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Sometimes, things happen in your life that make you Rearrange your thoughts. I think this post by TwistedCynicsChronicles captures that essence.


Although the doofus does not know how to end his work.




img_20161021_161411No picture can truly capture the essence of the world around us. Every speck of dirt and every fallen leaf conveys to us the life that is all around us. So, take a moment to enjoy the beauty.


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Lies: They eat you up inside.

Apprehensive of the plot i’ve conceived,

the seeds i’ve sown,

the lies I’ve weaved.

I swallowed the guilt like a heavy tonic,

I pencilled over the stencil of truth,

a white lie won’t hurt you,

I say as butterflies line my stomach.

I fear the way my eyes betray me,

the tremors in my fingers,

as I open my mouth and let tumble forth,

the distorted reality that I wish you to believe.

A form of chemical madness.

I was born so long ago,
I am an adult.
They keep me down with shouts and warnings,
I am an adult.
I know my road,
and my path is forged by the Gods,
I am an adult.
I tremble with self-awareness and darkness,
That coats my mind,
I am an adult.
But, the wifi is off now,
I have to bow down to my parents masters,
I am a teenager.

MOM: Why you need to Netflix this.

          MOM_LIVING_ROOM_FINAL_SIMP_74bbd37c jpg

                               Recently I’ve been hooked onto this show called ‘Mom’. It is centered around Anna Faris and Allison Janney who play a dysfunctional mother/daughter duo as ‘Christy Plunkett’ and ‘Bonnie Plunkett’.

The story revolves around Christy’s struggle to overcome her alcoholic tendencies and make a better life for her daughter Violet (Sadie Calvano), and her son Roscoe(Blake Garrett Rosenthal). Bonnie, on the other hand is feisty and accepts her past life that is wracked with drug abuse, stints in rehab and her run-ins with the law.

                         Both women become a part of an AA group as they struggle to remain sober. Through this they manage to get support and meet people who get them through times of strife. Through the AA group we are brought into contact with new characters and some interesting stories to boot. Each episode follows new aspects of Christy and Bonnie’s lives and their struggle to overcome all the difficulties that come their way, all while trying to remain up-beat (which they manage to do by being sarcastic).

                          Not only are the lives of the characters cautionary tales, but it also makes for some interesting viewing and is definitely not your typical run of the mill t.v show. The show, as it progresses, brings to light important social issues such as  alcoholism, teen pregnancy, homelessness, gambling addictions, death and drug addiction, which is very eye-opening.
Watch out for some good times, some bad times and some awkwardly hilarious scenes all piled high with sarcasm and innuendos that you cannot escape!


Midnight intruder.

                                   I must admit, I’m afraid of the dark. Everytime the night is upon me I shiver and tremble and my mind is filled with terrifying thoughts. That’s why I sleep with a night-light. Last night was just like any other night. I kept my small fish bowl light on and I tucked myself in well, careful to leave no body part uncovered. You see, Ghostare afraid of blankets (apparently). After doing that, I began to doze off and had just reached that creamy layer of dreamy sleep, when suddenly, I heard a THUMP! I woke up startled!

                       I was terrified, and I strained my ears trying to listen, hoping that the sound was a figment of my imagination. THERE IT WAS AGAIN! I jumped out of bed and looked around searching for a weapon. I took my phone and dialed 911 just incase I needed help, (does the police cater to miserable people being scared witless by ghosts?). I repeated the Pythagoras theorem over and over again softly, it was oddly reassuring. ‘Maybe the ghost is scared of maths?’ I thought, idiotically. As I tiptoed down the stairs with my heart beating wildly, I thought about all the boys I had kissed (none) and all the pizzas I would never be able to eat. That’s when I saw it, an eerie light coming from my kitchen. I could feel my skin prickle and I felt like vomiting, every muscle in my body screamed for me to run away like Usain Bolt. I bolted (hah! See what I did there?) down the stairs, screaming some absolute gibberish, I forgot what I said but it was something along the lines of, ‘DON’T YOU DARE DEPRIVE ME OF PIZZA CASPER!”.

                          I reached the bottom of the stairs and I stopped dead in my tracks, the scary ghost was my younger brother. Turns out he had run away from home and needed a place to stay, and since I live 20 blocks away, I was his best choice. Really though, the lesson I learnt from this was to not give my house keys to my family.

 Hello sweet bloggers let me transport you to another dimension. Now I can only do that through my words, so click on this portal and let’s go!


Blood on her conscience.

                     I’ve been standing here for an hour. I can feel my hands trembling and my knees shaking. My dress is clinging to my body and my heart, I can feel it in my throat. I don’t think anybody has noticed the tiny drops on my dress. It’s too dark in here and nobody is looking at me anymore. It’s funny how one brick in an alleyway can change your life. I feel a bit light-headed now, I think I should go to the ladies room.

                     The music isn’t so loud in here. I hate going to discos, I shouldn’t have come. Why did Amber bring me here? She always wanted to meet men and sleep with them. Disgusting, I’d rather stay at home. My make-up is so smudged, I shouldn’t have cried so much. How did she always manage to provoke me? It’s not my fault that she was a slut. I should curl my hair when I go out next time, I saw a woman here with curly hair and she looked beautiful. Amber would have loved to curl my hair, too bad she’s dead. She should have known to keep her mouth shut. These stains will take forever to get out. I better leave now, it’s almost 8p.m and I need to find a bus stop so that I can go home.

                       Back again in this loud crazy hell hole. Look at these depraved people. Wait! Who’s that? No, I’m just hallucinating. It can’t be her. I better get out of here soon, it’s beginning to get crowded. There she is again! Amber? How can that be? I thought I killed her….

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