Board of Directors

Hello friends! It is our joy to introduce to you members of the Board of Directors of SIWO. We do not have all the information we need so you will not find all the Board members here today. Secondly, we have not had the photos of some Board Members. We hope to give you all that as the days go by.

1. 20170801_140641(1).jpg“Timeless Classics” poet Ana Daksina has had a lifelong compulsion for
gathering valuable bits of information along her travels through our
and universe, and passing them on to appropriate readers.

In the days before computers, she kept enormous collections of
cross-referenced 3X5 cards, in homemade cardboard trays, for this
Even so, reaching appreciative readership in that day constituted a
overwhelmingly prohibitive to success.

Now, thanks to the new WordPress mobile app, she can do all of this
work upon a single inexpensive handheld device — She is delighted that thanks to “our
host at Success Inspirers World,” she can now use that app to forward
from across the Web to a large readership of quality. To her, “It’s a match made in heaven.”

2. img032(1).jpg“Greetings I’m True_George
I’m an explorer of the human mind and spirit. Some may say I have romantic notions I’ve done many things in life
and seen how people persevere in stressful environments during the times of war and peace. I make my living has a Government bureaucrat administering overseeing the dispensing of aide that is provided to the vulnerable people in our great City of New York and I’m humbled to be chosen to be a a board member of Success Inspires World.”
3. 20170701_184021

“I am Erika and I am living in the little Principality of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe.
I am the author of 5 books, have certificates in several physical and energetic healing techniques, and I improved my medial skills through reading cards, and other methods. I am a public speaker and teacher of workshops and seminars.
You are light – shine! God bless you!”

WeChat Image_20171127121416 (2).jpg

“A human being, an over-thinker, and an islander (Mauritian of Indian descent), I love to learn and I am learning to love myself through my experiences while studying in China. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Financial Mathematics, which should mean that I am logical, but my sense of logic may be idiosyncratic. I write to express myself, to feel free, to break the barrier that separates the “current” me from being the “true” me, and to share stories about the multiculturalism that I grew up with and that I am living with every day. I like to think of myself as a Work-In-Progress as I continue to be inquisitive about myself, and life.”

5. This is Shobha..
Very Ambitious ; Always Cheerful; Dreamer; Hard-working ; Self-Motivator; Positive Attitude ; Multi-Tasker; Friendly; Fun Loving; Humble; Honest., Fiery Aries…
professional working for MIS (Management Information System) in a private firm, managing to meet family needs through hard-work and determination, family oriented – cares more for the family than for self, a friend in need and of-course Enemy to the Betrayer,
started blogging as a platform to vent out my emotional frustrations and now has become by best activity for stress-buster !!
Aim in life to see positive changes everywhere around – become rich and prosperous and lead a healthy life with family
Thanks and Regards Shobha.”

6. IMAG0810(1)

My name is Faniran Ngwa from Bamenda, Cameroun. I am an engineer and aspiring Water and Environmental expert, in love with nature and have great dreams of saving our planet and environment. I also love blogging and reading motivational stories on a daily basis, and also motivate others on why we should all be environmentalists. I blog about Water and environmental related issues in my country, Cameroun.

7. JANICE BIHFB_IMG_1496353785114(1)
“Hello all! I am a law student-blogger-entrepreneur, with a passion for growth and success. A Cameroonian by origin. I believe that we can unlock our greatest strengths and do much more than we think we can if we train our minds through inspiration and daily motivation. In all seriousness, I just have a constant itch to keep looking for that one topic that could change a life. I am honored to be here and I hope to inspire someone and be inspired by you all. J.”

8. IMG_20180317_133539562Hey! I’m Amulya Bhardwaj, from India. I’ve always found solace in writing. I believe that penning down the emotions and experiences is the best way to treasure them. I’m a poet and I love rhyming my life with words. I’m a published poet and an ambivert person. Poems, to me, are the most beautiful part of my life’s journey.

