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I love books with all my heart

With all my heart, I love books; I love especially good books; I love inspirational books; Such are my favourite books; I never saw someone called A right thinking person Who never loved good books; Good books so sweet like honey; The fountain of knowledge; Gold mine of wisdom; Not only to be read, for…

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A good book

When my spirits are down, I look for a good book And read; And it doesn’t take long Before I am up and running; Never let your spirits Stay down, But get them up and kicking; And nothing that I know, Does it better Than a good book; Run for your favorite book Now, And…

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A Personal Note

To all my friends and followers, It gives me great pleasure to announce my first book in the inspirational series, “There In God’s Grace” will be released for Pre-Sales next week. It is my goal to share the gift God graciously gave me. For me, it isn’t even so much about the content but more…

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You did it, Kallie, bravo!

Bravo, Kallie On the publication Of your new book; Yes, you did it; Beautiful book; Sweet title: “I did it, I”m published.” You did it sweet friend; You are a source Of inspiration In our community; Forward ever, dear friend! You have only just begun; You are highly motivated; And you love giving service To…

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