Friendship of my Mother

Friendship comes

Friendship stays

Friendship leaves

All depends on its qualities

All its quantities matter too

So don’t take it for granted

Soon you will be evaluating its purposes

‘Hand go hand come”The right hand washes the left and the left washes the right’

Sometimes giving time, advice, help and companionship are valuable assets

Much more than money, gold, silver and diamonds

Saying sorry is hard to do but when done

It is strong enough to lift burdens and pain.

It is like a seed sown to show the right path

Lit for future generations to carry on.




Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World.


Writing Prompt: Letter to a Stranger

Thought I’d share this with you all also blogged on my own site…

I looked through my word writing prompt book this evening as I felt like writing and wanted some inspiration. I found the below  writing prompt in my book and  noticed it fits in nicely with  the WordPress writing prompts I’ve missed over the last few days: expert, mistake, witness and learning. So I’m combining  all the writing prompts into one!

Writing Prompt: Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.

29th August 2016, London

Dear stranger,

Hey, hope all’s well and life is treating you well? I hope this letter reaches you well and in good health. You don’t know me but I want to reach out and write to a total stranger so pull up a chair grab a coffee or something stronger and let’s talk.I want to talk to you a bit about what I’ve learned in my 33 years of life so far, touching on some of the things I’ve witnessed and mistakes I thought I made.

 Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in anything in life, hold on no I’m an expert at painting my nails and applying my make-up I know what suits me,but that aside I’m not real expert but here’s a few things I’ve learned.

Stranger, no matter what happens in life promise me one thing, you’ll always be yourself no matter what and at all costs. I mean this, really I do. I’ve always been a believer in people being themselves whether its how they dress, talk, sexuality whatever just do you is my motto. Just over a year ago, I learned to be myself I let go of the 20 year battle I had with my curly hair. For 20 years  I chemically straightened my hair! I loved it nice and sleek.This time last year I had a chin length nice slick straight graduated bob, but when I was pregnant with my son in 2013 the curls fought back and no matter how much I tried to chemically touch up my roots my kink remained.So for 6 months of my 9 month pregnancy I did not touch it just wrapped my hair up in colourful scarfs or pinned it up it actually looked rather cute. When my son came along I carried on the battle, but  I just decided f*ck this, be you Kim and  last July I stopped chemically straightening my hair,with the aim to grow it out and chop the ends each month.

I got to December 19th I was looking toward 2016 with a new attitude as certain things were happening in my life and one day I woke up I  head to the nearest salon and said ” chop it off  get rid of the straight ends”.I walked out with hair less than 1 inch long and I don’t regret it at all. I loved it! And still do. Lucky I’ve had short hair before ( but straight) so I knew I’d be OK with such short hair,but I never knew how I’d manage my curly hair I hadn’t seen it for 20 odd years!  That said I just wanted to be me.So that’s what I’ve learned when it comes to the outside and being yourself, just do it and forget what others think or say dress how you want, whatever just be yourself externally.

When it comes to your personality, stranger do me another favour will you? Never apologise for who or what you are. I mean it. Never EVER say sorry for who you are as long as you’re not hurting anyone, committing a crime, putting yourself or others in danger just don’t-ever. I have learned , not everyone will like you, get you or bond with you and it really does not matter at all that’s just life. Don’t try and fit in, by changing you. That is a mistake. 

If you’re a women reading  (if you are either a man or women reading this sorry to just focus on one gender as this can relate to any sex really),stranger I’m not a relationship expert at all and I would not want to be but if you look back at any of your ex-boyfriends(s) or ex-husband(s) ex-girlfriend(s) or wives and all you think is ” sh*it he/she was a God damn mistake” then you’ve not learned anything from the relationship or him/her for that matter. And you’ll  probably make the same mistakes you did  again. Or end up with another version of him/her again. Hold on, don’t pull that face, it’s true. Why? Why? Do I say this? Well your eyes are still closed! If he/she was a mistake -why, what,how,where, and when were the mistakes? Can you answer? Good  then you have learned and your eyes are open.If you can’t you need to think and then open them up so you know for next time you are swept off your feet.

In general, I have learned there are no mistakes in life, it’s only a mistake if you can’t look back and see what you’ve learned, not just in love,with everything.Work,friendship you’ve dropped, whatever.

Never be bitter stranger, ummm no it takes too much energy I’m telling you just let it go  in life in general. Don’t hold on to it. It will stop you from moving forward and thinking clearly so you can move forward. Just look back see what you learned and move on. This relates to EVERYTHING in life.

Always have plan B…. C and D  if need be too. I have learned and witnessed that if you fail to plan that is a sure plan to fail. I witnessed someone close set out to achieve something and just messed it all up,because of the lack of focus and planning and to be honest, it’s better to be organised rather than walk through life with your head in the clouds- time waits for no man, remember that PLAN.

