Today’s daily prayer for a good day 63

Thank you O loving God,
Thank you our dear father,
Thank you for this week,
Thank you for our lives;
Thank you for our children;
Thank you for grandchildren ;
Thank you for our family;
Thank you for our neighbours;
Thank you for our friends;
Thank you for our coworkers;
Thank you for our partners; Thank you for our teachers;
Thank you for out students.

Help us to think rightly;
Help us to see rightly;
Help us to act rightly,
Help us to love rightly;
Help us to pray rightly;
Help us to desire rightly;
Help us to admire rightly. Help us to be right.

Make us get the right results.
As we go out into the world,
Which has become so complex,
Only you can protect us;
We know we are not alone;
Strengthen us in our faith;
Strengthen us in our trust;
Strengtben us in our love;
Strengtben us in our focus.

Make this day for us all
Exactly as you designed it.
Be at the center of our thoughts
Be our light;
Be in our spirit;
Be our source of confidence;
Be our reason to be bold.
You are our everything;
We make our prayer through
Christ our Lord, Amen!


How to resolve marital conflict reported to you

What will you do if somebody with a marital problem reports it to you?

Many people handle the marital problems brought to them so badly that they instead aggravate the situation.

There is always the temptation to go into the conflict and try to get who is wrong. This is a dangerous road. Each of the couples is expecting you to put the blame for the conflict on the other person. If you do that you will only complicate the problem.

That is why I think it useful to discuss and share experiences and approaches.

If some body reports their marital problem to you, that will mean the person sees you as someone with the potential to solve it.

This will be a mark of confidence which should make you happy.

And if someone has confidence in you that you can solve their problem, do not disappoint them.

It is not easy to solve a problem between a couple. Marital problems are usually delicate; and demand a lot of care and wisdom.

Let me share what I do when somebody reports their marital problem to me. How I usually handle such problems could be a source of inspiration to you.

The first thing I do when a couple comes to me to handle their marital problem is to pray within them.

Praying with them brings God into the picture. And that is a signal to them that God has to be number one in their marriage.

Please, don’t skip this point. It is absolutely important.

After praying, I tell them why we started with a prayer. I tell them prayer is the master key; that prayer has to be at the center of their marriage; that God never fails those who put their trust in him.

I tell them of my confidence that with the prayer, God would grant us the grace to find a solution to their problem.

Next, I will tell them about marriage and marital problems. I will tell them that problems are part and parcel of every marriage; that there is no marriage that is problem free; that even those couples that look as if they were perfect were having their own problems.

I will tell them the difference between the couple that succeeds and the one that fails, which is the way they handle their problems.

I will tell them sometimes a couple will have a very serious problem and because of the way they handle it, they will solve it and their relationship will become even stronger. Another couple will have just a minute problem and because of the poor way of handling it, it will shatter their marriage.

Hence, it is not the seriousness of the problem that matters, but how well it is handled.

The next thing is I will tell them what marriage means; that when a man and a woman come together, they are no longer two but one; which means they have to act like one. The pronoun “I” is replaced by “we”. Each person no longer looks at things from the point of view of “I” but “we”.

I will tell them that if you are married and continue to look at things only from your point of view, it will mean you have a selfish heart; with a selfish heart you cannot make a good spouse. For a marriage to succeed, each couple has to be selfless and not selfish to the other person.

I will invite them to be open during the discussion so that the best solution can be found to their problem.

I will tell them that what God has put together, no one has the right to put asunder; and this includes them. They have no right according to God’s plan, to tear their marriage apart.

That God never makes a mistake to bring two people together;

That before putting them together, he knew they were the best for each other.

Hence, nobody in this world can be as good for them as each other.

I will tell them the devil is very cunning. He doesn’t like to see a good thing and so each time he sees a good thing, he will look for a way to poison people’s minds against it so as to destroy it.

Then I will invite them to open their minds and hearts to each other so as to resolve the conflict and move forward as a couple.

I will tell them that the devil is not happy when he sees husband and wife reconciling after a quarrel or misunderstanding.

