Warning If You Track Church Attendance: The Numbers Are Lying to You



There is much conversation in my church right now about whether we are a declining church body and whether or not we will survive this decline. So, purveyors of statistics tell us that we are in for a long slow, steady dip before we hit rock bottom and recover. Not exactly the message you want to hear if you are a believer faithfully caring out the work Christ left the church to do.

Warning If You Track Church Attendance: The Numbers Are Lying to You


The LIGHT of Christmas Dispels Our Dark Days of Doubt


“So, Jesus said to them, “The light is among you for a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you. The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going.” John 12:35 The Christmas season is a common time to feel like you are drifting through life. Maybe you have been there too. [ 711 more words ]

The Light of Christmas Dispels the Dark Days of Doubt


The Light in the Dark Days of Depression


“I am the light that has come into the world. No one who has faith in me will stay in the dark.” John 12:46 Everybody has dark days. You know those times you don’t wish or can’t get out of bed. You’re afraid to face the world. You are scared to face your anxiety, your depression, your anguish, your demons. You don’t feel like it’s worth the effort. [ 736 more words ]

The Light in the Dark Days of Depression

How Facebook Can Damage My Relationships


A quick thought for the day: Be careful not to put all your emotional hurts and pains on Facebook and social media. The honorable thing, the biblical thing, is to talk with the one who has wronged you.

How FaceBook Could Ruin My Relationship?



What Millennial Parents Want in Education for their Children


This post is a summary of a presentation I gave at a teacher’s conference in the fall of 2017. The presentation was on what do millennial parents want in a Christian day school. Some of you are thinking they want what everyone else wants, right? Well not so fast. Because this generation is not as grounded in faith as previous generations there is a shift in what they value and desire for their children. [ 885 more words ]

What Millennial Parents Want in a Christian School


Is Hip-hop the Key to Connecting with Today’s Teens


An Interview with A Christian Hip Hop Artist? A Brief History of Hip Hop Becky Blanchard writes this about Hip Hops beginnings. “Hip-hop music is generally considered to have been pioneered in New York’s South Bronx in 1973 by Jamaican-born Kool DJ Herc. At a Halloween dance party thrown by his younger sister, Herc used an innovative turntable technique to stretch a song’s drum break by playing the break portion of two identical records consecutively. [ 905 more words ]


How We Deal with Grief is a Reflection on How We Understand Heaven


On November 1st every year the church stops to give thanks to God for all the Saints who have gone before us. It is a time to remember all those special people that He put in our lives, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, grandchildren and friends. All these special saints that were witnesses to us. I want to take time in this post to honor them for their walk with God and to thank God for sending us such a great cloud of witnesses.