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You can sit

And do nothing

Or give life a try.

Jump in with

both feet

Create a SPLASH!

No doubting Thomas

over here,

We took the challenge

and persevered.

Just do your best

And if at first,

You don’t succeed,



Plant another seed!


Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K

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A conversation with my Dad 20+ years ago

My grandfather raised me and he was my Dad in my heart as well as in all the ways that count- This is a conversation we had over 20 years ago when the company I worked for went out of business. I was a single mom, had no job, no car, (had a company car), no money, no savings, at the end of my rope…..

Me: The company went out of business and I no longer have a job. My rent is due in two weeks. Some of my former customers want me to do their jobs anyway, but it is impossible! How am I going to accomplish this? (me carrying on, he waiting patiently for me to settle down)

Dad:  Do you own a house?

Me: You know I don’t! What does that have to do with anything?

Dad: Do you have many bills?

Me: Dad, you know my bills, you are not listening to me!!

Dad: So you have nothing?

Me: Yes, I have Less Than Nothing!! (me shouting and crying and full of drama)

Dad: If you have Nothing, then you have Nothing to Lose. You can use my extra car until you make enough to purchase another. You have the contacts, the connections to suppliers, as well as a few customers which will allow you to make enough money to pay your bills for at least a month. Therefore, Start your own business. If you Have nothing, then you can’t lose anything by trying….

Due to the sage advice of that Wonderful Father, my company is 26 years old!! Thanks Dad!!




Feel your Success

I feel like dancing,

So I am dancing,

In the National Ballet.

I feel like singing,

So I am singing,

In the Olympic Choir.

I feel like playing tennis,

So I am playing tennis,

At Wimbledon TC.

I feel like drawing,

So I am drawing,

Designs for sustainable living.

I feel like directing TV fairer for diversity,

So I am directing,

On National Television.

I feel like solving some equations,

So I am solving equations,

At the Bank of England.

I feel like making the country better,

So I am making the country better,

As Prime Minister.

I feel like  writing,

So I am writing,

As an author with worldwide readers.

I feel like we all start with a dream,

So we visualise and work hard,

Success comes with favour and blessings.


Written by Susanna Dziworshie,  Author on Success Inspirer’s World

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Sacrifice for family

The importance of sacrifice cannot
Be over emphasized;
I sacrifice a great deal
To get my family connected
To the internet.
I am fully aware of why I need
To do this;
It’s a great sacrifice indeed;
But I have no choice;
If you want to give your family
A good chance in our present
Highly competitive world,
You must get ready to make sacrifices
To make them stand out;
That is what I am doing.

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I want to get you running


There is a thing I would like to do for you that would make me very happy.

Do you like to know it?

I wish to get you running after your most lofty goal in life. I wish to inspire and motivate you to start and keep on running until you have caught up with that golden dream and taken possession of it.

Succeeding to do this will give me great joy .

6 reasons your prayers may not be answered

If you have been praying and God has not been answering your prayers, I want to tell you why. There are six reasons for this.

