Do you want to become a millionaire? That is definitely a great dream. Also, it is a great possibility. But do not deceive your self. It is no easy task. You can’t become a millionaire in one day.

You need to learn to accumulate. Coin by coin, a great fortune can be accumulated. Brick by brick, a mansion is built. Step by step, a journey of one thousand kilometers is accomplished; and word by word, a book is written.

As we learned when we were young, “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.”

Do not minimize any effort that you may make in life to become what you want to be. Take one step at a time. Take one little step after one little step. Keep taking them. They will accumulate and explode into something mighty one day.


Don’t tie a rope on your neck

If you keep on doubting yourself, you are doing yourself great harm. You are limiting yourself.

Doubting yourself when you want to make it to the top is like tying a rope on your neck and letting someone drag you backwards while you struggle to go forward.

Do not doubt yourself. Free yourself of doubts about your ability to make it to where you want to go.

Have confidence in your ability to do whatever you set your mind to.The truth is you have what it takes to achieve whatever you desire to achieve.


In this world, there are people who eagerly wait for each day to get back to their work.

Are you such a person?

When closing time comes, they are in no hurry to go home.They have a passion for their work.

They are committed to it. They let nothing come between them and their work. They go to bed with it in mind and get up with it in mind.

If you can develop this type of passion, thank God. You will be unstoppable.You will shine.

My father’s wise words

A day never passed without my father telling me something wise about life. He wanted me to be a good and successful person.

One day he told me one thing about women.

“Beware of other people’s wives,” he told me. “A man’s wife is reserved terrain for him. No matter how much she may attract you, put your eyes off her.”

My father was a wise man. I have always respected his words.

I pass this advice to you. If you are a woman, put your eyes off another person’s husband. Many have lost their lives because they allowed their interest in another person’s spouse to grow beyond bounds.

Their love turned dangerous

Her heart doubled its beat;
It pounded and pounded harder;
Her was dangerous;
She touched the little thing
Hanging on her neck.
It looked like a chain;
But that was the most dangerous thing
She had ever carried on her body;
Explosion time was 3 p.m.
It was 2.55 p.m.
Only 5 minutes left;
And she would be gone;
She would not die alone;
She was ready;
She could not bear it any longer;
No turning back;
She had no reason to live on;
The one she loved with all her heart
Had turned his back on her;
And shattered all her dreams;
There was no use living;
The clock was ticking fast;
Three more minutes
And the three-floor building
Would go off in flames
Five hundred people would go off in it,
Including her two children
And the man who had shattered her life;
And she herself;
She wanted no trace
Of her relationship with him
Left behind.

Do all methods deliver?

How can you know that the way you are doing something will not deliver, and you continue to do it?

You have to change it.

You study the principles of success so that you can replace the methods that are not delivering with the ones that will deliver.

If a method will not work, change it.
Follow one that will work.