The Price Of Progress

We brag about making all of these technological leaps and bounds
We have a plethora of gadgets, widgets, thingamajigs
Is that really progress?
Are we really any more refined than the cavemen that beat their chests and hunted the animals in the forest?
We continue with the circle of greed and hate and yet we call ourselves advanced
We hunt our fellow-man, we ravage the wildlife, we chop down all the trees
Bravo let’s hear it for progress
In all the years we have not eliminated the constant onslaught of disease, famine or poverty
The poor remain defenceless while the rich continue to scheme and create new ways to take their money
The earth is angry. Can you really blame her?
Throwing more tantrums than a toddler on an all veggie diet
Have we even considered where we will live when we decimate the planet ?
Maybe can build a new one with all the stuff we have created in the name of progress.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire  


Be Yourself Disobey The Rules


Warning this post may contain moments of rambling. My thoughts decided to have a tennis match in my head today.


Sometimes in life, you have to disobey the rules. Now I don’t mean that laws that govern us and dictate how not to be a horrible human being. Although history has shown some of these same very rules, and laws have discriminated and disadvantaged several individuals. If that is not proof enough that we should not blindly follow certain rules,  I don’t know what is. I am specifically speaking about the ”rules ” as perceived by others.
Now I must admit I am quite stubborn and do not take orders very well . Especially ones I do not agree with. Just ask my last two managers; Managers just love opinionated workers don’t they? 

I started blogging about five months ago. Like any good student, I did my research on how…

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Be Of Service


Mahatma Gandhi

There are seven billion ppl on the planet
Some suffer, some struggle not because of lack
Most suffering is a result of us just being selfish
There is enough for each of us
But some want it all
Hoarders, greedy businessmen who do not care if their fellow-man falls by the wayside
War, famine, hate all perpetrated by one goal
To add as many zeros as possible  to your bank account
Gain the world and lose your soul
It is quite admirable how we band together in a crisis
Stories of sharing, caring an out pouring of love all beautifully highlighted
We all have our own issues are own crosses to bear
We become so absorbed with our problems we forget what the true value of life is
There are blessings to be rewarded by simply lending a hand and asking how may I be of service.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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Elevate your mind



What is your mantra?

Is your subconscious a playground full of laughter or a dark cemetery?

Do your thoughts elevate and enrich you?

Or do they leave you paralyzed with fear and haunted by defeat?

Your mind can be your most powerful ally 

Or your most bitter enemy 

You have to believe it to see it 

Hold that vision and attract what you seek 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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In this life, you will learn whether you want to or not. Every day we sit in the classroom of life. We are constantly in evolution and are always presented with lessons. Some we absorb others we ignore. 
Today’s daily prompt is: educate . Here are a few of my thoughts inspired by the word of the day.

E- Everyone deserves the right to a proper education. This applies to formal education and also upbringing. I believe everyone should have a happy home life . In a perfect world this would be the case .  

9003455D- Do your own research . Critical thinking is a must . Open your mind to any and all possibilities. Do not just accept what you are taught .
U- Never underestimate someone’s potential for learning . We all learn differently . Having ”book sense” is not the only prerequisite for a successful life.
C- Curriculum. Can we…

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Saturday musings : We are Limitless


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What do you think is holding you back in life? Is there something you want to go after but can only think of all the reasons why you can’t and won’t achieve it? What if I told you. You were limitless. Would you believe it?
Our bodies are just our home. A home where our soul resides. Think of your spirit as your driving force. Your reason for being. The essential essence of you. That uniqueness that no one else has.
In reality, we are capable of every and anything we desire to do. Just think about it with hard work, imagination and perseverance anything can be achieved. We did put a man on the moon, didn’t we?
We are born with unlimited potential. We burst into the world as a spark but as we grow older I think we are shaped and confined but what others tell us we

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Sucess is in your Dna :Hidden potential


We all have the potential to be great
In some, it is just hidden
Hidden by the insecurities
Thoughts of will he like me, will they accept me
Haunted by the word no, the rejection of past ideas
Daunted by the challenges that everyday life throws in our face
Voices in our heads saying no you aren’t good enough
Thwarted by criticisms disguised as  caring words
You have not got what it takes you will never have the stuff
The stuff that success is made of
Success was not designed for a select few
It’s everyone’s birthright
There for all of us to claim
It all depends on your world view
We all have a calling, a vision, a gift
That was implanted the day we were conceived
Success is in our DNA
Do not the let the words of the naysayers and negative self-talk  drown you out
Tap into your…

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