9. 01_my pic PIXLRo-matic15x2Who Am I? Seventy years went by, and? I asked one more time, Who am I? Quickly the answer came by and by and now I know to quit my perennial dumb question, Who am I?

Revelations 1:20 As to the hidden meaning (the mystery) of the seven stars which you saw on My right hand and the seven lampstands of gold: the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven assemblies (churches) and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

WHAT??? I’m an angel (messenger) I exploded in laughter! That happened in S.A. on my 70th birthday, the day before I was to leave to deliver His message to this amazing land of little Jordan. Can you believe it?

The Presence of my Beloved Father/Creator is so real! It’s exactly like He wants it to be. Reality–not just an unknown deity up there somewhere above. Anything I throw at Him? Either He makes me see not who am I, but! What am I doing, and?

Why do I continue to ask dumb questions that need not to be asked. It’s not necessary to keep asking your earthly father, Who am I? One knows one is the daughter of the father. Likewise with my Father in the heavens. Duh!

Anyhow? Let me introduce myself based on Revelations 1 I am one ‘angel’ (messenger) not sent only to Jordan, but! One angel flying to the four corners of the earth with the wings of the Internet via Success Inspirers World.

Destination? The hearts and minds of the Father/Creator’s children. Together in the Oneness with the Almighty Spirit of the Father/Creator? We aim for His will to be done. For His Kingdom to come to earth as it is in the heavens.

Joyfully! Certain! We are going on and on. Swiftly flying on the wings of His Set-Apart Spirit.

Much love, thiaBasilia

10. 419a4695a94d7600d844406bdf065d46BEN
“an ordinary guy with unusual thoughts. Lawyer, blogger, trader, philosopher, thinker,father, husband, son, brother !

I do a study of human capabilities, and the more I know the more I am sure that we can to do everything we want.

My life philosophy is You Can Do It ! To heal yourself, to achieve your dream, to touch the sky if you want !

Also, I believe that we don’t know nothing about us. I am trying to change that .”

11. Taken with Lumia SelfieDaniel Etaze is a believer, student, teacher and a graduate of political science who loves to tell people about Christ. I blog at and you can also find me on twitter @dynaxty

12. Mathias M. Isai

I’ve been blogging for two years now, which has led me into running my personal brand. With extentions on various platforms, to mention are Facebook, Instagram, Medium and a coming soon startup.

I’ve dedicated my time and resources at improving people’s lives at a global scale. And SIWO has given me a wider opportunity.

Feel free to use my my Gravatar/WordPress Account profile photo for any official purposes.

Mathias M. Isai

13. prakash-pic Author,blogger,future CEOPrakash Hegade is an academician. Sometimes it’s the research and programming that takes away his sleep and at other times it’s the writing. He loves reading more than write and Stephen King is his favourite author. ‘Kafka on the Shore’ is his all-time favourite novel. Prakash has several ebooks published, all for free download, available at smashwords. He believes in the simple life philosophy of is own– ‘Be a sound, Be an echo’.

14. PicsArt_04-01-01.10.32Hi, my name is Sammy J. I blog at sprinkleofthoughtssite
I am a year 3 computer science student and I live in Canada. I love writing. I aspire to motivate and help people be the best versions of themselves while working on myself as well. I love music and art. I am a young lady, thoughtful by nature who loves writing, poetry, music and art. I use my words, thoughts, feelings and a few experiences to really express how I feel and help others see it too. Life is but a journey with its ups and downs but we are called to be fighters and walking in faith knowing things will fall in place eventually. This is a place for constant growth and learning so join me on this journey. You can contact me on:
Twitter; @JennyDems

15. IMG_0924(1)

One of the wonderful things I learned from dark depression is, for me, a most helpful and fulfilling part of my lifetime gathered hand dandy tips and tricks that are carried in my survival tool box-are best shared with a side of humor, positivity, gratitude, New England photography with my sidekick BGage, creative writing and wit. I help “me” by sharing and listening to other’s tales and tips of success. Trust me a lot of people carry those tool boxes. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

K resides in a small town in Charlestown New Hampshire, USA

16. IMG-20180402-WA0029-01(1)Susanna Dziworshie

Born in Ghana, from an early age enthused by the local Anansie storytelling culture and reciting rhymes which developed into her love of writing. The abundance of fresh farm foods going to waste was a puzzle to her. The main influencers in her life were her parents and grandparents with their keenness of helping the community and their high professional ethos.

