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People, I try, I really…

People, I try, I really do, to visit everyone but attempts go in vain when there is too much going on around me… but rest assured that I will find you and if you’re good, I am gonna put you in my ‘Collection’… Today, I am here to see if any (would be good if…

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His is the oldest barber’s shop on the Crossing Street road. Long before there were others. With nothing fancy but two wooden chairs and simple mirrors at the back, side and front wall. Fresh newspaper lying on the side wooden bench that had many cracks in it with a few holes here and there. A souvenir, something…

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The Hero Within Us: A Perception or Alternate-Self

Why do we need an alternate perception of ourselves. You know what I mean? Don’t you?
May be since our childhood everyone has talked about that one person – in the center of the story – the Hero. What about others? Can hero do everything that he wants without others’ help? Is his role more significant than those living around him? And is he an ultimate destination of individual traits?
More importantly, does everyone want to be like him and leave their own characteristics, responsibilities, roles and aspirations behind just to attain a ‘portrayed-perfection’ of social and interpersonal qualities?

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D+14 Days Of Camping In Hills

Republishing an old post to relive an adventure. Read-through to experience the thrill! Click on the title below: Living Out There: The Tale Of The Patwa-Dangar Camp 6 Kms to the south of Haldwani is Patwa Dangar, a place so high that you could touch the clouds with raising your hand just above the shoulders. This is sort…

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Wisdom; me.

Wisdom comes in unexpected ways. Thanks to a lot of books, I’d read, I knew this fact far earlier than I understood its true meaning. What might be counted as mistakes, I managed to convince myself as being so obvious learning curve. So here I stand, today, not knowing if I am overlaid layers of…

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Blurry Faces of the city

Blurry Faces of the city is a series of illustrations of the people who are living around us but are rarely noticed and acknowledged in mainstream. I have attempted to see their lives and struggles as they go through the ordeals to keep themselves and their dependents alive – in hope for a better tomorrow.…

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