My weird ambitions

I’m pretty sure that all you guys have had some kind of ambition when you were young, whether weird or the stereotypical doctors, scientists etc. And I was on the ‘weird side’.

I used to cook up pretty stupid ideas that I wanted to do when I grew up. So, in this blog, we shall take a trip to my eccentric ideas. Buckle up! (Includes pathetic attempts of drawing like a child)


  1. Pilot:
How to draw 101

As we all have, I was fascinated with planes and flights when I was young. My brother used to draw these long, custom designed planes in a notebook. I actually tried to submit a drawing of me as a pilot. But, I wasn’t able to draw as I was really young. I was really bummed by it. Suddenly, my brother comes and offers to help me draw. But oh boy, he finishes drawing the whole thing. I promise I didn’t cry and beg him to draw it. Definitely not. But, I told everyone that I drew it. And my brother agreed with it too!  (to my surprise <3 lol)

2. Eh.. Mall owner..?

Elon chan would be proud

I really like to visit malls. So, I combined my passion for flights with this mall craze and DISCOVERED a CRAZY MALL IDEA! Why can’t I create a mall that was taller than the height of atmosphere? And by achieving that, I can place a helicopter landing pad on top of that! *MIND BLOWN* 9000 IQ! *Hits a fat dab* (elon chan would be proud)

I actually got this idea because my cousin sister told me to. And the first thing she told was, ‘Do you remember that you wanted to build a mall?’



And sorry for the handwriting. I really tried to write like a kid but it didn’t work. Instead, it turned out like the letters in the eyes of the dyslexic.

I probably thought of a 100 different ideas for an ambition, but I remember only these 2.

The moral of the story is that:

                                “You are bound to be weird when you grow up,

                                          If you were like me younger” *laughs hysterically*



A bit longer

Just stay a bit longer.

A bit.

You’re alright.

You’re perfectly alright.

But are you?

My ears go numb.

My hands go numb.

I want to stay a bit longer.

Just a bit.

You can’t!

You’re going to die!

Look how much blood you’re losing!



No I am not.

A litany goes through my heart.

I just won’t.


I am leaving a trail of red coloured juice behind.

Funny, I think. I can feel the wind billowing my shirt out.

I think I can make it!

Total blackness.

Creepy dolls in movies

Horror movies. The kind that fills you with pure dread and makes you empathize the characters in the movie. The kind that makes you experience the trauma and become the character itself.

That’s what they try to do. At least.

There are many good movies like the Conjuring series. (though many don’t think of it as such)

Many movies today try to house a ‘doll’ or a ‘masked man’ into their plot. And today lads, I am going to be talking about these dolls.

Have you ever wondered why the directors now try to make these dolls as a part of their movie or the main character itself?

These dolls are so scary in itself OR they are so innocent and those placid emotions that are in these dolls just spook you out. They don’t just want crappy jump scares or gore scenes. They want you to feel the pure dread. It’s pretty genius actually.

They are just so hollow and calm. When you get to know the abysmal and gore stuff they had done, you feel sick and a bad aura encapsulates you. You think about the murders or whatever-in-the-world thing they did which makes you nauseatic.

But the one thing that scares us the most in life is change. Change towards the worse.

You see, people spend more time dreading about things like these than doing something to stop it. Your mind is very deceitful. And powerful.

Very Powerful.

We all learn Newton’s 3rd law: Every action has its opposite reaction. But oh boy, that does not work with emotions. BUT, your mind can even change that. Your mind is the most powerful thing in the whole entire universe.

It might be surprising to hear this from a 12-yo, but god is you. You are god. Your mind is god.

BUT, there is a thing, a very powerful, supreme thing that created us all. It created life. It created us, homo sapiens. It created animals. It very skillfully crafted our bodies, and minds.

If your mind is god, then just take a second to think of how powerful and skillful the thing that created our minds and bodies would be.

Your fate is decided by your actions.

Your fate is decided by your mind.

I mean, it is the thing that created civilizations.

And destroyed them.

As I say, mind is a powerful thing. Very.

So, get out there and change towards the…




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Why people actually like your blogs (definitely clickbait)

Everyone in the world likes some motivation and encouragement. And as for ‘e-writing’, likes are crucial for getting you going.

You know young blood, blogging and, writing in general is pretty hard. Really. And for an extremely lazy oaf like me, it’s like the world is constantly elbowing you with all it’s might. For the last 3 weeks I was overwhelmed with all the likes and comments that my blog got in ‘Success Inspirers’ World’ (they’ve changed their site design and its pretty slick).

So after this ‘incident’ (you gotta keep it casual, stop crying goddammit), I was really out of ideas for writing a good blog. AGAIN. I know that I say that all the time, but now I really do mean it. I started to write like 3 poems, but I couldn’t finish them. This is the stage of something that I like to call ‘Boy was I wrong about starting this.’

But with a brave heart and few youtube videos, I pulled myself together to write something. And the end result was, as you guessed, me searching books that I would wanna read. Still no progress. So, I started to ask the people I knew, about ideas to write about. Still no convincing idea. So, I asked my friend Arvind, (he is a goddang genius) and he listed some ideas that he liked. I wasn’t sure about it though. So, I didn’t write a blog about the ideas that he listed. But half an hour before, I was ranting about how I was feeling about not having an idea to write about. Then suddenly, he said, ‘Why can’t you write about this- this feeling?’ And you should have seen my face then, it was just like a kid who opened a present.