I will tell them not to give the devil a chance to succeed; that one tool the devil uses is pride. He will fill your heart and mind with it so that you don’t listen to your spouse; so that you think that listening to your spouse is like conceding defeat; so that you remain uncompromising.

I will tell them that they should take the responsible decision to resolve their misunderstanding; that people who have a conflict and do not resolve it are irresponsible and cowards.

After taking the decision to work things out, they should forgive each other, then very sincerely look at the problem and see what solution they can bring to it.

I will tell them it will not be easy; but if they are committed and bring God into it as their senior partner, they will get the right answer.

I will ask that if they really like their problem solved, they should fully open up and be fair to each other.

At this point, I will say a very special prayer for them.

By this time. I think they should be feeling better about each other which and better ready to find a lasting solution to their problem.

I see people who are called to help a couple resolve their conflict doing the opposite.

What you need most is to get them into a state of mind and heart to solve their problem.

Once you get them into this state, you can thank God. But if you immediately jump to let each one pour out their bitterness, you will get a good dose of them, but which will only lead you to a dead end.

After preparing the field this way, I will them offer them the chance to speak. But I will caution them against hate language, language that hurts as it is not meant for people whom God has brought together. I will encourage them to show mutual respect as that is the way Christians are called to talk to one another.

After listening to them, I will decide how to proceed, avoiding to make any of them see themselves the evil person.

In the end, gathering from what they shared, I would say how God expects husband and wife to live; how when you wrong your spouse you should be courageous enough to say “I am sorry!”, and when your spouse says ” I am sorry “, you should readily forgive.

This is my approach. I do not know how you feel about it. Kindly let me know. What do you propose as a way to handle marital conflict?

Is my approach worth trying out?

Why do African leaders stick to power?

Has you ever asked yourself the question as to why African leaders like to stick to power?

It is a normal thing for African leaders to stay in power for life. There are only a few exceptions. And in some cases, they only leave because they are forced to do so.

This is an issue Africans need to put more and more on their discussion agenda. It is imperative that we put an end to this eternalization of people in power.

So how do we explain that once a black man gets to power, he never wants to leave to make way for others?

Let me start the discussion by advancing my own points.

  1. Lack of educated minds: Someone with an educated mind knows and accepts that they are not the only person in their community. They know we share the earth with others who also have a right to be here. We do not have to be selfish or greedy. We have to have a spirit of sharing. The selfish instinct in most African leaders is very strong to the point of greed. Many African leaders are greedy. They don’t want to share power.
  2. Power is sweet. Power is sweet and once somebody tastes it, it becomes hard to give it up unless there is real serious pressure to step down.
  3. Weak constitutions. The constitutions of African countries are generally weak and give room for manipulation. The leaders change them at will to legitimize their long stay in power.
  4. Weak institutions Governing institutions like the Parliament, the Senate and the judiciary. are and not free and are manipulated.
  5. Unscrupulous leaders: Many African leaders are unscrupulous. They don’t listen to their consciences.
  6. Fear: Many African leaders are ruled by fear of the unknown. What will happen when they leave power? They could be jailed for all the atrocities they committed while in office.
  7. Western Masters: At times, the Western masters want a particular person to continue in power to facilitate things for them.

These are the points I have. Please, keep the ball rolling. Give your comment or add to the points advanced here.

