t cost a mite;
And it doesn’t hurt the least;
It’s medicinal;
The world is not on your shoulders;
Laugh if you can;
Smile,and grow fat.


What is it that puts food on one’s table?
What is it that enables one to educate one’s children?
What is it that gives one a good house to live in?
What is it that gives one a good car to drive?
What is it that gives one a good bed to lie on?
What is it that will open doors for you and make you go places?
Wao! Is that how powerful money is?
Yes! More powerful than tongue can tell;
A powerful commodity, indeed!;
Yes! A very precious one;
It can do and undo;
Yes! It can build and it can destroy;
It is good;
Yes! And it can also be bad;
So we need to watch out how we use it?
We need to watch out double how we get it.