Clarity: Persuading Not Selling…

Clarity: Persuading Not Selling. Yes, Selling And Money Making Are Inevitable. Bu!t That Is NOT My Priority.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 5:35 am

Well, it’s done, my Father. I sent the invite to Jason, Maybe,
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Motivation: Get Started to Get Things Done

The best way to get things done is to get started.

It’s a new week everyone, leave no room for worries or for anxiety.

It is but essential to keep yourself free from troubles of the mind as it will only create the negativity that hinders you from reaching your full potential.

Remember, you are amazing! You are doing your best.

Even if things sometimes don’t go according to plans, you still have time ahead of you. It is never too late to finish what you have started.

Don’t look at what is left to be done. See how far you have come. Make that an enough motivation to keep going.

Meanwhile, do make the most out of your time.

Plan. Reach your goal.

Healthy breaks are encouraged so we know where we are heading. Stop, Plan and Go. Pause, Review and Move. That’s just how life should be.

First, create that goal. Second, reach that goal. Third, make another goal. Repeat.

Now, tell me, what do you want to achieve this week? How committed are you towards achieving them?

Plan. Do-it. Review. Repeat.


I wish you all inspiration! Have a great week ahead.

Don’t hesitate to email me topics that you want me to cover in my upcoming posts. Be it about travel, blogging, organising and productivity or about​​ motivation​.


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My City Challenge day 3

Hi friend!

I haven’t heard from you about your city. What’s happening? You have a beautiful city, don’t you?. Why don’t you let us know about it? Please, please, give us the name of your city; and if you don’t mind it a little information. We are dying to know.

You may also talk about your best city in the world. Why you like it etc. Somebody told me today Sri Lanka was beautiful. Do you know about that?

Lovely day to you.

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खूलड की चाई☕️Street Photography

                    Theme : Street Photography                             

                                    Pot Tea ☕️ 

                   ~खुललड वाली चाई ☕️~

I was there at Gariahat in Kolkata & the road side tea-stall just allured me for a shot and sip……😜.

       “फ़ुट्पैथ की चाई ☕️की मज़ा ही कुछ और हे”.

Sometimes i feel like clicking shots of the vendors on road side and to be honest the interaction with unknown people and the smile on their face during talks gives me immense pleasure”.

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***The Chandelier***

“The Chandelier”

To begin with….

By virtue of my stay at Ranchi the capital Jharkhand state of India , during several of my visits in connection with my official tours i got a chance to stay in such a beautiful hotel,I remember the exact name was“Yellow Tree Boutique”.

It was truely exotic with each and every decorative items inside the lobby and suites were not only soothing to the eyes but were true state_of_the_art architectural master piece.

It’s a click of the chandelier hanging from roof top that made me feel like click a shot…

I was not knowing i will ever write a story on it.

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My city challenge day 1

which is your city? Do you love your city?
If you love your city and are proud of your city, tell the world about it.
What do you like about your city?
What do you like about your city today?

You can put your city on the world map by talking about it everyday. This challenge offers us the opportunity to do this. Everyday, say something about your city – what you like about it, what is happening there today, what is interesting, what visitors can visit etc.

Say the good and the bad. Express your happiness and sadness. Talk about your city and read what others are saying about their city.

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You Are Almost There


You are almost there….

Eagerly waiting for your inputs….