I ask, “Where are you going this Easter Day?” He says, “To ride in the sun, it’s a beautiful day!” He has on his gear, jacket and boots, He now has Wings But I gave him roots- His bike starts up, Va room, Va room, my heart starts to beat bah bah boom, bah bah […]

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#4 spends most weekends with her boyfriend at his place that he shares with his mom. Yesterday was their first year anniversary. He is not very nice to her all the time….not like she is to him. I am praying for her, “perfect mate”….which I don’t think is him but who knows?? Maybe he will […]

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When does a Mother’s love Stop?

When does a Mother’s Love Stop? Never. Baby boy, boy joy Baby girl, save that curl Sidewalk chalk and blow’in bubbles Gett’in into scrapes and troubles Car keys, starting to pray Graduation Day Buying for college, visiting the dorm Knowing that this is your new Norm Showing us the shiny ring Getting married hearts start […]

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I had a birthday this week and the funny thing about it was I didn’t want to celebrate my expiration date!! However, my wonderful children bought me a massage, two different journals – one to write in and one to write what I was grateful for, a fabulous eye mask, a lavender candle and “healing […]

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