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The truth about my journey to self-love, self-care and building my self-esteem.

When people talk about self-love, all you hear is “Treat yourself. Be your number one fan. Don’t count on anyone else but you” and while this could be a step, there is a whole other world to explore: the inner self. And what people forget to mention is, finding your way to self-love will hurt. You will discover some not-so-beautiful parts of yourself. You will understand you have work to do. But that is the beautiful part: it will be so worth it in the end. No matter how much you try to polish your outsides, what dwells within will always surface and reveal the truth and real you; or at least the issues you’re trying so hard to hide. Self-love is so much bigger than the surface level of temporary relief like brunch and spa days. It is a whole process of discovering who you are, accepting your flaws and imperfections and it takes consistency, devotion, resilience and patience with oneself….

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