Be positive, the glass is always half FULL not empty,where  there’s a will there’s a way, never be work shy, start from the bottom and work your way up. Be nice to everyone you meet, remember your manners  and that karma is real! All things I have learned, witnessed and feel I am expert enough to say,as I have lived most of my life by these sayings.

So in a nutshell stranger, be you and be happy being you, don’t be bitter about anything, plan and have a vision -execute it the best you can and stand up and say I f*cking rock baby! be positive, and learn from every experience good or bad.

Well, stranger, take care I hope this letter brings you some kind of new outlook or positive feeling or motivation to achieve or do something you have been sitting on the fence about. Or given you some kind of encouragement.

Yours faithfully,



I hope you’re over 18 as I swore – my bad…. but with me  there is never a filter! Everything is from the heart.  Take care!

National costumes

Come see what the world wears, its all happening in London .  I would say at Celebrations and on Sundays are the times to see an array of beautiful costumes in London.  We have a wide diverse population, there are 270 nationalities, the variety of styles that can be seen as beautiful as it is culturally unique.  In their homes lots of people wear it to relax in .

We can’t help but turn to look at beautiful lady or an elegant gentleman or children dressed in their national costumes feeling proud and connecting with their heritage.  Compliments abound and national costumes have become sort after gifts of value.

Of course, each continent has many nations but I am not going to list each one.  In order not to bore everyone, I am going to group certain areas together and leave you to visualise, that the Western European wear of Top Hat and Tails and Pin-Stripe Trousers, Two or Three Piece Suits for men and the elaborate Gowns and Dresses bring out the oohs and aahs just like clothes of the different African, or Indian or Asian or Latin American or Eastern European or Oriental or Arabic and Indigenous Tribe Celebration Wear. Dress code apart, it is not unusual for a guest to wear a costume of the host’s country or any other national costume.  It is the feel-good factor at work.

Don’t take offence if you feel a nation should be mentioned specifically and I haven’t.  Yeah, this is a happy and celebratory post?  So when did you last wear your national costume?  For relaxing at home I wore an African print Kaftan.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World


Solidarity followers and following

Uncountable successes  awaiting and awarding,

Many more happy faces a smiling.

1000 likes a ticking,

Many more mouse a moving.

50 posts a writing,

Many more eyes a reading.

7 earth continents a rotating,

Many more people a connecting.

1 blog a posting,

Many more minds a thinking.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World,




You have a beautiful smile,

How do you do that?

Everyone around can’t help but join in,

Its like a little star,

Shining bright and spreading,

Lighting up everyone in its way,

We mustn’t be shy to smile,

So smile and light up someone near you.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World

Summer isn’t over

Did someone say the autumn season is upon us?

That sounds rather  heavy, I prefer,

“The summer is soon turning into autumn.”

I suppose whichever way you say it,

The four seasons will follow one another,

Spring, summer, autumn and winter,

In other parts of the world,

Dry season follows rainy season,

Each individual has their favourite one,

We must not take it to heart,

And wonder why, because

Each season creates happiness for many,

So what more can we ask for?

Just appreciate what God has made beautifully.

Shake Shake

I like dancing,

Do you like dancing?

Haven’t we gone through many types,

Saturday evenings at school was our time to

Shake Shake, the name of the Dance Entertainment,

The Beatles, Soul, Salsa and Hi-Life.

There was no competition

Just learning the good moves,

Because the boys are coming,

Well after the Debates and Dinner,

Shake Shake time arrived with a difference,

Reverend Mother made sure you did not dance close together,

Etiquette was the key,

To this interaction with the opposite sex,

But the best teachers were my late Dad and Mum,

When he entertained us children by waltzing with my Mum,

God rest them because they did a good job.


Writtwordpress.comn by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World


Our First Daily “Wednesday Smile”

Woah. Guess what, guys??

Tell me..what day is it today? Oh. That’s right! Wednesday!

AND…Wednesday = our first “Wednesday Smile” post to get you through that long and trying week of yours. These are meant to be uplifting posts, rejoicing in others’ (including our own) happiness, community betterment, and all things good.

This first “Wednesday Smile” comes to you from Laura Beth of Hot Shot Headlines. You can find her at:

Here’s what Laura Beth has to say-

Do You Write?

Hi guys,

I am really wanting to support upcoming writers like myself so if you have any poetry or short stories on you blogs comment below and I’ll check it out and give some feedback! I often find there is so much talent that just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because it’s hard to get noticed! So put yourself out there, time to do some self advertising!

Lots of love and respect


Smile and Share

This is world is not nice.

It’s here to weed out weak.

We are little boats in stormy sea’s

Dolphins in desserts bleak.

Fighting many monsters,

Green, blue, big and small,

Some can be seem, but most not.

But we have a choice, us fools,

Don’t settle for your lot.

Plant seeds, grow trees,

Be an oasis for the lost.

Share your flowers and voice,

Kindness has little cost.

Don’t worry about your future,

Or be bitter about your past,

Be the light of each day

And you’ll create something that will last!