I am determined

I am determined to succeed.
I am determined to do what it takes to succeed.
I am determined to work hard to succeed.
I am determined to overcome all obstacles on my path to succeed.
I am determined to go the extra mile to succeed.
I am determined to be patient as I work hard to succeed.
I am determined to persist when the going is tough so that I may succeed.
I am determined to get the right people to lend me the support I need to succeed.

What of you?
What are you determined to do?


Marriage and regret

Did you take enough time to know your spouse before you got married? If not, why not?
Have you taken enough time to know the person you are planning to get married to? If not why not?
Are the expectations you had when you got into marriage met? If not, why not?
Are you regretting that you got into marriage with your present spouse or ex-spouse? If yes, why?

What lessons have you learned about marriage from your experience or from observing your parents or other married persons that you can share which will help others?

Passionate love and marriage

Too many people rush into marriage without giving themselves enough time to know whether or not they are meant for each other.Soon after the marriage, they find they are not meant for each other; that they are incompatible.

The result is their marriage becomes marred by problems. They end up in divorce.

There is something about love that is deceitful and dangerous. When you find your heart burning for somebody, do not jump to the conclusion that you must spend the rest of your life with that person or that you will die if that person does not become yours. Marriage is much more than passionate love.

No matter how your heart longs for somebody, take your time and be sure that you both have what it takes to make a successful couple before you decide to marry.

It’s not everything that your heart goes for that is good for you or that you must have.


Have you ever been discouraged?

Have you ever worked so hard and expected excellent results just to get mediocre results? How did you feel? You must have been terribly discouraged.

Imagine that you are not having it easy in life and put in all you have, hoping that this time around you will not fail to make it just to fail again woefully! You can feel very discouraged.

But do not think you are alone. A lot of people get discouraged because their efforts do not bear desired fruits.

I get discouraged myself. Sometimes I write a post which I consider great and expect to see it liked and commented on by many readers just to find that not many people pay attention to it. This is often discouraging.

However, I have learned that what matters is not that one is discouraged but how one handles discouragement. You cannot stop feeling discouraged but you can stop discouragement from stopping you. Once you allow discouragement to stop you, you become a loser.

Each time you feel discouraged, take another leap forward towards your goal. Do not stop! Do not give up. Keep going.

You cannot win if you allow discouragement to beat you. You win if you beat discouragement.

Surround yourself

Surround yourself,
With positive minds;
Surround yourself,
With people who matter;
Surround yourself,
With people who will help you;
Surround yourself,
With the right people;
Surround yourself,
With people who will encourage you;
Surround yourself
With people who will inspire you;
Surround yourself
With people who will motivate you;
Surround yourself,
With people who will bring
Out the best that’s in you.