I’m Setting Myself Up for Failure

I'm setting myself up for failure
To venture into the unknown is like jumping into a precipice. As human beings, we are hardwired to stay within the pack and be safe. Yet creative minds have the tendency to roam into uncharted territories. It’s their way of letting out the Beast within that seeks expression.
Each of us, at some point, give in to the wishes of this Beast. Whether prepared or not, we start the pursuit to please this longing. For there is no right time to follow the call, we just have to say yes when the bell rings. This is where I am at this very moment: on the takeoff for my first ever book. (Yehey!)
But outcome must be faced realistically. While the way to a successful endeavor is to embrace positivity that everything will turn out as expected, there is no denying the fact that failure is the other side of the coin. We may work our butts off till dawn, but destiny is not in our control. We may have faith, yes; we may pray hard, yes; we may have all the resources, yes, but our fate lies in a Power beyond our human understanding. He alone knows when to give us the limelight, and when to hold it.
Dealing with the possibility of failure is one motivator of success. It is the fear of what could go wrong that pushes us to do the things right and do whatever it takes to achieve success. And when failure is what we find at the end of the road, we have to embrace it in all its ugliness, for another adventure awaits us: to start all over again and apply the lessons that failure brings.
For now, as an amateur, as I am, I’m doing everything I can to bring about the outcome that I hoped to be.
Wish me luck!
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Kindness Unlimited

Purposive Writer

Kindness unlimited
Are you kind? I often hear angry people say, “I’ll be kind if you’re kind. But when you’re mean, I’m as mean as you.” Competition it is. This is an attitude of people who wants to be understood than to understand. But I don’t want to judge anyone. Each one has his own story to tell. What I’ll be telling now is my story of kindness and how magnanimous it is.
Kindness is beautiful. I’m unsure whether it is learned or a gift given to someone at birth. I’m glad to have a fair share of it. Perhaps it’s one of my innate qualities. Or, maybe a gift that I could give to anyone who needs it. But, hey! I’m not that kind twenty-four seven. Or else, you’d be talking to a saint. I also have my qualms. Or so it seems I’ve tamed myself that much. Okay, enough about me…

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When Discomfort Happens

Purposive Writer

when discomfort happens

A not so beautiful morning starts on the night before

Early this morning I felt a bit rough. I didn’t feel alright upon waking up.
While ruminating for what had I done to wake up like this, I remembered what transpired the night before. I ate dinner at past seven and had eaten lavishly. I gave in to my indulgence. Sometimes the pleasure of the moment is joyful to devour than the pain of the consequence. And I paid my bargains with a high price.
Wise men kept telling us to have dinner before six P.M. and avoid being too full. They are right.

Should not be feeling urgh

Because I was conditioned to start the day right and did rituals that could make my day right, I resent myself so much for what I feel. I keep saying to myself, “No, I shouldn’t be feeling this! This…

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Be Present

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Be present

Some days are gloomy, others sunny. Figuratively. But be not carried away by life’s changing seasons and ebbs. They do not matter much. What matters much is your every breath, your every smile, your every tear in each of the seasons.

You’re designed to live a life so full. Universe does not say a full life is one free of pain or sorrow. To live fully is to be present whatever season your life is in. Your life’s seasons is not dependent on your environment. It’s dependent on where you are in your state of life. Whether you are in spring where your life is just budding; in summer where your days are longer and you think only of relaxation and fun; in fall where you’ve matured much and let go of excess baggage in your life; in winter where everything around is cold, like people and relationships, and all…

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The Importance of Finding Your Individuality

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one-thing-leads-to-another-everything-is-connected-quote-1Image Credit

There is nothing more comforting than when you are connected with others. This connection makes you more secure, more accepted and gives you a sense of belongingness. However, this connectedness must not limit you to your individuality.

