The best is meant for you.

At the top of the mountain
I’ve set my eyes;
And though at its bottom
I find myself,
One day, right at its summit
I hope be;
I burn with the desire
To get right there;
And no stone to see my dream come true,
Do I fail to turn;
Do you see me having what I want?
Yes, indeed, I will,
God being my helper;
And what of you?
Shall you
To your mountaintop
Get as well?
Rest assured you can;
If you truly want.
The best is meant for you.



Do you like to be a leader?

That is a good aspiration. Leadership is at your reach. You can become a leader; and a great leader for that matter.

The first thing is to know what is meant by being a leader; and what type of leader you want to become.

I want to be that leader who, according to John Maxwell, “knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

I want to be the leader with “The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence” (General Montgomery).

“As we look ahead into the next century,” Bill Gates says, “leaders will be those who empower others.” I want to be that leader who empowers others.

What of you? What type of leader would you like to be?

I like you to become a leader who inspires others; who shows people the way; who encourages and helps people to get to where they want to go. If you are this kind of leader, and you may be already, you will be a great leader.

What is your take on this?

Why politics is important

You might have noticed that political issues interest me on this blog. Have you?
And are you wondering why?

Let me explain.

I am interested in talking politics here because I believe it is important to you.

I am a success creator. By inspiring people, I want to create successful people. I want to create winners.I like to see people rise from the bottom to the top.I like to see people who look like they cannot win coming from behind and making it to the top.I like to see men, women, and children creating records, rising to undreamed of positions.

That is why the campaign of Hillary Clinton interests me. She may be at the top already but as a lady becoming President will be a new record.That will be an achievement that will tell the world in general and women in particular that nothing is important to whoever is determined no matter the color, gender and the obstacles on the way.

Following the game of politics, listening to the campaign can be a source of great inspiration. Can you imagine how many women, and girls in the world will be inspired and transformed by Hillary Clinton’s victory? Her victory will rock the world just as that of Barack Obama did.

I do not want to jump to a hasty conclusion; but I am still to see in this election a campaign that will create the excitement that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is expected to create.

Love in a dust bin

What do I do now
That you have dumped me
As waste material
In a dust bin?

You have abandoned me
In the middle of a sea of love
In a mere canoe with no paddle
To paddle my way out;
What am I to do?

Is your plan to drown me?
What have I done to you to merit this?
Have you forgotten the times
When I took you to the sky of happiness?

Where do I go from here
When you have shattered all my dreams
of having a loving spouse and family?
How do I put the pieces together?

I do not know where to start
To rebuild my life
When you have squeezed me so dry
And all that was of beauty in me is gone;

See how I used to shine and glitter!
What is left now is nothing
To write home about.
But you think you have destroyed me?

I am indestructible;
I am strong;
I am picking up the pieces; and
I will rebuild my life.

Did you get me right?
What has been lost is nothing compared
To what is ahead;
The best is still to come.

The gift of a new day/week

Here comes another day;
Here comes another week.
Here comes another opportunity to exploit the best we can;
Here comes another blessing that only God can give us;
Here comes another sign of God’s love;

What shall you do with this day?
What shall you do with this week?
What shall you do with this new opportunity in your hands?
What shall you do with this blessing God has given you?

Shall you use it as God wants you to do?
Shall you use it for good or for evil?
Shall you use it for God’s glory or for the Devil’s glory?
Shall you use it to make the world better or worse than you found it?
Shall you use it to foster your selfish interest or the common good?

Dishonesty in American politics?

IMG_0375I can’t quite understand; but I find a lot of dishonesty in American politics. I have a lot of faith in Americans indeed; but this dishonesty in politics is what I do not understand.

When it’s time for politics, I often hear people saying things which are not true, only to run down the candidate that is not their choice in order to enhance the chances of the one that is their choice. Where is the honesty that we admire America for?

This happened when Obama ran. It happened with many before him. It’s happening with Hillary.Of course, those on Hillary’s side are going to do the same thing to the candidates on the other side. With all the tearing down and ridiculing of people, in the end only an imperfect human being is elected into the coveted post.

Secondly, I keep waiting for America to walk the talk in terms of giving women a chance to make the most of their potential. They are most vocal about this but are they walking the talk?

I fear personality inconsistency as far as this great country which I so much admire is concerned.?

Those who are holding the light have the duty of keeping it shining don’t they? Many countries that talk less about women’s rights have had women in their highest office; yet the country that talks the most about the matter does not seem ready to give women their chance.

Can anyone explain this to me?DSCN1130

Men’s support vs. women’s support for Hillary.

Take that Hillary wins in November. Where do you think her greatest support will come from? Shall it be from men or women? Young boys or young girls? Who are more likely to support Hillary? Male or female?

How strong is Hillary?
Do you think she has what it takes to lead America?
Should she be denied the chance she is seeking only because she is a woman?