I know the taste of love

http://gifsdomi.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/mariage-14.gif?w=1040I know the taste of love;
Having had a good bite of it;
It’s sweet;
As sweet as honey can be;
But that’s not all of love;
It has its other side as well;
Which is the bitter side of it;
And who’ll go in for that quinine
Who knows what they are doing?
I’ll go for the sweetest side;
Any that likes may go for
The bitter.
But furrows of sorrow
On their lovely face,
They must be ready to have.


I challenge you

You are challenged dear friend.

I browsed through the web and saw “The World’s 50 Most powerful blogs,” “The top 10 Most inspirational bloggers” etc; and I told myself “if they can, anyone can.” I stick to this.

Thus, I say to you: if they can, you too can. I mean what I say. If you doubt it, read this. Do not mind it if you are still having it hard. It does not matter if many people are not paying attention to your site. Just keep on blogging. A day will come. 

Do I need to remind anybody that the best in all fields is yet to come. True that we have had excellence in every field; but the best is still to come.

You could be one of tomorrow’s best. I challenge anyone who disagrees with this to  give one tangible reason for that.

For me, I am sure, the best is still to come. As Jimmy Carter once put it, “Why not the best?”

I am leaving nothing undone to rank among the best in the world some day. It’s hard work and courage; but who says I lack courage or the ability to work hard? Please, join me. Let’s go for making history. I am sure we can. I am not looking at where I am standing. I am focused on where I am going.

Shall you not break my heart?

Is it true?
Do you really love me?
Should I believe you
When you call me your sunshine?
Shall you not tomorrow dump me?
Shall you not hurt me
When I put my trust in you?
I see so many who are assured;
But who later are deeply hurt;
I know people who are promised
But who later are shamelessly dumped.
Shall you not dump me as well?
Shall you not hurt me?
Shall you not break my heart?
Shall you not shatter my life?
Let me hear you say it.

What most I like to do

Each time I ever succeed to inspire you,
I’ve done what most I like to do;
But still my arms won’t fold and sleep;
My work will only be half way through.

The reason the good Lord put me here,
Is to inspire and inspire and inspire you;
That your fondest dream you may achieve;
And be the one you’re meant to be.

And surely, I’ll keep on doing just that;
Till the good Lord calls me home some day;
The secret dream that’s so deep in my heart,
Is to see you shine and shine and shine;

To make you what you most desire to be;
That’s what I take to bed at night;
In the morn, with it, I rise from bed;
To make you what you most desire to be.

Why did you not tell me?

Those never spoken words of love
Which just crossed your lips right now,
Have come rather too late for me,
When mine is already a broken heart.

Look at how tender your words are!
But never did you say them to me
When most I longed to hear them said.
And now they come roaring in my ears.

I never heard you say how much you loved me;
Yet, only a whisper from you into my thirsty ears;
In the silence of our world,
Would have played the trick for our love.

All I knew was that you never cared;
But here you are telling me you cared;
And cared even more than tongue can tell;
When all is already gone for you.

And no more shall you be there for me.
And what a waste of years of love.
When all that you needed was to whisper
Into my ears how much you loved me.

Women and success

Is it easy for a woman to succeed in your country? Do women have equal opportunities with men to realize their full potentials. Do they have equal chances with men to rise to the highest post in the country?

I ask these questions because what I get about women in some countries of the world shocks me. In some countries, a woman is considered the man’s property and he can do whatever he likes with her.  He can beat her, slap her, kick her, take her to bed anytime it pleases him; and send her away when he likes.

In some parts of the world, girls are forced to marry old men twice or thrice as old as  they are. When the man dies, his relatives will throw out the widow and own the house, the car, and the bank book.

In some countries, women are not allowed to ride a bicycle or drive a car on a public road.
In some countries, a woman is not allowed to leave her home even to fetch water,  buy from a store, or visit  a friend without her husband’s permission.

What is your take on these practices? What do you think are the chances for women to succeed in countries like these?You make us proud, my girl!

Why don’t you believe me?

Why do you still doubt,
My friend,
That you can do it,
When I’ve told you over and over
That you can?
I’ve told you
You can make it
To where you want to go,
Haven’t I?
Why don’t you believe me?
And why don’t you
Believe in your own self?
You doubt yourself so much;
It means you doubt the God who
Created you in his own image.
I ask you again:
Believe in yourself!
Believe you can do it!
Believe you have what it takes!
For, indeed, you have.
If others can do it,
So too can you.
Stop doubting!

Are you wiser today?

Are you wiser today than you were yesterday?

Do you grow wiser as you grow older? If you are the same today as you were when you were much younger, not having grown wiser and more mature, then there is something wrong.

Every new day should leave you wiser than the day before. As you grow older you should grow wiser.

An endless spring of knowledge flows through life everyday; and fully open to you and I; a spring of wisdom that flows from other minds; a spring of knowledge that endlessly flows. Drink from this spring; that you may be wiser today than you were yesterday.

Your love in another one’s arms?

Do you know how it feels,
When someone you dearly love
Is in the arms of another one like you;
Feeling their warmth
And never to be yours again?DSC_0106
That is how I feel right now.
The love of my life is gone;
Right into the arms of another one;
My love finds comfort somewhere else,
Leaving me shivering and yawning
In an icy cold whether of love.
Licking my own wounds myself;
Can anyone hold back their tears IMG_3922
When their heart bleeds with sorrow
Like mine at this very moment?
See how my tears flow like a river
In the heart of the rains.
My pain is deep; My sorrow real.
I cry for my love;
I cry for the one
Who has wholly stolen
All my heart.
Don’t wait to see
Your love in another one’s arms.
It pains so bad.