Beauty is not a choice…it’s inborn


Beauty lies in your #Vision & Every creation is a #Beauty

Every creation is a beauty & I strongly believe in my own #Ethics.

You just need a pair of beautiful eyes 👀 to see through.

I love ❤️ this shot with a “Pakha” as we Bengalis & Odiyas from Eastern India we call this hand flanked instrument made from Palm leaf.

Again I would repeat “It’s your own beautiful eyes 👀 that creates a Beauty around you only”.


Dedicated to all photographers & Model shooters across the Globe.


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“Live for a PASSION in LIFE…..Live for a CAUSE in LIFE”.

Let live with a Passion



It sounds too good……”But most of us just live for ourselves“.

“The little better One’s live for their own family”.

“Still better One’s live for their community”.

“The Thinkers live for the Nation and they consider “The Whole Nation as a Being” whom they love ❤️ like their own Mother and live for a cause”.

It is not necessary to be a Great man to think differently or act differently but it needs a COMPASSIONATE HEART❤️ to think about good for others”.

In the time of crisis it’s your feelings for others that makes you stand apart from the rest.A cause adds life to life-style with a dignity.Live for a PASSION in LIFE…..Live for a CAUSE in LIFE”.CreativeSiba

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Try-True-Trust….The New Mantra



Try-True-Trust….The New Mantra

Certain words play a vital role in our Life…


Try is the synonym of not accepting failure & once you are sure of not accepting failure I swear no one can fail you in reaching your Goal.

True is being true to self and to all deeds we do…KARMA is meaningful with a potion of being TRUE to it.Sincerity yields as long as you are sincere every KARMA has a far reaching meaning.

Trust is word of OCEANS and trust on self and in KARMA always will build up the right CONFIDENCE to reach the DESTINATION.

Life is a JOURNEY & we all are here on this BLISSFUL journey of LIFE to accomplish LOVE & COMPASSION in each of our WORDS & DEEDS.

I am personally thankful to Sri D Sahoo my GM for his inspirational morning wish

#Thoughts put to #Words


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Badal te hue Tum….बदल ते हुए तुम

Published a new #Poem as #Author

Badal te hue….tum

बदल ते हुए……तुम

Kabhi ye bhi lagta tha ki

कभी ये भी लगता था की

Tum nahi badlo ge chahe duniyaतुम नहि बदलो गे चाहे दुनिया बदल ना जाए

Kyu na badal jaye

क्यूँ ना बदल जाए

Ye bhi dekha ke jab hamey sahurat

ये भी देखा के जब हमें सौहरत

Milta tha wo tumhi the jo

मिलता था वो तुम्हीं थे जो Badh chadh ke tarifon ki barishबढ़ चढ़ के तारीफ़ों के बारिश Bhi kartey the per aaj aisa kyuभी करते थे पर आज ऐसा क्यूँ

Lag raha hey ki wo din aaj kitna badal gaya

लग रहा हे की वो दिन आज कितना बदल गया Tumhari to namo nishan tak

तुम्हारे तो नामो निशान तक

Ajj dekhne ko nahi milta

आज देखने को नहीं मिलता

Kahin ye Jalan to nahi

कहीं ये जलन तो नहीं

Ya me sayad galat hun

या में सायद ग़लत हूँ

Per jab bhi soch ta hun

पर जब भी सोच त हुँ

Hasi ata hey ke mey to

हँसी आता हे में तो

Tumse nahi khud se ladhai

तुम से नहीं ख़ुद से लडाई

Ladh ta tha ta ki mey khud se

लड़त। था त। की में ख़ुद से

Jit sakun per tum sayad soch

जीत सकूँ पर तुम सायद सोच

Baithe ki hum kahin tum se age na badh Jayen

बैठे के हम कहीं तुम से आगे ना बढ़ जायें

Bah re duniya bah bah

बाह रे दुनिया बाह बाह

Teri bhi Andaz kya kehna

तेरी भी अन्दाज़ क्या कहना


Indian Bridal Beauty…..a Photo Shoot

Beauty is a Domain….


Indian Bridal Beauty….a Photo Shoot.

Capturing the Beauty in Frames only a photographer can make it happen.

Though that was my first Indoor-Photo session but thanks to the Studio so well equipped with proper lights and my friend Anindya Dey who made all the arrangements and I would like to thank the Make-up artists and last but not the least “The Model” so charming young Bengali lady.

Dedicated to all PhotoBloggers as well as Indoor-Photographers and I am sure you will love the picture.


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Model Photo Shoot…My #First #Experiences in a #Studio

A Different Story….Model Photography


Model Photo Shoot…My #First #Experiences in a #Studio

Since a long time a very close friend of me MrAnindya was inviting me for Bridal/Model shooting but due to my hectic official schedules I could never make the ends meet.

On a Sunday morning on his invitation at last I got my feet there in the studio and I would say it’s classic studio with all modern lightnings of various ambiances perfect for bringing the right tone & texture to the shot.

Mr Anindya a Brand Ambassador of #NikonIndiaLimited I would thank him may be he had an inner instinct that I could give results to his satisfaction & he is a Professional guy I can assure.

It’s a “Typical Indian Bengali Bridal photo-shooting” and as a professional ethics I would not disclose the name of this beautiful #Model and the way she was posing under the lights really stunned me.

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C O N T R O V E R S I A L…let’s Debate with an Open Mind



C O N T R O V E R S I A L…let’s Debate with an Open Mind

Both we as #Men & #Women are that part of Animal Kingdom with virtues like…a most #Hyper active #Brain and we have #Emotions that no other #Animals do posses.

We are blessed with #Rationale to judge the situations and take appropriate steps to over come it.

Men are by #Birth more simple but have a tendency to #Cheat when ever being in to a #Chance which #Women lack in their #Attitude in most provided both are in the same #Situations.

Men walk with an open mind to judge the happenings with a comparatively #Broader mind…I would say rather and that necessarily should not mean #women lag behind in this but I meant it to a greater extent.

#Men are more or less #Revengeful though #Women are icons of #Compassion.

The #Irony is…

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