  1. You pray for things that are not in God’s plan for you. Take for example, praying for an easy life. Why should you be asking God for an easy life? An easy life is not what is in God’s plan for you or for any other human being. From the very beginning, God made it clear to us: “You will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything , until you go back to the soil from which you were formed” (Gen. 3:19). Why would God go against his own word and give you an easy life?  Instead of praying for an easy life, you should pray for strong shoulders to shoulder the burdens of life however heavy they may be.
  2. You are not serious with your prayer. If you pray but are not serious with your prayer God will not pay any attention to you. God does not like anyone who kids around with prayer. You have to be serious when you pray. Do not pray as if you were creating a joke or doing something you want to hurriedly finish with in order to get off to some more important thing. God will not take you serious.
  3. You doubt your prayer. You don’t believe that God will answer your prayer. This is the case when you are praying for one thing but preparing for the direct opposite of what you are praying for. Take for instance, praying for sunshine when you are going out of your home but taking an umbrella.It means you do not believe your prayer will be answered. Either you doubt God or you doubt the efficacy of your prayer. God does not like when we pray and doubt. Doubt kills the power of prayer to bring home results. God wants you to believe when you pray. He wants you to have faith in Him and in your prayer: “when you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for” (Mark 11:24).You find the same teaching in Mathew: “If you believe, you will receive that which you pray for” (Mt.21:22). Therefore do not doubt when you pray. In your prayer, say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say.
  4. You are asking for things that are not realistic. Some people ask God for things that are not realistic and expect Him to grant their request. This is not serious.Do not pray for what you know you are incapable of getting. For instance, you cannot be praying to be the President of the United States when you know that the Constitution of the United States makes it impossible for you to achieve such an ambition. It is like a man praying to be pregnant.This is unrealistic and God will never answer such a prayer. Prayer for things that are realistic; things that are possible
  5. You may be asking for things that are not necessary. Why do you want God to give you things that are not necessary? Is it necessary to become excessively rich? Can you not live a good, happy life without becoming excessively rich? Excessive riches are unnecessary and God will not grant you such a wish if you turn to him for it in prayer. Pray for what you need; for what is important; not what is not necessary.
  6. You may be praying for what you are not willing to work for. God will not give you what you are not willing to work for.God no longer sends down manna from heaven. If you pray for anything He grants it to you but you must get up from your seat and go get it. If you pray and sit and wait for what you have prayed for to come and meet you where you are, it may never come.

These are six the good reasons your prayer may go unanswered and you may be worried or think that God has abandoned you. God does not abandon anybody. If you pray for the right thing, with the right faith, in the way that God wants you to pray, He will answer your prayer. It is the same like following a recipe. If you follow a recipe well, you will cook a delicious meal. If you mix things up, of course, your meal will not be delicious. Follow the recipe given by God for prayer which has been clearly laid out here, and your prayers will always be answered

This is a discussion. You may have some other reasons God may not answer someone’s prayer. You are free to bring them to the discussion table. Visit the comment box. thank you.

You can achieve it

krHave you ever abandoned a goal that you set for yourself?

If yes, why did you?  You definitely considered it too big for you to achieve. Did you not realize later on that it was actually achievable; that had you not abandoned it you would have achieved it?

I have.

Many people have.

Many more people will.

People abandon certain goals because they consider them unachievable whereas they are achievable.

We allow fear, doubt and discouragement to take hold of us easily and make us abandon goals that we should not abandon.DSCN8534

no dream is too bigYou have no reason to fear a goal or become discouraged just because some obstacles stand on your way.

No goal is too big for you as long as you can conceive and believe it. Napoleon Hill holds this strongly in Think and Grow Rich:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

If your heart desires something strongly, you can achieve it if you actually set it as a goal for yourself, and never feel discouraged about it; and never abandon it.

You can achieve it.

Keep after it until you achieve it. How far off it may appear to be matters very little. Keep going for it. One day you will achieve it.Be the architect of yoir destiny

Hear Napoleon Hill again in Think and Grow Rich: “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

That goal which you secretly desire but fear or doubt your ability to achieve is achievable.

You can achieve it.

Go for it; and never give up until you have achieved it.IMG_0170

It takes time to build a great life

IMG_0375Anyone who wants to get to the top of the ladder in one day and becomes frustrated when it is not possible has not understood life.

A great life is not easy to build. A hut may take a day to build; but not a mansion. A dollar may be easy to earn; but not a million dollars.

Things of value are not easy to come by. You have to work hard for them.

You must persist to reach the winning point in a marathon. How can you ever bag a PhD, if you have not read for long hours? You cannot master a discipline if you have not taken time to study it.

If you have a big goal to achieve, get ready for many krblisters. Big goals are difficult to achieve; and call for hard work; persistence, or stay-on power. The challenges are enormous; but if you work hard, and persist, the result will be joy.

A great life takes time to build.