Writing A Perfect Blog

Sketches By Nitesh

Ahh, fuck. Yep, that’s exactly how you’ll feel if you can create a perfect blog. A blog with good commercial potential, perfect layout, perfect posts, posts that will satisfy everyone, that will not hurt the sentiments of anyone.


What I’ve learned in last week is simple. A little background on last week, I’ve written certain posts that I am specifically proud of, though I love every single one of my post, the posts that I’ve written in last week are the ones I’ll show if someone asks me to show them some of my selected posts. One hundred and ninety four posts and four of them taught me something profound.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

Sketches By Nitesh

Sting. Alright, as writers, tell me is there anything that stings more than writer’s block? What? No? Yeah, even I agree with you. Let’s be honest, we all have stared at the white screen for hours, banging our head against the wall or table until something good comes to us, something we could write. The act that we call creativity. Sounds familiar?

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What Is It To Be A Hero

Sketches By Nitesh

Usually life takes more than it gives and the sooner you make your peace with that, the sooner you can cherish the little moments. Little moments that truly give you the strength to walk tall through the storm of life. Good people are dying all around. If you think I’m angry, don’t, I’m way past that. I’m something else, a monster maybe. A realist. A pessimist in a world full of optimist.

“I want to ask you something,

Few simple words,

Few words that will destroy everything.

I want to ask

What tears do you hold back?

What are you hiding?

What heaviness are you breathing?

How much pain do you bear?

How much of a lie you are?

Now close your eyes,

And tell me,

Who are you?”

Nitesh Mishra

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What A Follower Means To Me

Do you want more followers? Sorry then, this post isn’t for you.

Sketches By Nitesh

So, my dear readers or as I sometimes like to label you, My silent friend. But I guess I cannot call anyone of you silent any more. These last few days, I’ve been getting more and more comments on my posts. The views and other stats are entirely unchanged but the comment section has improved brilliantly. Now, for example, when I started writing this particular post, I had an entirely different agenda, but these four or five lines have given me an entirely new topic to discuss. Meaningful relationships. Well, hello, Dr. Nitesh. My silent friend, welcome to relationship counselling by Dr. Nitesh Mishra.

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Turmoil of confession

A blog definitely worth your read. What’s in a confession? What are truths and are they any better than lies? Lies that’ll hurt less? Read this and give your concepts another thought. Recommended by Sketches By Nitesh.

A Ray of Sunshine

Life without mistakes, no, it doesn’t exist. So many times I wish I could have lived my life without any mistakes. But you see, life is full of so many exciting twists and turns. And when there are turns, there are chances of making mistakes. however, Its good on its own bad impression.

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Chains of Anger

Sketches By Nitesh

Thorny? Well, how about another introspective post then. One thorn at a time. Now this one, I wrote way back. It’s almost archaic now. It’s unbelievable how angry I use to be, ahh, shit.

We boil at different degrees – Clint Eastwood.

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A Sense of Self

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Sketches By Nitesh

Let’s talk about the most hated topic. Let’s talk about death. What? You thought I’ll talk about Heavy Metal again. Hundreds of thousands of people die every day and we all know that the only absolute in the world is death yet when someone close to us dies, it becomes unbearable to be at peace with this particular thought. You read it anywhere. Almost every book will tell you there are five stages to grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. No one talks about the most difficult one. Guilt. If I had to guess, I’ll say that all of us ends up stuck on the last one without experiencing the remaining five. Guilty because we couldn’t save our friend or soothe their broken soul.

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