Sepp Blatter: A success or a failure?

Sepp Blatter has reigned.
He will no longer be the President of the world football’s governing body. He had hardly finished celebrating his re-election to the same position for another five-year term of office when to the shock of many around the world he announced his resignation at 79.

Sepp Blatter is the king of football. He is more than most presidents. He has called the shots in world football for 17 years. When we talked world football, we talked Blatter.

Now he has resigned.The mountain has fallen into the sea.

Is he a success or a failure? Will he turn out to be a success or a failure? As Blatter carried out his responsibilities as the President of World FIFA, was he planting the seeds of success or the seeds of failure? Was he fanning or blowing off the fire of his life and legacy?

Remember our post Don’t blow your life.

The years ahead will tell. Already, let’s take note: all that glitters is not gold.


Big breaking FIFA news

Big breaking world news;
Sepp Blatter is gone;
The king of world football is out;
Another Saddam Hussein is gone;
Another Muamar Ghadaffi has fallen
With a golden gun in hand;
Who could have imagined?
That the man who reigned
For 17 years in world football
Would resign;
His golden gun in hand?
Nothing lasts for ever;
Not even Sepp Blatter in Fifa;
Not even Idi Amin in Uganda;
Not even Saddam Hussein in Iraq;
Nor Muamar Ghadaffi in Libya;
Jean Bedel Bokassa in Central Africa;
Mobutu Sese Seko in Zaire;
The Shah in Iran;
Not even Apartheid in South Africa;
Not even Communism in the East;
Not even the Berlin Wall;
There is a time to come
And a time to go;
A great lesson to all;
And the dictators of the world;
However long you stick to power;
Sooner or later the day comes;
And you must go.
Sepp Blatter is gone!
The giant of world football
Is down;
A great day for world football
Or a dark day?

How greatness is achieved.

Greatness is not easy to come;
It is as hard as hard can be;
But it can be achieved;
How do you go about it?
You have to work hard;
You have to fight;
You have to struggle;
You have to toil and sweat;
You have to persist;
Even when you think it’s time
To turn back,
You must not quit;
You have to keep on;
You have to pray hard as well;
You have to pursue a selfless cause;
You have to find a human need and fill it;
Are you ready?
Then be sure
Greatness will smile at you;
If not today,
If not tomorrow,
Some day to come.
This is how
Greatness is achieved.

Let’s start loving again

Hello darling!
Why don’t we start loving
Each other again?
Why don’t we revive
Our love for each other?
I like us to take our love back
To where it used to be;
To again start living like
Real husband and wife
As we used to do
Instead of making
As if we hated each other;
Let’s start enjoying each other’s
Company again
As was often the case
When we started our relationship;
Do you remember
How madly we were in love?
How we adored each other?
I do recall how we could sit
Together for hours
And talk and laugh,
And enjoy each other’s company;
I pray my love,
That we take our love back
To that state;
Are you ready, my love?
Shall you begin to love me again?
Shall we find time today
To sit and talk
And carve out a better way forward?
I know your answer is yes;
And I want to thank you for accepting
To love me once again!

Know where you want to fire

If someone
Sets out to travel,
Be it by air, by sea
By surface;
But knows not whereto
He wants to travel;
You can guess
What to him will happen;
He will land where
He does not

If you want to fire,
But know not what you want
To fire;
You can guess
What will happen;
Your own dog you can fire.

If you want to hire;
But know not what you want
To hire;
You can guess what
Will happen;
You may hire what is not needed.

Always know where you want to travel;
Also know where you want to fire;
Always know what you want to hire;
And for it go with a vengeance.
Surely, you will get
What you desire;
And that is
What does matter.

Knowing more about your life-dream.

Please, kindly answer one or more of the following questions:

What is it that you want to achieve in life?
What is your greatest ambition?
What do you want to become before your sun sets?
What is your heart’s greatest desire?

Do you hope to achieve your heart’s desire?
Do you have some doubts about your achieving it?
Do you fear you might never achieve it?
Do you believe you will achieve it come rain or shine?

Why are you not sure you will achieve it?
Why are you sure you will achieve it?
Why are you sure you will not achieve it?
Why are you confused about it?

Thank you for answering!

You must blame yourself

Many of the great men and women you see reigning at the top today in the world were like you at one point in their lives. They had dreams about becoming great; but were far from being sure of what the future held for them. They doubted the possibility of realizing any lofty dreams.

There was nothing in them to make anyone conclude that they would one day become great. Yet, they went ahead and made themselves great.

You can do like them if you are not yet doing so. What you become in life is all in your hands and the hands. God says ‘yes’ when you say ‘yes’. Hence, your destiny is in your hands.

You need others, of course, but no matter how many people are there to help, you are the chief pilot of your life. You must assume 100% responsibility for your success. This is one great lesson that Jack Canfield teaches in his book “Success Principles”.

I am happy that God has put in each one of us what it takes to become whatever we want to become. The difference between us is some of us know this and go on to exploit our possibilities while others do not know and do not exploit what is available to us.

Since you know that what you become depends on you or what you achieve in this world depends on you, is there any reason for you not to become the person you want to be?

You must blame yourself if you do not become the person you want to be.

A great way to start your day

There are many great ways to start your day. The best is to start with a prayer. Talk to God. Pray that He may help and guide you throughout the day.

After your prayer, let positive thoughts flow through your mind. You can do this by reading or recalling a passage or quote that inspires you. This will pump you up with enthusiasm; energize you and get you psychologically ready to face and overcome all the challenges of the day and enable you make the most of all the opportunities that will come up.

Here are very inspiring quotes by some great people. I propose that you take a good look at them and see if they mean anything to you. You may take two or more of them, meditate on them and let them guide you throughout the day.

“Great crisis produce great men and great deeds of courage”
(J.f. Kennedy).

“I have succeeded in whatever I have undertaken because I have willed it. I have never hesitated which has given me an advantage over the rest of mankind”
(Napoleon Bonaparte).

“You don’t get paid for having brains, you get paid for using them”
(Earl Grant).

“Everyone can reach the highest goal in life if he desires to and is willing to make the effort”
(Lao Russel).

Are there any of these quotes that inspire you in a special way? Do not hesitate to share that with the rest of us.

The era for uneducated leaders
Is fast running out
If not past and gone;
The rea for uneducated people
At the top of the ladder of life
Is fast running out
If not past and gone;
The era for uneducated men and women
Making it in business
Is fast running out
If not past and gone;
This is an era for quality people
At the top everywhere;
This is an era for
Excellent performance.
Quality people;
Excellent performance;
Call for quality education.