BUT, it could just have been put up in 2 words: Goddang painful. So, I was thinking of some other idea that could have this ‘feeling’ in it. And I started to read my older blogs. Then I quickly saw the likes I got from the poem ‘The power of music’. Then I got it.

I wanted to just give some ‘advice’. You might be wondering , ’Why do people like only like 1 of my blog and not notice the others?’ and why likes are just illusions that trick you into writing blogs just for them. The answer lies below.




They don’t give a crap about your content, they just do it for followers. UwU.

How to change yourself for the better

Our locality has lotta mosquitoes. I mean a LOT. You could just close your eyes and clap and then BAM! You got some blood and a teeny weeny insect in your palm. But now, things are… changing.

I already wrote a poem about killing mosquitoes that you should really check out (it’s my first poem). So when I was young, I was a PRO at killing mosquitoes. Like no crap Sherlock, I even got the title of “Wenzi Dashi” by my sensei. Thank you, Sensei. That’s such an honor.

Yesterday, I was really out of ideas for blogs and I was in a kind of capricious mood.  So, I decided that I would go to sleep and figure things out later. Ya know the OG Rohit method. Then suddenly, my mum came into the room and said that there were nearly 5 mosquitoes swarming inside the room in the dead of the night. And then, she asked me to kill those mosquitoes. I graciously accepted the offer and took the mosquito bat.  Ah, I felt the surge of power flowing through my hands. When I finally located a mosquito, I noticed a difference. I tried to kill them, but no, they were unusually fast. The usually huger and slower mosquitoes were now ‘agile’, as my mum put it and they sucked blood faster. (I just kinda felt like that)

My mum told me a ‘trick’ to kill these pesky little insects. She told me to switch off the lights for a couple of minutes so that the mosquitoes fly towards us to suck our blood and to switch on the light and kill them. I was very misanthropic and sceptical about this, but still, something is better than nothing. So I tried it. And it worked like magic! When I turned on the lights, I saw 3 mosquitoes scurrying towards the bed. But good ol’ Wenzi Dashi won’t let them live. So I killed them. But even when I swung my bat at them, they seemed to unite and dash for the cupboard. Daanng, I thought. Then I realized that how these mosquitoes changed themselves for the better in just like 3 years. And I thought what I would have to do if I were in a tricky situation like this and change for the better. I thought about it for like a day now, and this is what I came up with.

  1. Don’t fret: The first thing I see someone do (including myself) whenever they get in trouble is they panic. You know what they say, ’Never panic, drink some tonic’. I might’ve made up that last one, but still, you get the point.
  2. Analyze the situation: After you calm yourself down, analyze the situation. Think about what can be done and take your time. If you make one wrong decision, your whole plan may fail. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  3. Do your best: Put your best effort in that and hope for the best.
  4. Learn from your mistakes: Again, analyze your mistakes. See what you can do to change these mistakes of yours.
  5. REPEAT! : As we all know, no one is perfect. So try and be the best of yourself. Always be optimistic and strive for truth.

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The power of Music!

Music heals thy soul,

Of the damndest worries that are attached like a thole,

It makes you see the light,

And makes your life bright,

Music heals thy soul!

Music heals thy soul,

And makes you condole,

Those in blight,

And makes you extol

And makes it your trite!

Music heals thy soul!

Even if it’s dark,

Even if the air is crisp and stark,

Even if the dogs bark,

Music creates a spark,

And makes you embark

On a conquest without a remark.

Music makes you smile,

Even if it was dark erstwhile.



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How to find your way to eternal euphoria.

I really wanted to write an inspirational blog for Success Inspirers’ World, but I just couldn’t think of an idea. When I asked my sister, she replied with a ‘Read their blogs and try to think of ideas, da’.

Not convincing.

And after some time, she asked if I wanted a Ferrero Rocher. That bougie, high-class chocolate that everyone wants to lay their hands on. And naturally, I said ‘Yes, please’.  It was frozen pretty bad so she said to eat it after a couple of minutes. And I have 6 cavities. Yes, 6. Feeling pretty rad, I am like, ‘Bruh, Who cares?’ After I finish it, I think of a brilliant idea! I think, ‘Why can’t I write this experience of mine into an ‘INSPIRATIONAL’ blog, eh?’ So this is how I found the emotions and things you will face to experience eternal euphoria.

Outer Crust- Biting through the outer crust was pretty hard. And with having 6 cavities and it being super frozen, it was that top-top, that north-north, kinda hard. This shows the type of hard work and effort I have to put to experience all the riches of life and nature. It might be super hard, but hang on there bud. It will all be good. If you chicken out or are too afraid to even try, man up bruh.

Inner crust- It is easy to bite, but not too easy. It is sweet in taste, but not too sweet. It hypes me up for the next layer which is eternal euphoria in this sense so that I put in even more effort to get there. No amount of effort is enough effort. I learn from your previous mistakes. I slowly start to get the reward for my hard work.

Chocolatey inner layer- This is the part where I start to feel the reward for my hard work and diligent efforts I put in. I get what I wanted in life. I realize that I am old and should get some rest. And then,



ETERNAL SUFFERING! All of my teeth start to get cavities, in this sense, my body. I can’t do anything. I start to feel devastated and melancholic at the same time reminisce all the things and die in a state of solitude.

And I wake up from my dream, my face damp with tears and go back to binge watch my favourite anime.




You just got click-baited, idiot.