School started

In my country, school started on Monday September 7th for the 2015/2016 academic year. It might have started in yours too. I believe it started in many parts of the world.

Everywhere in the world, more and more people are realizing the importance of education. Education is the key. Learning enables you to do things. Without knowledge of how to do something, you cannot do it. The more you master through learning how to do something, the better you can do it; and the better your chances of success in life.

If you are a student, take your studies serious. The better you perform in your studies the better your chances of success in life.

If you are a parent, you are encouraged to make necessary sacrifices for your child’s or children’s education.

Education is one of the two best gifts you can offer your child or children.

The other is love.


Sudden dark clouds

Between Afanwi and Biche, everything was going on well. It seemed their marriage had been arranged in heaven. One could have said the angels were in control. They looked perfectly carved out for each other. They were the admiration of all around them. Many wished to be like them. The weather of their love was bright.

Then, all of a sudden, dark clouds appeared in the sky; and darkness fell over their love; followed by a downpour of rain. No one could recognize the two.

What was happening to them? What had come over them? Their love was in shambles; shattered on rocks as none of them wanted to set eyes on the other again. From the angels, the devil seemed to have taken over control.

Could God be deaf?

It may look to you like God is deaf or God is not listening; because He seems not to be hearing you. He has not answered your prayer as you want.

Is that you?

God is not deaf. God is listening. God listens all the times. Of all ears, God’s own are the best. Of all listeners, God is the best. He listens to you. He hears you every time you call on Him. He knows what you want. He knows what is good for you; and knows it better than you do.

Let nothing make you think that He is not listening to you. What you want may not be what is good for you; and that he knows. He will give you what is good for you when the right moment comes. All you need is to have faith in His power and goodness. Then do your best and leave the rest to him.

Yes! He is not deaf. He listens to you. He hears you. He answers you. Listen; and you will hear what He is telling you. Often, you ask Him for things in prayers but when He answers you are not aware. You talk to Him; but you don’t listen to Him; that is why you do not hear when He talks back to you. You do not hear when He answers your prayer.

When you talk to God, listen; that you may hear when He talks back to you; so that you may hear when He answers your plea; when He grants your request.

Yes! God listens. God hears. God gives you everything you ask Him if it is good for you. If not, He does not give it to you. He will give you only what is good for you. Hence, of one thing be sure: God is not deaf. God listens; and hears you all the time.

I am scared

So much I love you;
But still, I am scared;
Scared because I can’t say
With certainty
What lies ahead for us;
My mother told me
My father was mad for her;
Where are they today?
I am scared;
Scared because people do change;
Shall you change?
I don’t know;
I am scared.
Assure me!
Tell me I have no reason
To be scared;
Shall you do that for me?

What matters

Quotes from my writings:

“Where you are matters; but where you will be matters more.
Where you start matters; but where you will end matters more.”


“It is at the end of the race that we know who the winner is.
It is not at the start. If you are winning at the start, do not consider yourself the winner until you cross the winning line.”

Kindly let me know what you think.

A fight of thoughts

Through out the day, two kinds of thoughts stream through your mind – positive and negative thoughts. These two kinds of thoughts fight against each other to control your mind. The one that succeeds in this fight and hence controls your mind controls your life.

If positive thoughts are the ones that control you, you will be a positive person. Your life will be marked by successes. You will be happy, cheerful and be a source of inspiration to others.

If your mind is dominated by negative thoughts, you will be a negative person. Your life will be marked by failure. You will look unhappy, frustrated and pessimistic.

It is thus left to you to choose. You can allow positive thoughts to control your mind or negative ones. Negative thoughts are fiercer in the fight. This is normal. Unscrupulous people fight more fiercely than the scrupulous ones to control the world. If support is not given to the forces of good in the world, they will be crushed by the forces of evil. What lends support to the forces of good are the various laws put in place to check evil.

Hence, you need to lend support to the positive thoughts that come to your mind so that they will not be easily uprooted by the negative ones. How do you do this? By telling your mind that you have room in it for positive thoughts only. No room for negative thoughts. Dismiss all negative thoughts that come to your mind. Tell them there is no room in your mind for them. Replace every negative thought with a positive one.

Love turned to hatred

Have you ever seen
Love that turned into hatred?
The word fierce is not enough;
But, for lack of a better word,
That’s what I’ll use.
Push not the love
That burns in your love’s heart
To turn into hatred;
It can cause disaster.
If you have seen a hurricane;
That’s how it can be;
Fierce and destructive.

Terms of great works

If the thirst for excellence burns
Hotly in your heart,
Like a piece of red-hot metal in a furnace,
I heartily congratulate you;
For, because of people like you,
We have excellence in the world.
If your heart, for achievement hungers,
Like a wolf that for days has had no morsel to eat,
I heartily congratulate you;
For, because of people like you,
The world advances at the speed of light.
If you want to make the most of your life,
I heartily congratulate you.
You must make excellence your trade mark;
And let its thirst make you a little mad;
You must make the achievement of a big dream
A fire that burns hotly in your heart.
For, on no easier terms are great works
Ever created in this world.