In Light to Remember.

In golden shafts of light that come before the objects frame, the sight is seen before you mind before your eyes again. Like shadows we imagine set upon a path we sight, the presence in-reality upon a path of light. In paths of travel light has set your eyes to be assumed, upon the time it takes to see the presence that’s resumed. In mind of thoughts, in passing flight-in memories domain the objects we remember travelled time the way we came. In passage of our thoughts that pass in entity of mind the futures not as daunting in the memory of time. In shadows hanging silhouettes in shapes upon the way, are set before the sun in flight upon the light of day.


Windows to the Sun.

In dancing shapes, the shadows pass upon the walls and frame of windows to the clouds in flight and lightning on the plane. Within the reflex time is cast upon the face within, the timing of the clock that works the thunder to begin. Beneath the teeming rain that pours upon the passing day, the evening lets the ships to set upon the seas they came. In torrent heavy forces bow beneath the windswept calm the storm will bring the seas to sing below a gentle sun.

Mast of The Rising Sun.

In shadows and reflections cast upon the waters face, in moonlight from the darkest night the tides will interlace. In currents sure upon the edge of coasts and reefs we’re bound, within the island continent the southern shores are found. In force that – shifts the ebbing tides upon the waters calm, the waves will lift upon their rift and drift into the sun. Within the passage through the dark in depth before the light, the moon will greet the ships we sleep in dreams within the night. Within the passing of the sun the darkness will be ground upon a bed of entity in spirit of the sound. Inside the silhouettes and shapes upon the walls we pass, in sleep before the darkness sets the rising sun to mast.

Under-Standing of the Nights.

In light before the sight before the paths before the mind, the eyes are set in consequence the shadows have defined. Within the silhouettes we face upon the shapes they’re cast; the shadows will be dancing in the moon upon the cars. Within the limits struck by light by force before the loom, the buildings cast their closed regard upon which we’re consumed. Inside the walls the prisms cast a light upon the dark, of equal set exposure that the sunlight will remark. The evening suns enchantment will be coloured to the ray’s the twilight sets upon the west before the night displays. In dusk as in the waning sun the entity commands, the shadows in the depth of night that darkness understands.

In The Light of Possession.

At dusk the evening moonlight comes to rise upon the east within the shadows passing while the daylight is deceased. Into the west would night time set upon the close of day, the twilight always settled in the mood upon the way. Inside such dreams that spirits cast in shapes before the mind, the shadows are reflecting of the light they are to find. Within the glowing lunar wheel upon the waning sun, the passage through the night will end in time that will become. Upon the dawn of morning light, the sunrise will renew, the skies in trust of knowing what the daylight shall pursue. Upon the settled shadows framed in light upon the west the darkest souls in judgement owe the light they are possessed.

Underneath The Light.

Within the catch of Shadows cast on paths beneath our feet the buildings stand in spectre of the heights above the street. From poles above the lights are set in luminescence of time the darkest lanes are traffic to the depths within the mind. In haunting shadows past by day, the evening would enchant to rise upon the ghosts who long for night to understand. Within the silhouettes of objects risen by the light the shade will set accompaniment the darkness will invite. Beneath the moonlit pathways and the pavements in the dark the night is always showing of the images that pass. In pasts before perceptions caught in fortunes shadows fain, the darkest soul deceptions to before the mortal plane. In spirit as it haunts the flight of visions from within the bells will toll for morning and the sunrise to begin. In dreams of passing wishes long for dawn to come again and traffic from the day before in sight to be the same. Upon the path of angels’ past upon the road we drift as shadows from the past are cast upon the walls they lift. In grounding silhouettes that rise and dwarf the shapes they’re cast the dusk is always knowing of the stars that really last.

Magical Passing Time.

The stars are set in consequence the moon will rise above into the shadows of the sun in conscious light and love. Within the darkness conscience brings in dawn upon the day are shadows set by light that’s met with objects on the way. Within the passage time enflame’s in energies that mast, the day that’s gone into the throng of nights that travel past. Beneath the moonlit silence within solitude and time into the dusk upon the trust in silence of the mind. In passing through the values within fortune of the light the sun will set in silence into wonders of the night. Into the morning sunrise and the dawn upon the way the rising sun is glowing in the entity of day. In magic built upon the quilt of galaxies so far into the universe of time upon a rising star. Into our dreams of flowing rivers coursing to be past the streams are set as seas forget the tides that are forecast.