Learn and Keep Trying

Orlando Espinosa

We all stumble and we all fall, but not everyone learns and not everyone gets back up. The lesson is: fall, get up, learn and keep trying!

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Serena Dejesus says she is strong with autism not because of autism


Can the autistic declare that their limitations can also be their strengths? Let us read and watchSerena Dejesus testimony about her life.

A great news to the Christians. Draw near to God and God will draw near to us. I have been feeling His presence these days, weeks and even months.

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How do people grow?

Emerging and Development

Questioning self.


Full of “why” questions
Questioning own motives

Aligning myself according to
The Word of God
Questioning own abilities

Learning to identify
Natural abilities and learned skills
That emerge and develop through time

How do people around me view my strengths?
What do they see in me?
Do they see Jesus’ strength in my weaknesses?

Inspiration On: Friday, 20 May 2016

The two days leadership workshop enable me to learn about myself and how my Lord Jesus works through me despite my weaknesses. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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Future Learn

How learning can create a person? Read and experience the transitional phase. I’m experiencing it.


I just finished reading FutureLearn guide. The above quote speaks to me and even inspires me.

May this quote inspires you all.

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Opposite Perspectives

Let’s see from another perspective 😉


Assigned to assist in another department
Entering into the same high security space
Three levels of tight security

Imbues in me
A sense of security and privacy
Towards the consumers

Another colleague
Speak out her view based on media
Many levels of hell

Conclude people often perceive others
Through their own lenses and experiences
Rather than finding out the truth and matter

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thank God for the opportunity to help at my current employers’ warehouse to do stock count for two hours to represent my friend who hasn’t reached office. Grateful joy of working together with a new colleague and other two colleagues. It’s good for mobile phone is not allowed to use inside for the card users’ privacy. A male colleague nicely warn not to touch things not to our area. Or else if things are lost and captured by camera, it will give…

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