At some point in your life, you need to distance your beloved self from others in order to see the bigger things that are specifically designed for you. Because when you’re going with the flow all too often, you sometimes get lost in the crowd. You are one with it, yet not quite feeling in it.  While going with the flow offers less resistance, going against it creates friction and discord in your perceived outcomes. But, should you continue the road to least resistance even when you’re not designed to fit in that arena?

if-you-walk-in-the-footprints-of-others-you-wont-make-any-of-your-own-quote-1Image Credit

Choosing to follow your own individuality might be daunting, but before giving up, consider the following…

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5 Elixirs of Creativity That Fire Up Your Creative Genius

5 elixirs of creativity that fire up your creative genius

At times the writing muse would evade us, just like it does today. But I don’t want to be defeated. Creativity should always be present, whether an inspiration strikes or not. This is such a beautiful world, that when our eyes fail to see what we want to see, we could borrow others’ insights on things we want to have a grasp upon.

So now, let me talk about the elixirs of creativity that others saw, used, and shared gratefully. Here are five of them:

1. Read

In my blog writing, I rely heavily on the Daily Post’s daily prompts. The prompt for today is elixir. I like the word. It sometimes is a subject in movies. You know, those stories wherein the villain would go back to the past and do everything it takes just to get that potion that promises him eternal life. But I could not write about that kind of story here. It’s just not my forte. So, I resorted to reading to gather some creative grains. One place I love is Quora. What I found is the topic about the elixir of creativity. Thus, I am sharing it here. When you’re stuck, not only in writing but in any industry that you are working on, read more on that subject, and new ideas by others would inspire you.

2. Clear your mind

Before starting to write this piece, my mind was filled with thoughts of self-doubt. I could not just say: Hey, be positive, those thoughts are negative. Get it out of your system. No. Clearing one’s thoughts from negative thinking requires much effort than that. What I did was I opened my online journal—it’s in Evernote that I may access it anywhere. Then I started to write everything that’s in my mind, positive or negative.  I just let it all out into the open. When I poured everything out, I slowly felt alright. I have not the answers to my questions, but the thought of letting things be at the moment is quite refreshing. What’s more exciting is the fact that I am doing something that prevents me from being defeated by doing nothing at all. As Benjamin Hardy puts, “Action is the inspiration.”

3. Listen to others

When companies want to produce creative pursuits, they brainstorm their team. They encourage each one to offer ideas, even the craziest ones that they could think of. Others even employ the six thinking hats method in order to see things in different angles. When I get angry, I ask my kids what kind of punishment they want to receive. This way, I am still creative in dealing with them and not be consumed by my irritation. Listening to others spark creativity in you every time.

4. Discomfort

I produced my most soulful writings when I am physically, or mentally stressed. I see discomfort as a sign that says a creative genius in me wants to get out. It is the pathway through which when opened, all the stresses would withdraw. Instead of fighting discomfort, turn it around to your best advantage.

5. Share your story

We love stories. WordPress created this hub that we may share our stories and validate our feelings by relating with each other. People cry over the stories in movies. I even cried after reading a facebook post of a child who lost his mother. The story was backed with photos of the child hugging his mother’s coffin, sitting beside the coffin and sleeping beside it as well. So share your story. Whatever it is; it ripples with people who would look at their life and find much deeper meaning that’s triggered by your own. I believe there is no boring story. Even animal stories are exciting.

I hope you are now fired up. Your creative genius is just there hiding. Call it. Bring it out into the open and see how wonderful it feels to produce something that enables others to see their creative geniuses too.

Much love,


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A Better Perspective

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A Better Perspective

We see things not as they are, but as where we are.

When I quit my job January of this year, I felt I was being done an injustice. And many sympathized with how I felt. According to our labor laws when an employee voluntarily resigns from his/her job, the employer is not obliged to give him/her a separation pay other than when it is already the custom of the company.

In my case, those who resigned before me in the same company were given a separation pay. Thus, I presumed I would also receive the same. Unfortunately, I received none other than what was solely required by law.

Most of my co-employees encouraged me to bring the matter to the labor authority. They believed which I also believed that my previous employer’s reason was personal. I ruminate this thought for quite a while, since I know if I would…

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