So glad…

So thankful today that my tummy wasn’t acting up!!  I was able to get out of the house early and run some errands. I stopped by the firehouse where we are supposed to vote tomorrow and also called the voting office to find out their hours. I was anxious I may not have time in the morning as I work tomorrow but they are open until 7 p.m. so I may have a line to stand in, but at least I can still vote!

Now I don’t have to feel like I am being unproductive even though my anxiety is getting the best of me today!!


What is being normal?

What is being normal? That’s what I asked myself yesterday while working. I was watching everyone that was wine tasting, having a great time. Some were just couples trying out wines, several people were on their anniversary, there were several bridal parties….They were laughing and joking and taking pictures and having fun….

As I was sitting on my stool, (which I never do because it is frowned upon but I was not feeling good which is “the usual” for me these days), I was “people watching”.  I was smiling and pouring wine and doing my job but as I was doing all of the necessary tasks, I was thinking, “why can’t I be like them?”….Perhaps they have bad days too. Many were older than me. Maybe they have health issues, maybe they struggle with anxiety, maybe they have experienced the empty nest, but at least they were OUT having fun….I can’t even do that.

I guess I was throwing myself a pity party.  Then of course when the winery closed and we closed and stocked all the bottles for today, I was aching so badly I did not stay and enjoy a glass of wine which is customary for employees to do…I didn’t want to. All the way home I wondered….

What happened to me?

Why can’t I be normal?

Happy thoughts this weekend..

I am thinking happy thoughts this weekend about all of the children who are celebrating Halloween or Harvest Festivals!  Dressing up, getting candy, playing games, love and laughter…..

I hope the parents are enjoying it too as time just flies by!

While thinking these thoughts, I miss when my kids were little and did all of those things this time of year!!

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