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Please, Save Yourself.

Few hours back I was getting ready to leave for a wedding and as I’m too addicted to WordPress (or it just had to happen this way) I checked my WordPress reader and saw a fellow blogger asking for help. I reblogged it in panic. And I literally have no words to thank friends from…

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Angel in the Sky..

I look at the sky The deep wash Of black and blue Encrusted with diamonds Challenging darkness With light One of them Caught my eye I know its you With the strongest radiance Still gentle As a feather Just like the sparkle Of your amorous eyes I know its you I just saw a glimpse…

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The Madman Himself

A lot changed the moment I stumbled across a pile of Khalil Gibran books on an old books stall. It was one of those days when sun shines right at the top of your head evaporating your patience, so without much ado i picked 4 of his books. Since then they have been my travel…

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Enjoy Every Passing Frame..

I have been juggling between so many things lately I completely ignored a background I prepared for an art work. i wanted to draw an abstract portrait on it in soft pastels and charcoal (my favourite medium) Here it is.. I must have watched 10 12 tutorials but lacked inspiration. I didn’t know what i…

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