While based in the United Kingdom, she trained as a nurse and later as a midwife, working in both the public and private sectors of the health service for over thirty years. Interest in food production and nutrition resulted in studies and work in this area.

Now semi-retired, she loves quality time with her family, promoting and developing healthy recipes for African cuisine and contributing to the community healthy lifestyle by arranging a table tennis in the local park and being Board Member of a GCDA (Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency, a not-for-profit-organisation.

Started coldhandswarmheartblog two years ago, writing poems, short stories and articles on various subjects including midwifery to inspire and motivate. She has been part of SIWO since its inception.

17. IMG-20141111-WA0062-1Born to a Gujarati mother, Assamese father in MH Agra Cantt, Uttar Pradesh brought up in New Delhi and married to a Punjabi…Ranjeeta Nath Ghai has a rich cultural background. “Mann Ki आरज़ू” is debut attempt at publishing a few of her poems which she has been writing since 1985 to date. Other feathers in her cap Twisted Tales anthology of short stories, लम्हों से लफ़्ज़ों तक (काव्य संग्रह), संदल सुगंद (काव्य संग्रह), awaited anthologies – भाव कलश (काव्य संग्रह) Love Undefined and poems published on e-journal ‘Research Inspiration’

Being an army BRAT(Born Raised And Transferred) and Army Officer’s wife she has had the golden opportunity denied to many(and mine by birth)… to have covered the length and breadth of India, and seeing it in its splendour. Hardly has she ever lived in any state for more than a period of 2 years. Giving up her promising career as a graphic designer she had to build a parallel career as an educationist, to spend more time with her expanding family.

Her life has been enriched by her seven furry buddies who with their unconditional love have always been a de-stressing factor of her life teaching her to value and love all HIS creations unconditionally.

From being a daughter to being a mother, from a caregiver to being loved back in return, being a friend and having friends worth dying for, life has come a full circle for Ranjeeta Nath Ghai. “Life has treated me well and God has been kind to me. Looking back today I feel no regret as I have lived and celebrated each moment of my life with passion, on my own terms and conditions,” says Ranjeeta.

You can follow her on my blog sites… and
mann ki aarzzo fb page
FoodAllTime & Excite Submit. 

18. 20151112_112235000_iOSI am a freelance copywriter and I generally write for marketing – brochures, websites, technical description, etc. I started blogging about two years ago just out of curiosity.

“Food & Travel” would have been my obvious go-to option because that’s where my passion lies but it wasn’t to be. Well, I started writing about life. I believe one should always make an attempt to make life simpler. Even with my writings, I try to keep it basic.

I still wish to write about “Food & Travel” but at any point, I would love to write to bring differences to lives of people and society. I can proudly say that I discovered myself while writing about life.

I am glad to be associated with SIWO and I promise to perform to the best of my abilities. Keep sharing the love and I hope my writing inspires you all to live better lives.

Would like to have your inputs on life. Check out my blog and have a read:

Or follow me on Instagram.


Kumud Pawar

19. cv bildeMy name is Alexander Myrvold. I am 23 years old from Norway. Blogging is one of my favorite things. I started blogging about 3 years ago. I was very bad at writing first but as they say practice helps! I have enjoyed writing more the past half year or so because I have finally found a voice, and the things I want to write about. I stand for compassion, love and respect. Topics I care much about are love, depression, guilt, everyday life, the mind and how to better yourself.

NB. This post shall be updated in the days ahead and from time to time as we receive more photos of Board Members and get more people on the Board. We are on a marathon and not a sprint. You can understand why we want to get as many people on board as we can to journey with us.