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With Honour and Humilty I accept my poetry award

Oh wow, I did miss blogging but I needed a break. I am convinced we all do every now and then, and each person takes care of themselves the best they can you know. It’s all about striving to be the best version of one’s self – well for that’s that and I need my breaks lol

I got back to some awesome news, my poem ‘Please let me Be’ was selected as 1st Runner Up in the#SIWOPC and I mean this is huge. I wrote this poem with so much soul and am so honoured and humbled.

I hope everyone here has been ok in their world, it is very important to show yourself some self love because you ought to be your own best inspirer.


Don’t forget

How intricate

Life can be

It does make sense

That it can be complex

But hold on

Lies are being exposed

Keeping you on your toes

Truth will be revealed

Stay strong

Joy can no longer be concealed

Oh, can’t you see?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

SIWO Global News 7th October 2018 #173

Knowledge is Wealth

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Women in Senior Roles In British Industry- Dame Inga Beagle is Lloyds of London Chief Executive

Among  the institutions in the City of London, Lloyds of London is probably the oldest in London.  The firm was established in 1688 to insure the country’s vast and lucrative shipping industry.   In 2014 the first ever female Chief Executive was appointed. Due to Brexit, there is going to be a new office in Belgium, so that in Post-Brexit era Lloyds can continue to give their customers in Europe the service they are used to.  Europe contributes to Lloyds 15% of the company’s business and so to transfer the contracts to the Belgium office makes sense and will ensure the continuity of their business relationship.

It has taken many years for women to make inroads into Lloyds, in 1969 it had the first female investor and in 1973 the first female was allowed to on the trading floor.  Dame Inga joined the company in the 1980s as an underwriter. She left after seven years because she wasn’t sure it was the job for her.  Travelling round the world gave her a break and also reinvigorated her to get back into insurance.

On Climate Change and its effects on the Insurance industry, Dame Inga says billions of pounds has been paid because of the many natural disasters.  The problem with countries that are experiencing these disasters is that, many people don’t have  insurance and therefore individuals have to sort out putting their lives back together on their own, which is difficult and governments use taxes to generate the funds to cope with the repairs and reconstruction of damaged homes and infrastructure.

World Movement Of Christian Workers- World Day Of Action For Decent Work/Basic Income

(World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW) continues working for the globalisation of justice and solidarity, and against the “globalisation of indifference”. )  WMCW states workers cannot have a decent life because their wages are not enough to live on, there is no stability of employment, the working conditions are terrible and the work they do causes illnesses and the workers rights to have a union is denied.  Child labour is a huge problem.

In the south, the workers do informal work and with the uncertainty of work and pay therefore without decent work escaping poverty is impossible.  There is food and education insecurity.  Access to healthcare  for prevention and treatment of diseases and insurance to guarantee protection in illness and old age all necessary for a decent life.  The systems in the capitalist world of the countries in the north impose on the poorer countries in the south.  Decent work is an issue on the agenda of the International Labour Organisation founded 100 years ago, UN includes ‘decent work’ as an objective in its ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’.  WMCW joins the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) to celebrate 7th October as “World Day for Decent Work”.

Inspirational Story/Quote

Matthew 20:25

“But Jesus summoned them and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great ones make their authority over them felt.”

Pope Francis says, “No to an economy of exclusion and inequality,” because: “Such an economy kills”. (Evangelli gaudim, 53)


Content- BBC News     mmtc.inform.com

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful  Be Joyful   Be Peaceful

SIWO Global News 25th September 2018 #161

Knowledge is Wealth

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President Donald Trump’s Address To United Nations General Assembly

“America is governed by Americans,” said President Trump in the high profile speech at the United Nations, “We reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism.”  He talked of America’s security concerns, these are with North Korea and Kim Jong Un.  Earlier this year the two leaders met in Singapore to bring denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula.  Trump’s other security issues are tensions with Iran and trade war with China.  He stated he had done more in his two years in office than any other administration In the history of the United States of America.

He listed his achievements as a booming economy, creating jobs and wealth, adding to manufacturing jobs, making a better life for all citizens, biggest tax cuts and reform and securing funds for the military.  He has also forged close relationship with many countries.

When Politicians Bring Their Kids To Work

Yesterday New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made history as the first world leader to have her new born baby at a United Nations General Assembly in New York. Her partner Clarke Gayford held baby Neve Te Aroha.