50 things husbands like to get from their wives

  1. Sex is one thing that all husbands want to get from their wives.
  2. Respect is very important as well. No man takes disrespect from his wife well. Don’t be rude
  3. Affection: Show him affection. Show that you care about him.
  4. Hold his hand in public.
  5. Leave love messages often;
  6. Massage his shoulder as a sign of love.
  7. Give him unexpected kisses.
  8. Tell him how much you love him;
  9. Mind your language.Use loving, and kind and respectful words to talk to him.
  10. Forgiving. Men make mistake and love wives who are forgiving.
  11. Patient: Men love patient wives.
  12. Cheer him up when his spirits are down;
  13. Tell him you’re sorry when you hurt him.
  14. Make Him know you believe in him;
  15. Recognize his talent; and make him know it.
  16. Be supportive. Do not ignore when he is struggling to achieve a dream. Make his dream your dream.
  17. Encourage him to excel.
  18. Make him feel like a man. When he is down, lift him to be a man. Sometimes financial help plays
  19. Make him know you understand him.
  20. Appreciate him
  21. Affirm him.
  22. Compliment him often.
  23. Tell him often how good he looks.
  24. Tell him you admire him.
  25. Accept him.
  26. Do not try to change him by pressurizing him.
  27. Love. Despite his flaws
  28. Let go when you differ. Don’t always try to win and stand as the more brilliant person.
  29. Don’t always push too much for a chat.
  30. Listen to him when he talks. Don’t interrupt to oppose.
  31. Avoid making negative comments about him.
  32. Be considerate.
  33. Be positive.
  34. Stop competing with him and trying to make everyone around know that you are the one calling the shots.
  35. Be honest with him to earn his trust.
  36. Be a friend
  37. Mind how you talk especially if you have an.
  38. Don’t take him for granted .
  39. Make sacrifices for him. Offer presents.
  40. Use kind words to talk to him even when you have a disagreement.
  41. Show him gratitude daily.
  42. Avoid confrontation;
  43. Leave anger aside.
  44. Don’t be extravagant.
  45. Selfless: husbands love selfless not selfish wives.
  46. Husbands love wives who are open. Do not let him be guessing things that concern you.
  47. Be patient. Husbands love their wives to be patient with them.
  48. Hiding to call: Don’t hide to make or answer calls or hide your password from him.
  49. Clean, neat and organized.
  50. Love progress. Many husbands love wives who love progress and work hard for it.

What husbands want from wives

I promised to write a post on what husbands expect from their wives.
I think it is so important to know this post. Such knowledge will guide the men, or better still, it will guide many men and also women.

A lot of wives will be better wives if they know what husbands want from their wives.

This will make better couples, and better families, leading to better societies.

If you live in ignorance, you will die in ignorance. If you are enlightened, you will be enlightened.

I will keep to my promise to write this post to enlighten both husbands and wives on this subject.

But I cannot do this alone. I need your help to do it. I need information from you. Let’s write this post together. Many hands make work lighter.

If you know anything that husbands like their wives to be doing to or for them , kindly let me know.

Send that to me as a comment. If you are a man, you can make a good contribution to this topic. What do you want from your wife?

I hope to get many responses.

Thanks in advance for joining me to write a great post.

30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy

These are 30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy:

  1. Give money to your wife.
  2. Buy for her clothes and shoes and jewelry.
  3. Tell her you love her.
  4. Show her you love her.
  5. Be faithful to her. Have no other woman and don’t cheat on her.
  6. Give her tender, loving touches often.
  7. Appreciate her work in the house.
  8. Appreciate her cooking after every meal.
  9. Appreciate her in public and raise her in front of others.
  10. Encourage her.
  11. Support her.
  12. Call her names of endearment.
  13. Take her out from time to time for enjoyment and quality time.
  14. Don’t gossip about her.
  15. Don’t run her down especially in public.
  16. When you have a misunderstanding, be careful and avoid damaging and hurtful words.
  17. Don’t embarrass her.
  18. Don’t threaten her.
  19. Don’t blame her for every thing that goes wrong in the house or with the children.
  20. Respect her.
  21. Do not bypass her and go and tell your plans to your friends and other women.
  22. Don’t pretend.
  23. Show an interest in her work.
  24. Make her know that you are proud of her.
  25. Make her feel needed, desired.
  26. Make her know that she satisfies you sexually.
  27. Don’t put you family members ahead of her.
  28. Don’t take orders from your mother and give her.
  29. Don’t spend money. carelessly on drinking while the family suffers from financial hard ship.
  30. Don’t ignore her when she is angry.

You probably have something to add. Please, do.

If you have a comment to make, you are welcome.

The next post will be on what every women needs to do to keep her husband happy.