The Click I took on a Sunny day at Eco-Park Kolkata few days back mesmerizes me a lot.The Sun creates magic if you have right eyes to show case Nature’s Beauty in a right way.

Capturing an object with shadows of horizon and landscapes behind in a mystic way is nothing but I call it SILHOUETTE.The above Shot is exactly that…..a Boat on foreground with two layers of distinct landscapes as if giving a 3D effect and it’s a pure game of shooting against Sunlight.I have tried just to put few words to my feelings behind the Photography & rest is on you my viewers to think upon.

Dedicated to all Street and Landscape Photography lovers.


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Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Bird Paradise


Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi is the unique Bird sanctuary in Odisha (India) where more than 2.5 lakhs of birds (both resident and migratory) having about 168 species visit during winter season starting from mid of October till mid of March.However peak season starts from December till 2nd week of February when most of the Bird watchers,Scientists and Photographers visit this unique village in Dist Khurdha Odisha.

The place was quite different prior to the year 2000 when the local villagers were engaged in poaching of different extotic migratory birds for petty sum to live their livelihood.

The man who changed the place is Sri Nanda Kishore Bhujabala a local resident from Tangi who is presently Vice-President of “Wild Orissa” an NGO for well being of Elephants , Tigers and conversation of other wildlife.

The legend says he had to fight a lot and being a change in mindset of…

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Rhythm….The Dance Steps



let’s Dance to The Tunes of LIFE

Sometimes Life allures us to sway away with the flow of Wind…..

Into the Whirlpool and most of just get confused what to do and what not to…….

 These lies the real “WISDOM”

The ones with the prudent minds allow themselves to be swayed away with the flow of Life and the rest start resisting and leading to nowhere….

At times why not DANCE with the TUNES of LIFE….

After all it’s a STAGE we all are destined to play our ROLE and go back to Eternity.

Don’t ever hang on to a Belief that We will be here after the show ends”We all are just Mortals here to play to the tunes of Almighty”

Let’s Smile and smile away the Bad times and the more We frown the more we invite Misery in our…

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Abstract Photography #3 Beads of Chime

It’s Different


The Hanging Chimes

Any object can look beautiful if clicked the right way.Abstract Photography is itself a vivid subject and not going much deep in to the controversy I would say I add emotions to every click of mine.

Recently I had been to an International Trade Fair in Kolkata  and while hopping between  stalls from various parts of India and many other countries this pavilion of Indian Handicrafts really caught my attention.

To be precise we can compare Colors of  Life with the Colors of the Bids…..hanging with the Bells…..always warning to be on the right Path.

I hope this click of hanging chimes will definitely allure you & I would love to dedicate this shot to all Beauty Lovers.


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Naughty Boy Pihu….our cute African Grey Parrot

Pihu…My African Grey


Naughty Boy Pihu….our cute African Grey Parrot

It’s a long story how me and wife adopted this African Grey Parrot when he was hardly 3 months old baby and even his feathers were yet to come in full swing.

I pamper him a lot and almost it’s my daily routine to serve Pihu apple 🍎 in the morning and prepare oats meal 🥘 for him at bed-time.

Though sometimes he insists for our dinner even for a share.

Naughty Boy…indeed a Naughty one ☝🏾 and wife says…….

He is as naughty as I am…..Even sometimes we both fight….heheheee when I am little negligent in taking care of Pihu.

Even wife can understand his mood for a shower intermittently on a fortnightly interval.

img_9253.jpgPihu really enjoys Shower time. We are happy Pihu is with us just like our own baby.




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Wildlife at Chilapata

Wild Life at CHILAPATA


C H I L A P A T A……Wild Life
Chilapata near Hasimara in WB India a most beautiful destination for Nature lovers & birders.

If you are lucky🍀 you have a fair chance to get such a glimpse of a Baby👶elephant with its parents.

The Colourful watch Tower will add to your photography euphoria .

Leaf Birds are in quite plenty sucking nectar from blooming wild flowers🌺.

One of my #Best landscape photography frame I have got there with River & Trees 🌲 in the inset 

That was Jan2016 around 23rd , me and my wife both by choice are Nature lovers started for Siliguri in WB and it was pre planned with all necessary vehicle 🚗 and cottage booking at Chilapata .From there we started for Jungle camp accommodation in an Innova and the journey started with lots of scenic ups and downs till we reached…

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Thy name is #Woman

Thy name is Woman


Sensual yet intelligent…thy name is #Woman

Exploring #Women is a #Mistry & is yet to resolve….

Born with #Virtues mixed with #Vices…thy name is #Woman

Born #Tough yet most #Fragile…thy name is #Woman

Emotionally #Rich and born to #Conquer…thy name is #Woman

May be the #Best of #Bests of all creations…thy name is #Woman

You can shed #Tears to heal your #Wound…thy name is #Women

All praises in the name of #Woman


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