A tender broken heart

With all my heart
I loved you;
Yet, this same heart of mine
Today aches with pain
That’s been caused by you;
A tender heart you’ve so broken,
A whole life you’ve shattered.
And now I have a tender broken heart.
How comes it, my love?
Why would the one I adore the most
In all the whole wide world
Be the one
That gives me
The greatest pain
I know
In the whole wide world?


Obey don’t disobey!

Do you obey?
And reap the fruits
Of obedience;
And suffer the consequences
Of disobedience.
Don’t you know
People who obeyed
And gained?
Don’t you know
People who disobeyed
And suffered?
Obedience is the key.
Disobedience is the lock.
Disobey and have the doorDon't disobey
Locked to you;
Obey and have the door
Opened to you.

The young shall grow

IMG_20141226_135843IMG_20141223_143758The young shall grow.
Who can say the young
Shall not grow?
Who does not like the young to grow?
Who can block the young from growing?
No one can do.
Whether from poor or from rich homes,
The young shall grow.
None must attempt to block a young one
From growing.
Let us give all the young
A chance to grow.
Let us support the young
To grow.PhotoGrid_1419263202376

Do not be duped!

DSCN0571Over the years, I have known innocent girls who have fallen victim of deceit and manipulation by unscrupulous boys.Many of such girls have suffered all their lives because of this. As a parent, I would not like any of my daughters to fall prey to an unscrupulous boy or man because of naivety. I have not spared any effort over the years to caution girls not to fall victim to the manipulations of any unscrupulous boys.The poem that follows goes in line with that.

krDon’t be too-believing my girl!
Else, you will be duped.
There are many dupes around
Waiting to dupe any girl
Who’s ready to believe easily.

Don’t be too-believing my girl!
Else, you will be cheated.
There are many cheaters around
Waiting to cheat any girl
Who’s ready to believe easily.

Don’t be too-believing my girl!
Else you will be lied to.
There are many boys around
Waiting to tell lies to any girl
Who’s ready to believe easily.

IMG_0375Don’t be too-believing my girl!
Else, you will regret.
There are many unfeeling boys around
Waiting to take advantage of any girl
Who’s ready to believe easily.

Don’t be too-believing, my girl!
Else, you will cry.
There are many unscrupulous boys around
Waiting to bring tears to the eyes of any girl
Who’s ready to believe easily.

My last day’s sweet service

king_hand_photoWhat can be better Do you bring light
Than to put a smile
On a gloomy face
And see it glow and shine!LIght
What can be nobler
Than to light up
The world with the rays of sunshineLIT CANDLE
Coming from the heart;
And see it bloom with beauty!
What can be loftier
Than to remove
The stumbling-blocks that litter the pathsYou can be happy
Of others
And enable them to taste
The sweet flavor of success!help someone succeed
This is the sweet service
That I intend to do
The rest of my days.

Serving others and the world

krDo you bring lightWhat are you doing for others in this world?
Are you putting smiles on other people’s faces to light them up or you are putting frowns on them to darken them?
Are you generating rays of sunshine that light up the world
or dark clouds that darken the world?

What are you doing for others in this world?IMG_0372
Are you helping others so that they may taste the flavor of success or you are making them suffer the humiliating pain of failure?
Are you helping others to get to their destinations or you are putting stumbling-blocks on their paths to prevent them from getting there?

You must always ask yourself what you are doing for the people of the world and the world.

What a world of lies!

Let's stop telling liesWhat a world of liars and lies!
On the political arena,
Politicians lie.
In the courts,
Magistrates and lawyers lie,
Accused, defendants and witnesses lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In the media world,
Media men and women lie;
In the school milieu
Administrators, teachers and students lie;
In homes,
Parents and children lie;
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies
In the business world,
Business men and women lie,
Consumers lie;
In the Church of all,
Church leaders and their followers lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In marriage,
Husbands lie and wives lie;
In love,
Sweet hearts lie;
Who then is free of lies?
Is it the whole world that lies?
How can we make ours a world of liars and lies?
What a world of lies, indeed!

My heart is heavy-laden with love

DSC_0000144My heart is heavy-laden
With love for you, my love!
It is weighing heavier than ever before
Because it’s full of love for you;
It’s weighing so heavy
It’s hard for me to carry.
See how I press my hand on it!
It’s overflowing with love for you.
Don’t you see love spilling over?
It’s all the love I have for you.
You can see it flowing all over the place.
That’s all for you and no one else.
What do you say my love?
What do you say for all this love flowing for you?
Talk to me!
Tell me you love me dearly too
Just as I love you.
It doesn’t cost you anything;
But means a lot to me;
Those tender words of love from your lips
Are what my heart most needs right away.
Say them to me!
Tell me! Shake your lips!
Whisper them to my ears
And quench this fire of love
That is burning fiercely
In my heart for you!
Camera 360

My sweet love

YOU ARE MINEDSCN0479My sweet honey!
Why are you playing with my emotions?
Are you aware of the fire of love
That is burning in my heart for you?
I am not sure you are;
You wouldn’t do what you are doing to me.

Playing with my emotions is playing with fire
And playing with fire is dangerous.
The fire of my love can burn you.
I have told you this before;
And I mean what I say.
I have made it clear to you that I love you;
And take me for every word I say.
The love I have for you is not the type
That wears out with time.
It is the love that lasts forever.
It is the love that never dies.
If you like to go round the world
In search of love,
Go ahead;
But know that when you come back
I’ll be here waiting for you.
It’s a wild love that I have for you.
It’s a stubborn love that never dies that I have for you.
Don’t bother to tell me you don’t love me
And that I should find another love,
For I will tell you I love you
And you are the only love I will have.
Pa$ Ma Ngobs
It will be you,
If I had to start all over again!
It’s a waste of time to tell me
You don’t love me.
You should rather be looking for ways
To make it work between you and me.
Know it once and for all
That while you are on this side of the world,
You are mine;
I don’t know what happens in the world beyond,
But here,
You are mine;
And shall be mine
Till death do us part!
Do I make myself clear loving one?
That is how it is.
That is how it will be.