I ask, “Where are you going this Easter Day?” He says, “To ride in the sun, it’s a beautiful day!” He has on his gear, jacket and boots, He now has Wings But I gave him roots- His bike starts up, Va room, Va room, my heart starts to beat bah bah boom, bah bah […]

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When does a Mother’s love Stop?

When does a Mother’s Love Stop? Never. Baby boy, boy joy Baby girl, save that curl Sidewalk chalk and blow’in bubbles Gett’in into scrapes and troubles Car keys, starting to pray Graduation Day Buying for college, visiting the dorm Knowing that this is your new Norm Showing us the shiny ring Getting married hearts start […]

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It’s been seven days since I have written on my blog and it makes me sad. I don’t know how people do it when they work in the service industry with their bodies. It’s so hard to do anything at all when you get off work except fall into bed!! That’s pretty much what I […]

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I was at the grocery store on one of my days off and saw a lady that I sometimes work with. She is five years older than me. (gasp!!) She works for money sometimes and sometimes for wine. We were just exchanging pleasantries and then all of a sudden we discovered that we live so […]

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American Election

I think everyone today is either happy or sad or scared. I think everyone is So Glad that the Presidential election is over even if their candidate of choice didn’t win. I did not stay up to find out. I found out this morning and was very surprised.

I watched both candidates’ speeches as well as the President’s. I think both candidates were quite gracious to one another.

I won’t say who I voted for.

I did cry when I heard Hillary’s speech. I would like to think that when she was young and idealistic and was just beginning her life she really had good intentions. I think that she gave all she could to America. The scandals that have swirled around her for years and years have tainted me a little toward her but at the heart of it, I want to think that she really does care about families and children.

I cried because I thought of how she was mistreated by her husband while she was The First Lady. I cried remembering how determined she was when we she became a Senator. I cried when remembering how she lost the first election she ran in. Losing twice must have been heart breaking.

I was not thinking of the country, I was thinking of Her. No matter what she has or has not done, she is still a person who has traveled the country and the world advocating for women and children and families.

I don’t know if she will stay in politics. I don’t know if that’s in her nature. I do hope she takes some time for herself to heal as well as enjoy her daughter and grandchildren. The past year and a half must have been grueling for her. I pray for peace for her….