OutCST community-Poetry(Penterdive)-“H2O”


The century brings forth wonders,
Imagination of eternal life and good living,
No challenges, no wounds nor ulcers,
The stupid thought makes the line to keep moving,
Pollution, to what we need for that good living,
Artificial intelligence brought to us good as well bad,20081120-noorani-mw15-002-910_0
Oil from our factories that will kill our food,
Those same factories that use that water.

What will happen when it all goes dry,
No more food, no more factories,
No more strength, no more life,
Protect the water and minimize use,
It might leave us when we really need it.


(OOTO) OUTCST community-Chapter 1.1

An OUTCST acknowledges the fact that he/she cannot be someone else and nobody can be them.
An OUTCST refuses to copy from others and recognizes his/her own unique talents and gifts from God and use that to create themselves.
An OUTCST looks for different multiple solutions to basic societal problems other than the conventional solutions other people use for the various problems in the society.Hence,he/she creates solutions to basic problems.
An OUTCST recognizes who he/she is as a talented person who does not separate him/herself from other people but seperates his/her mind from other minds.
An OUTCST is Out Of The Ordinary-OOTO
An OUTCST is Different
An OutCast is Creative