Quotes on marriage

“The secret of success in marriage is not finding someone you are madly in love with, but knowing the rules of the game of marriage and dancing to their tune even when the melody is not pleasant to your ears.” From The Wonders of Wisdom by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

“The way some couples live makes young people anxious to go in for marriage. The way others live makes marriage look like something not to try; but rather to run away from.” Ngobesing Suh Romanus from Something Useful


Quotes from “Wonders of Wisdom”

The following quotes come from my book ”The Wonders of Wisdom.” I would love your appreciation:

“”Hardly do we realize how many opportunities are hidden  within our earthly sufferings. We focus on the ills of suffering and ignore the good buried in it. It is like seeing the shell of a coconut, ignoring the juicy, delicious fruit because it is hidden inside.”

“How great to realize that every unhappy condition can open the door to a wealth of opportunities! Every obstacle can be a stepping-stone to a gold mine. Every  misfortune is pregnant with a great dream; and every tormenting question has a relieving answer somewhere.”

“When night comes with darkness, we must not forget that just a few hours later there shall be day with light.”

Weekly prayer

God our heavenly Father,
Thank you for the gift of this week
To us;
Stand by us, O Lord,
Throughout the week.
On our own we cannot do much.
Be a lamp to our feet;
Show us the way;
And give us the strength
To meet the challenges of this week.
Bless everyone who shall visit
This site and grant them
Their hearts’ Most cherished desires;
Put smiles on their faces.
Bless all those who put their trust in you;
That your power may be felt
Far and near;
This we pray
Through Christ our Lord,

Caged lion released

I have to turn on the fighter in me;

I have to set loose my fighting spirit ;

I have no choice;

The success I’m looking for is not coming;

And I can’t take it.

I must get to where I want to go;

That is why I must turn on the fighter in me;

The caged lion  lurking in me must be released;

So that I may fight like a warrior

And win.

Wise men

Can we discuss?

It’s a great compliment to be called a wise man, isn’t it? But what does this mean? Who is a wise man? What is wisdom? Who are some of the wise men you know?

I know great, wise historical figures such as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, King Solomon, Socrates, and Plato. You certainly know others.

What is the difference between wisdom, knowledge and intelligence? Why do we talk of wise men but I have not heard of wise women. Are there no wise women?

Let’s discuss. Say what you think or know.

Good and evil in the world

The human heart must be the greatest factory in the world. All the good in the world is generated by the human heart. All the evil in the world is generated by the human heart.

All the love in the world is generated by the human heart. All the hatred in the world is generated by the human heart.

To rid the world of evil, we must study how this factory called the human heart works, to understand what makes it generate good or evil.Once we have done this, we will be better placed not only to seek ways to prevent it from manufacturing evil but also to enhance its capacity to produce good.

Decide now

Decide that you will succeed no matter the obstacles that may stand on your way.

Decide that each time you face a challenge you will muster courage and other necessary resources and will face it squarely.

Decide what you want to become and start now to work for it.

Decide that some day the world will hear about you.

Decide that no one will discourage or stop you from reaching your goal.

Decide now.