Before this other politicians have taken their child to work too.  India’s Priyanka Vadra took her son Raihan to the Parliament as did Misa Bharti.

Japan’s Yuka Ogata had her seven- month- old Dogen with her in solidarity with Japanese mother’s who are struggling raising their children, so she was not surprised when male colleagues asked her to leave.

Swedish Member European  Parliament (MEP) Jytte Guteland brought her baby to a vote at the European Parliament to normalise a ‘child-friendly’ workplace.  Sometimes parents need to do this when necessary was Guteland’s opinion.

2009 may be the first time a baby was in the European Parliament.  Hanne Dahl’s husband couldn’t be in Brussels so she took her baby to work.

In a maternal gesture Italy’s MEP also took daughter Vittoria to work in 2010. It caused a stir so she decided this was a subject that needed discussing.

Austrian Senator Larisssa Waters made history when she breastfed her two-month- old daughter in Parliament and she posted a photograph on Twitter to say how proud she was.

Inspirational Story/ Quote

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”  Robert Browning


Content from BBC news. http://www.success.com  http://www.rediff.com

SIWO REPORTER- Susanna Dziworshie

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Work, work, work

Sorry I missed yesterday. I did not do a recreational walk. But there is good reason.

I now work at a Hotel as Housekeeper. I have to be there at 8 am. With Autumn and Winter coming on sunrise isn’t until 6:30ish. While I get home between 2 pm and 5 pm I am A) Sore and tired B) Have other things to do and C) Soon sunset will be too early to walk after work.

This does not mean I am giving up my daily walks. I will still walk on my days off and on the treadmill. Though pictures of my time/distance will not be as interesting.

Right now though is still a physical adjustment to the work. I ran my walking app only during my shift yesterday, it registered almost 6 miles of walking. My hours yesterday were 8 am to 2:30 pm. The app does not measure all the bending, lifting, stretching and other physcial movement I do.

I have done Housekeeping before. I have been a server. When I worked food service at Target I not only walked but lifted frozen boxes of breadsticks among other things.

I have worked office jobs as well. What I have learned is I need to work the physically demanding jobs. I feel better overall when I do.

Got off subject a bit there. Point of this rambling is I will try and post pictures of daily walks as often as possible…they may be futher apart or not as interesting.

Woman on the top of mountains.

Grit, The Stubborn Refusal To Quit

Woman on the top of mountains.

Optimism is often seen to be the reason entrepreneurs start businesses, but optimism is not what makes them successful.

Many success stories have a similar classical theme: the “overnight success” built over years, where large doses of determination and persistence save the day. So, psychologists are now paying attention to “grit,” a belief that failure can be overcome and a willingness to conquer challenges, instead of avoiding them.

Grit might be the secret ingredient we have all been searching for in our lives and careers.


What Is Grit?

To make sure that we’re all on the same page, here is a definition of grit, developed by psychologist and researcher Angela Duckworth:

“Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals.” – Angela Duckworth

Grit is both a trait and a skill. It’s the ability to continue in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles. It’s not the kind of passion around having intense emotions or obsession, but rather about having direction and commitment. When you have this type of passion, as mentioned in my previous blog on two types of passion, you can stay committed to a long-term goal or task that may be difficult or boring.

Grit is also about perseverance. In plain language, it means to stick with it and continue to work hard even after experiencing a difficulty or failure. The ability to be gritty is an essential component of success independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence contribute.

“Even if some of the things they had to do were boring, or frustrating, or even painful, they wouldn’t dream of giving up. Their passion was enduring.” – Angela Duckworth


Why Is Grit Important?

Grit, independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence contribute, is a driver of achievement and success. We can all agree that being naturally smart and talented are great, but to truly do well and thrive, we need the ability to persevere. Without grit, being smart and talented may be nothing more than unmet potential.

Duckworth’s research confirmed that it wasn’t IQ and natural talent that made the biggest difference in who was successful and who wasn’t – it was more about effort. Duckworth came up with two equations to explain this concept:

1. Talent x effort = skill >>> 2. Skill x effort = achievement.

Duckworth explains that talent is how quickly your skills improve when you invest effort. Achievement is what you obtain when you take your acquired skills and use them. Really, effort counts twice as much for what we want to achieve. Our potential is one thing, however, what we do with it is another.

