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The Hidden Meaning

  A popular religion is deep seeded in the hidden meaning of the holiday song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Did I say a secret meaning? Yes, that is correct! From 1558 to 1829, the Roman Catholics in England could not practice their faith in public because it was a crime. As fate has it,…

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Covenant is a strong agreement, promise or an oath entered between two or more people who are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of such agreement. Sometimes blood shedding maybe required depending on the nature and parties involved in the covenant. It can be made with persons of equal ranks or with higher…

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The Components of Courage

Number six in a series of seven articles on virtue Courage is one of the most important of virtues. In fact, it is involved in the practice of all other virtues. In hope of increasing the understanding of this virtue, here are some essential components of courage. Components which define both what courage is and…

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