Summer isn’t over

Did someone say the autumn season is upon us?

That sounds rather  heavy, I prefer,

“The summer is soon turning into autumn.”

I suppose whichever way you say it,

The four seasons will follow one another,

Spring, summer, autumn and winter,

In other parts of the world,

Dry season follows rainy season,

Each individual has their favourite one,

We must not take it to heart,

And wonder why, because

Each season creates happiness for many,

So what more can we ask for?

Just appreciate what God has made beautifully.


Shake Shake

I like dancing,

Do you like dancing?

Haven’t we gone through many types,

Saturday evenings at school was our time to

Shake Shake, the name of the Dance Entertainment,

The Beatles, Soul, Salsa and Hi-Life.

There was no competition

Just learning the good moves,

Because the boys are coming,

Well after the Debates and Dinner,

Shake Shake time arrived with a difference,

Reverend Mother made sure you did not dance close together,

Etiquette was the key,

To this interaction with the opposite sex,

But the best teachers were my late Dad and Mum,

When he entertained us children by waltzing with my Mum,

God rest them because they did a good job.


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Our First Daily “Wednesday Smile”

Woah. Guess what, guys??

Tell me..what day is it today? Oh. That’s right! Wednesday!

AND…Wednesday = our first “Wednesday Smile” post to get you through that long and trying week of yours. These are meant to be uplifting posts, rejoicing in others’ (including our own) happiness, community betterment, and all things good.

This first “Wednesday Smile” comes to you from Laura Beth of Hot Shot Headlines. You can find her at:

Here’s what Laura Beth has to say-

Do You Write?

Hi guys,

I am really wanting to support upcoming writers like myself so if you have any poetry or short stories on you blogs comment below and I’ll check it out and give some feedback! I often find there is so much talent that just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because it’s hard to get noticed! So put yourself out there, time to do some self advertising!

Lots of love and respect


Smile and Share

This is world is not nice.

It’s here to weed out weak.

We are little boats in stormy sea’s

Dolphins in desserts bleak.

Fighting many monsters,

Green, blue, big and small,

Some can be seem, but most not.

But we have a choice, us fools,

Don’t settle for your lot.

Plant seeds, grow trees,

Be an oasis for the lost.

Share your flowers and voice,

Kindness has little cost.

Don’t worry about your future,

Or be bitter about your past,

Be the light of each day

And you’ll create something that will last!


The Man pulling the Strings

The man pulling the strings.

With a smile on his face,

and a glint in his eyes,

he keeps up his pace,

with our posts and replies.

He works all the time for,

the good of us all.

He always gives us more,

that sacrifice isn’t small.

He’s a beautiful soul at heart,

just praising the Lord,

and we should do our part,

to thank him aloud.

Thank you Ngobesing Romanus for giving us all a chance to be a part of your work.‎♥

Thanks so much K!!!–Please visit her site, it’s terrific!! Have you ever wondered if anyone actually reads your blogs? Well K did and knew I have been having time with bouts of sickness from the many antibiotics I have been on. She felt compelled to ask me to email her. We emailed back and forth yesterday and she had some very good advice, which I greatly needed. Not only am I sick, but Anxiety is having a wonderful time poking and prodding me!!
I felt so much better after emailing back and forth and I am amazed and touched that we have such a wonderful blogging community! Blessings!! Thanks K!!

I am at peace

I am at peace

Not because I don’t care about the situation

But because I know it’s gonna be alright

Because I know someone greater than all

Because I know someone bigger than my problems

Because I have faith in my God

And even if things don’t go my way

I know His ways are better, no..they are the best for me.

So when you feel down and depressed

Turn to your God

Him alone has the answers to your questions

Him alone has the solutions to your problesms

He is your resting place

Drop your worries at His feet and leave the rest to Him

Trust and believe everything will be alright.

He loves you…


God bless.

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Yours truly, Sammy J.