She further explains: “The attraction of thinking that people are gifted or special in a way we aren’t, call it the “X” factor or call it “genius,” is derived from our insecurity, really. Because if I say that Einstein’s a genius, then you don’t have to compete with him because he is not in your category. When you say “You know what? A lot of that success comes from dedicated hours of practice and thought,” then you are a little bit responsible to see how well you can do.”

Duckworth challenges that by having confidence in grit, which is about believing that personal and professional success is largely in our own hands.


How To Develop Grit?

As mentioned earlier, grit is both a trait and a skill. This means you can still grow and strengthen your grit. It’s a skill that can be taught and trained over time.

Here are three ways to develop and strengthen your grit:


1. Embrace Challenges And Failures That Comes With Passion

It’s going to be difficult and you are going to want to give up, and a great lot of people will.

Passion starts with loving what you do, which doesn’t mean that all work is enjoyable. Everyone has aspects of their work that they don’t enjoy, but they are committed to the endeavour with a growth-mindset.

Gritty individuals embrace challenges and failures that are thrown their way, only to set them up for a greater comeback. They show their perseverance through the daily discipline of trying to do things better than yesterday, again and again.


2. Practice, Practice More, Practice Forward

Followed up it’s practising. Practice means focused challenges that lead to mastery. What Duckworth explains is that the work must be in the form of deliberate practice. The basic elements include:

  • A clearly defined stretch goal;
  • Full concentration and effort;
  • Immediate and informative feedback;
  • Repetition with reflection and refinement.

Constant development of passion depends on the belief that your work matters. Interest without purpose is almost impossible to sustain.

And developing purpose requires you to connect your own interest in your work with the well-being of others. For some, the motivation of purpose develops early. For others, it happens after seeing the reaction of others to their efforts. Along with every step of the way, it is vital to keep going even in the face of setback and doubts.


3. Join A Great Team

If you want to improve your grit, you can certainly focus as an individual which is perfectly fine. But, to become truly great at what you do, join a great team. Many psychological experiments have confirmed how quickly individuals change their action or thinking to fall in line with a group, and often without conscious awareness.

Over time and under the right conditions, culture can positively shape character.


Be patient

Grit takes time, and many people want instant gratification. The cost of being the best and pushing towards meaningful work takes a lot of sacrifices, which many people are not ready for. The whole point is that the positive mindset needed to get to the long-term goal can be developed over time.

By maintaining the effort and interest is what you needed to finish hard. Sometimes, you have to let go of something good to open a door something great. The stubborn refusal to quit in the face of obstacles builds the resilience you need to succeed in life.

Originally published at ye-chen.com.


Overcast and cool but no rain. Yay for making it outside to walk though. It was a short walk because I have to be at work now at 8 am.

Another fun thing about the country the odd, unique mailboxes.

Neat tree with a vine. Endurance to live on the part of the vine and tree.

The paler trees caught my eye.

Walking Music

Not sure if I am headed outside to walk today. Might be a treadmill day.

Either way I wanted to share what is on my walking play list.

“Electric Daisy” Lindsey Stirling

“Elements” Lindsey Stirling

“Shadows” Lindsey Stirling

“Shatter Me” Lindsey Stirling

Yes, I like Lindsey Stirling.

“Rx” Theory of A Deadman This would be one of my ironic choices.

“Closing Time” Semisonic This would be the other.

“Believer” Imagine Dragons

“Rise” Katy Perry

“My Favorite Game” Cardigans

“Start A War” Klergy

“Leader of Men” Nickleback

There you have it. If you thing this list is a bit eclectic you should know I have one big YouTube play list with over 300 songs on it. I have other list which include but are not limited to: 30’s Swing/Big Band, K-Pop, Techno and Classical.

My favorite artists include: Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Garth Brookes, Lindsey Stirling, Katy Perry. Big Bang (who I saw in concert), Guns N’ Roses, Baby Metal (who I also saw in concert), Ozzy Osbourne (my first concert-OzFest) and Mozart, Vivaldi and Gershwin.

Some of my favorite songs include, New York, New York, Come As You Are, Gimme Chocolate, No More Tears, Low Places, Rhapsody in Blue, Fat Bottomed Girls and Bicycle Race, and Four Seasons.

Even if I don’t post pictures today I hope I inspire some of you to expand your musical comfort zone.