Make yourself a success generator

You can start today and make yourself a success generator. You can start by inducing a downpour of success on yourself and then you make it rain on others too. This is strongly recommended.

This is what I have opted for. I generate success for those who stick with me.

It is not an easy thing to become a generator of success; but it is very possible; and the formula is simple: do what you should and you become a generator of success for yourself and for others.

I have generated success for people all my life. There are thousands of people who will proudly say they are what they are today thanks to me.

I want you to become a generator of success first for yourself and then for others. Start now. As you go to bed tonight and every night make sure you feel great. As you get out of bed in the morning make sure you feel great. As you move about in the day make sure you feel great.

How do you make sure you feel great? By making sure that no thought passes through your mind that makes you feel otherwise but great. Shut out of your mind and your life negative thoughts about yourself and your ability to conquer the world.

Read, listen to and watch only what will fire you up when you get up in the morning, as you go about in the day and as you go to bed in the night.

Do not start or end your day with gloom or a feeling of defeat. Start and end your day with a feeling of victory; a great feeling. This way you shall be 100% immersed in success; 100% focused on success.

The way to become a super winner is to think success, breathe success,live success. and shine success.

The World’s Best Success Inspirer contains enough posts to keep you inspired all year round. Do not concentrate only on the new posts that you find. Go for past posts and tap from them. The more you inspire yourself, the more you will arm yourself to succeed; the more you will become unstoppable; the more you will generate success.

This blog is your gold mine for success. Mine it. You will not be disappointed. It has everything you need to become not only a successful person but a generator of success.

If you stop following this site without having made yourself a success generator then you have dashed a precious opportunity to the rocks.
Your challenge is to mine the gold that is here. You shall find it. It will shine and glitter. You will be thrilled.


The greatness feeling

Have you ever experienced the greatness feeling. It is great to feel great. If you experience the greatness feeling you will never want to experience anything else. Only the great experience the greatness feeling.It is thrilling.

I want you to experience the greatness feeling.

To experience the greatness feeling is to feel powerful; strong and fulfilled.

If you want to experience the greatness feeling start right now, don’t wait, to work very hard for your greatness.

Do you know where to start? And how to start? Let me know if you have any doubts about what to do.

I am ready to help you all the way to your greatness so that you can enjoy the very thrilling greatness feeling.

10 Great Contemporary Quotes N0. 8.

Great quotes by Contemporaries went on recess. Now it’s back. You are all welcome to this thrilling page.These are this week’s quotes drawn from different authors and sites on the web:

1.”Once you let go off the wrong people, the right ones will find a way” Himali Shah.

2. “Whatever you desire,follow your heart, don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your destiny” Ren Monteza.

3. Father and mother are like two wheels of a cart…if one loses balance…the journey will stop” Amulya Bhardwaj

4. “Many people don’t open their hearts in front of their dads like they do in front of their mothers” Amulya Bhardwaj.

5. “We find it easier, in these confused times, to admire physical bravery than moral courage” Salman Rushdie.

6.”Gone are the times when Politicians were willing to take risks, vote their conscience and exhibit a degree of moral courage” Pablo Eisenberg.

7. “Sports serve as a training ground for physical courage. But there is no equivalent activity or experience that provides training ground for moral or political courage” Pablo Eisenberg.

8.”The obstacles in life are Goliah. So I am going to be David” Anthony Stepanek

9. “…it costs much less to educate a young person than to imprison him or her and yet we still continue to pour resources into prisons, and starve our educational system” Jennifer Brawdy.

10. “Wars are fought for the rich and powerful but those who die, whether as combatants or as bystanders, are usually drawn from the ranks of the poor” Jennifer Brawdy

As you go through the net have you come across some wise words by contemporary writers, bloggers and speakers which you like us to publish here? Send it or them to us by typing it in the comment box below.

Persistent energized passionate action believed prayed

Do you want to move mountains? You can. But you must do what is necessary. The title of this post is a mountain-moving combination. It has six words that will work magic for you.
Be passionate about your dream.
Take action.
Put energy into the action you take.
Believe you will achieve it.
Persist till you succeed.
Pray without ceasing about it
This is how great lives are built.

Why shoot for the stars?

I strongly recommend that you shoot for the stars; nothing less.

Why should you shoot for the stars?

Because getting to the stars is possible. There are many stars in the world. We have stars in football, music and different fields. You can be one. This is a simple truth.

Have you ever heard of Charles Vumomsee? Check here. I knew him as a young man. There was no indication he would be a great star some day. He is a world star today.

I am shooting for the stars because I believe the words of one time U.S, President Ronald Reagan: “…there are no limits to human intelligence, imagination and wonder.”

I am shooting for the stars because I trust Arthur C. Clarke who says “The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”

I am shooting for the stars because the words of Paula Radcliffe inspire me. She says:”Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push boundaries.”

If you have not taken your decision to shoot for the stars, I invite you to join me to shoot for the stars. Your place is not on the ground. It’s up in the sky. You are created to float with the stars.

You woman, listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger: “…the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.”

Shoot for the stars. There are people who are standing where you are now and some who are standing lower than you who will be stars tomorrow. That could be you.

Changes on our site

Hello friends!
As we prepare for the first anniversary of this site, we shall be making many changes to make it more loving, more inspiring and more enjoyable to you. Hope you like them.

Everything we do here has you in mind. Don’t forget your opinion counts; so do not hesitate to make your voice heard on what we do and what you like us to do. We have a new blog title which reflects our aspiration and is more inclusive. We care for all.

I thank Priiya who told me today she would like to see me more on her site. I have just been there and I want to tell you it’s a lovely site. You could also have a look at

I invite you to be as open with me as you can. I believe working together with openness we can do marvels.

I have a lovely post coming up for you. Don’t miss it. I am still expecting to know from you if there is anything you think I should or should not be doing for you. So give me the feedback.

I love you (ILU).

The limits of our abilities

What are the limits of your abilities?

Hearty thanks to those of you who responded to the question ‘Do you know who said this?” The quote was “Do not take the limits of your vision to be the limits of the world.”

I have not found this quote on record anywhere. What Arthur Schopenhauer said is “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

I found the statement “Do not take the limits of your vision to be the limits of the world” in one of my writings but could not say if I got it from someone or it is a thought that was inspired by the words of Schopenhauer.

What is most important is the call not to place unnecessary limits on ourselves. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says, “It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist”

Are you ready for this?

If you have not given me your feedback,
please do.


My dear friends, my chief concern, you may already know, is to serve you. I want to give you the best of myself; what will inspire you and help you become the person God created you to be.

But I do not want to do it in a way that you will not enjoy. I want to do it in a way that you will love every minute that you spend with me.

Therefore, help me to do my best for you by telling me which of the following statements would you address to me?

Choose one or more. Please, do not give numbers. Actually copy out the ones that apply to you.

1. You write too many posts a day for my liking.
2. You write just enough posts.
3. You do not write enough posts. I want more.
4. You do not visit my site.
5. I want to see you on my site more.
6. Your posts are very inspiring.
7. Your posts are boring.
8. You are not focused. You need to be more focused.
9. I enjoy everything you are doing. Keep on.
10.Your posts are too short for my liking.

Add anything you have in mind about this blog and what I am doing here.
Thanks for this feed back. It will help as we begin a second year for this blog in August 2015.

Candlelight shining

Hear my dream for you!
I see your candlelight
Shining brighter and brighter
I see also a wind that hits it
On all its sides;
It threatens to blow it out;
Yet, the candlelight shines on;
Lighting other candles;
One candle at a time;
It may not be soon;
But some day, I see
In my dream,
It will light up
All the world.